Brief Analysis On The Israeli Stance On The Regional Security


Brief Analysis On The Israeli Stance On The Regional Security

Israel does not support the Russian-US ceasefire initiative in southern Syria and is concerned over the Russian Military Police deployment near the Golan Heights.

The statements and actions of the Israeli leadership fuel a significant antagonism among Arab population of the Middle East and especially in the camp of supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. However, if we want understand the situation more deeply, it is worth to identify their vision of the position and role of Israel in the modern world.

So, how do the Israeli elites describe their country?

They describe Israel as a sovereign strong state capable of pursuing an active policy in the region and influencing world processes that could affect the interests of the state. At the same time, the state is surrounded by irreconcilable enemies, who try to destroy it or at least diminish the security of Israel.

The interests of Israel are openly declared:

  1. Physical security of the entire territory under the current control of Israel and its Israeli population;
  2. Preventing the emergence in the region of any force capable of throwing a strong challenge to Israel;
  3. Domination of the interests of Israel in the region.

Some experts say that Israel has a desire to expand its borders. However, this issue causes much controversy inside the Israeli leadership in contrast to the above mentioned 3 aspects.

Accordingly, Israel makes all efforts to ensure that in the immediate vicinity of its borders will be no force, country or group of countries whose systemic actions, international and information activities or military actions might damage Israeli interests.

Brief Analysis On The Israeli Stance On The Regional Security

There are no any threats from the south. Israel and Saudi Arabia are in fact the closest allies in the region. From the west, from Egypt, the threat is only hypothetical and is likely only in the perspective of 5-10 years. Currently Israel and Egypt are pursuing a coordinated foreign policy under the auspices of the United States.

Another thing is the east, where Iran is located. The Iranian elites are not a part of the world “pro-American” oligarchy, unlike the elites of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and other country. Thus, the Iranian elites have to depict the interests and desires of the regional population more adequately. At the same time, the population of the region, both Sunni and Shiite, in its mass perceives Israel as an aggressor and irreconcilable enemy of the entire Arab world.

In the current situation, the civil war in Syria became a gift for Israel. Israel is strong enough to repel a direct military aggression by any terrorist organization. Its eastern borders have been strengthened, and a significant buffer zone has been created.

The Israeli elites see urging of chaos and civil conflicts in the surrounding countries, specifically in Syria, as the most effective strategy for ensuring the interests of the state. This explains the Israeli actions towards the Syrian crisis. Aid and supplies to militants in the border area, air strikes against Syrian government forces, destructive foreign policy activity and so on are just a logical part of the described logic.


  • Bru

    this parasitic country looks to me like a cancer on the face of the earth

  • MeMadMax

    Bashar Assad was no war threat to Israel…

    The so called perceived “threat” of Syria against Israel stems from the 6 days war of which the political leadership of that event is long gone…

    The only other threat that Syria/Bashar posed to Israel was a LEGAL one: The Israeli occupation of the golan heights, of which Syria has an obvious interest to take back.

    There is no reason for israel to support bloodshed in syria other than for paranoid/sadistic reasons….

    • IH8Lies

      The reason would be the Greater Israel Plan.

  • piktor

    The civil war in Syria is actually an invasion of foreign forces from outside the country. And it was not a gift for Israel, it is financed by Israel (among others, like USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey). This gives us the reason for the Syrian war: all three openly declared Israel’s interests would be in danger if Iran, Irak, Syria and Lebanon would rise as a Shiite force.

    • Peter Bedijn

      Dutch and Jew ?

      • Rakean Jaya

        maybe he is a gert wilder himself, dutch and jew.

      • piktor

        Neither, actually. But facts are facts, no matter which side you are.

  • dutchnational

    It seems to me that your stated interests of Israel are shared by all countries in this world.

    In fact, the only original purpose of a state used to be to provide security.

    So Israel has clear and common stated interests. One cannot fault a country for striving for its most important interests.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    • piktor

      True. But the security of a state is based on two opposite approaches: either imperial, aggressive stance, either defensive stance. Israel being a small state in the middle of a historical and religious sea of hate, has chosen to embrace the dark side itself.

    • That Guy

      Nothing wrong with that?
      Nothing is wrong with initiating a fight with a neighboring country, especially if the israelies themselves took lands that don’t belong to them (they should go back to Europe)?

      Oh yeah, what ever israel does it is never wrong, that is your logic, if that’s the case then I suggest Clorox for you.

      • dutchnational

        Think of Turkey vs Iraq, Turkey vs Syria, think of KSA vs Jemen, Think of Iraq (Saddam) vs Quwayt, Iran.

        More then enough recent examples just within the region.

        The article was about interests, purposes. Not about ways and means, and then a lot can be said about ALL the countries in this region.

        • Peter Bedijn

          Dutch ?

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller
        • RichardD

          The region wouldn’t be in the turmoil that it is if the Jews weren’t constantly stirring up trouble.

        • Wahid Algiers

          The jews living in Palastine, called Israel, do not belong there. That is a fact. They are descendants of eastern Europe jews, bad and filthy jews not caught by Adolf.

          • dutchnational

            50%+ of present Israelis are descended from arab jews, many that came from Maghreb countries.

          • Helen4Yemen


            It is not true that the Arab Jews are 50%, actually they are less than 10%. Do the math: Ashenazi Jewry is 95% of world Jewry. But assuming that they were, why have they not elected one of their own to be the Prime Minister. Do they like the European Jews who despise to be always in charge of their government and their lives/

          • Helen4Yemen


            These European Jews look so Middle Eastern, don’t they?

          • Helen4Yemen

            DO THE MATH!

            1) Ashkenazi Jewry = 90% to 95% of world Jewry.

            2) World Jewry 2016 = 14,410,700

            3) Total Jews in Palestine = 6,336,400

            4) Total world Ashkenazi Jews = 90% x 14,410,700 = 12,969,630

            5) Total world non-Ashkenazi Jews = 1,441,070

            6) Assuming all non-Ashkenazi are in in Palestine
            1,441,070/ 6,336,400 = 22.7%

            That is counting all the African, Asian, Arab Jews inside
            and outside of Palestine. Therefore, the Arab Jews are
            much fewer than 10%.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller
    • Jonathan Cohen

      there sure is something wrong with it if they ban abortion, which I now think Israel does not, though the 2 wikipedia articles on the subject contradict each other, the more likely error is in the broader article; here: . Abortion banners have no right to nationhood or sovereignty.

      • Guilty Feat

        There is no issue of abortion in Israel. It is perfectly legal in almost all cases and usually covered by one’s health insurer.

        • Jonathan Cohen

          That’s not good enough and not as good as Rojava or US/Roe, so I hope the PYD takes Jerusalem as well as Ramallah, Gaza, Kabul and Windhoek, bringing full abortion rights to all! Though it does appear to be better than in Ramallah currently, or /Damascus.

  • RichardD

    The last thing that the Jews want is strong prosperous neighbors that hate them for obvious reasons. Jews are living out their deeply flawed Talmud ideology of getting ahead by victimizing and exploiting others. 95% of the planet’s Jews live in the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK. They do the same things there that they do in Israel. Just more hidden because they’re a minority everyplace but Israel. Israel is the true face of the Jew pedophile rape cult.

  • Mario Ceva

    Israel has nuclear bombs and all the help of American army. How is a treath Iran and Syria??

    • piktor

      If Israel throws all his bombs over Iran, that would not finish Iran. But if someone throws a bomb over Israel, bye bye Israel. That is their fear. Will they manage to escape this fate? God knows.

      • Mario Ceva

        Yes but Iran does not has nuclear bombs and Israel yes. So Iran is NOT a treath to Israel. Also Israel is protected by USA. and has a lot a nuclear bombs. If Iran atack Israel will be destroyed by USA or Israel.

        • piktor

          USA + Israel cannot destroy Iran.

          • Mario Ceva

            With atomic bombs that Israel and USA has can destroy Iran ( an all the world) Israel has a minimum of 200 atomic bomb. Is the 3 nuclear power in quality of nuclear bomb with USA and Russia. In conventional method Israel cannot destroy Iran, but USA can .

          • piktor

            Israel, or USA or anyone else would be able to drop one nuclear bomb before they disappear from the map. The first one. Doesn’t really matter how many they have (and allow me to be critical with the number you provided). In a conventional war, USA is not able to pacify Afghanistan, which is almost zero compared with Iran. So much with the power myths.

          • Mario Ceva

            In Afganistan is a limited war against guerrilla and few american trops. USA destroy Irak army in days. Iran cannot destroy Irak army in their war. For the USA to destroy Iran is not easy but possible. The problem is that Iran is protected by Russia and China that will not alloy USA war against Iran. Iran cannot atack Israel because Israel has atomic bombs and Iran not. Also because israel is protected 100% by USA.

          • piktor

            We can continue this till morning. If USA could subdue Iran even in their most optimistic simulations, they would attacked already. Iran is a danger for them from the perspective of geopolitics. Iran keeps south of Russia safe and the real enemy is Russia, not Iran. This is why USA will always be enemy of an Iran close to Russia or independent. On the other hand, Iran has no reason to attack Israel, except in the MSM propaganda. Israel has nothing what Iran wants. But Israel, on the other hand, secluded in a small area, with lack of water and resources… and Hezbollah which is trained and financed by Iran forbidding him to take a chuck of Lebanon… or Syria…

          • Mario Ceva

            I agree with you . The enemy of USA. ( I dont know why has to be enemy) is Russia. Russia support of Iran and Syria is just self defense. The way of Moscu began in Damascus and follow with Teheran. The problem is that USA goverment is dominated by psicopatic people that want to rule the world. Hezbolla is doing self defense. The Israeli attack to Beirut civilians in 2006 is criminal and I mistake. Now Levanese people ate Israel. To bomb every two years Gaza is also criminal. Israel want to deliver Gaza people to Sinai. For that reason Israel destroy Gaza . My father that was partialy jew always say “You has to live and left others to live”Israel goverment does not understand this.

          • Mario Ceva


          • piktor

            Russia has to be the enemy because USA sees the word as “us and them”. USA have to rule the world and the others to obey. Whichever doesn’t obey, is an enemy and must be annihilate. Because USA is an empire now. Unfortunately for them, a dying one. Hedonism is the like a mark of the last stage of a cancer that sends the empires into the past history – Roman Empire died the same way. Too much basic instincts, nothing about spirit.

          • Mario Ceva

            Is not USA is the sionism . They believe that are the chosen people to govern world. Christian and jewish sionist-globalist.

          • piktor

            True, is the sionism, USA is just a good puppet. But Christianity has nothing to do with it. And I’m not talking about pope or the milliard of protestants. No matter how it looks, between jews and Christians is an abyss, filled with the blood of Christ and the curse that jews took it upon them (“His blood over us and over our children”) when they yelled “Crucify Him!”.
            Christianity never tried to take the political power, even if always worked to influence the way the society is built.

        • piktor

          And, by the way, Iran doesn’t threaten anyone. Forget about bla bla death to amerika… bla bla death to israel… this is just Iran’s internal affair, keeping people busy and easily justifying help for Syria and Hezbollah. When you hear about some terrorist attack, some insane blowing himself in a market full of people shopping vegetables or in a mosque or in a church, check the facts and notice they are Sunni. Sunni kill anyone in hand. I didn’t heard of any Shia kamikaze till now.

        • Mario Ceva

          Remenber you that european Jews are invasors in Palestina. They want to negociate nothing with locals ( palestinian people) because they want all. What are doing european in Palestina?? Iran does nor start a war in the last 100 years. European jews conquer Palestina with terrorism and war. ISIS was created by Isreael USA Arabia Saidita Qatar Turquey. Israel is worry because ISIS was destroyed. Also because they cannot destroy Hezbolla ( Party of God) and because has new neighbors as Iranians a Russian in Syria.

        • Mario Ceva

          There was a Israel president that want peace and negociations with Palestinian . Fot that reason was murderded by Israel deep state that dont want peace with Palestinians.

      • Mario Ceva

        I remember you that Israel has a plan to divide destroy all neighbor countries. Plan Yinon. Executed in Irak Syria Libia.

  • Brad Isherwood

    According to previous UNSCRs. ….Israel has no Rights**….to be on Syrian Golan, …much less the new chunk of Syria Golan ….gifted to them ….by Putin/Lavrov and US.

    Why does Putin and Lavrov not publically/officially tell Israel to get the fuck out???

    They don’t. …..and that’s a loud statement by the silence.
    Yes….Russia has pulled Syria out of the death grip…..yet the present Partitions and lease rights
    Conceeded to ….is suspicious.
    IE. …Turks get to bring mechanized into Syria and force conscription gangs to serve them,
    The US doing similar as it Jacks Kurdish leaders down to force conscription whoever in Kurdish
    Northern Syria.
    East of Euphrates is oil and nat gas wells…lots of em,…..ISUS sitting on that all the way to Iraq Western reaches.
    Unless they are run off militarily. …..a DeFacto Sunni Kookistan exists.
    US plans for Sunni kookistan is still option…
    I’m concerned after seeing Israel get more Golan on the easy, ….that other tricks, and deals
    Are in store… in this Jaded game of Empire.

    • Jonathan Cohen

      If Turkey, Rojava and Israel all have abortion rights, like US and Russia, then that explains their right and willingness to bring abortion rights to various parts of the former Syria.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Erdogan and his crime circle are nothing like Ottoman or Nationalist,…it is Fascist Islamic,
        And if that be a New Jingo term….so be it.
        Kurds are opportunists who betray everyone in their circle. …..
        LOL….change your Karma by getting rid of the Kurd in your circle. : )

        Assad inherits a socialist state with rebellious clans….He is weaker than his Father,..
        So the nation suffers.
        Assad and his Beautiful Wife are good people….this however is footnote in our criminal opportunist age. …..nice people do not win.

        Putin’s is a…..Jewish Oligarch/Talmudic cult …..cut out…..the transition from drunken Yeltsin.
        He is Compromised. ….Russia ….is Compromised by the above.

        Great lies in plain view…
        Apologists can spin cycle away….
        The Crimes….allready F’ng happened.

        • RichardD

          If Putin was a Jew cut out, which he isn’t, he wouldn’t have stopped the Jew world order regime operation in Syria. And brought in the Iranians and Lebanese to help out.

          • Brad Isherwood


            Many believe Putin is pure Orthodox/Russ,…..fact is….he isn’t.
            I politely use the label….Compromised **…which the above article also reveals
            Trump is Compromised aswell.
            Hezbollah contributed a large % to rescuing Syria,
            Iran threw some small change at the matter.
            Iran could have put in over 100,000 easy.
            Iran has attack Helicopters…with Iranian made TOW ATGMs, ….never sent 1 to my
            Putin has not stopped the Jew world order,….as Russia is still Rothschild Central bank,
            With all these Jewish Oligarchs at the top of Russia’s wealth pyramid.
            Once a person sees this via research……it’s truly disturbing.
            The best way to understand current geostrategics. to consider that the Globalist
            Powers/Old Money …are playing All sides…just as they did for WW 1 and WW 2.
            Rothschild was backing everyone during Napoleonic wars,….made a cleaning on the
            London Stock Exchange after the battle at Waterloo using false info which caused
            Panic selling and buying.
            Israhell and Kook Zionist extortion politically is nearing zenith.
            Hopefully the US voter will completely lose it and smash the damn Jews for this outrageous reach for power,…and end every Congress rat backing this bill.
            Hopefully Russia will throw down the Jewish Talmudic snake in their midst.

          • RichardD

            I’ve read most of that material before at sites like Veterans Today. Anything published there is suspect. Some of it I’m sure is true, but I’ve also read some real in your face whoopers. (big lies) My assumption is that the lying Jew media and academia are responsible for quite a bit of the material that’s in the first article that you linked to. Which is full of Russia and China bashing.

            Russia under Putin and crew have done one of the most amazing turn arounds in human history. While he may not be squeaky clean, what’s been accomplished is nothing short of amazing. There’s been a mass exodous of Jews from Russia during the Putin years, and before. If only the US, France, Canada and the UK could be so fortunate as to get rid of these miscreants. Not all Jews are bad, but their ideology is, and many follow it.

            The Russian government has almost no debt and 1/2 trillion dollars in cash on hand and a LOT of gold. Your Rothschild bank nonsense is rubbish. You’re clearly economically ignorant and don’t know what you’re talking about. The Syrian war is costing Russia somewhere in the neighborhood of one billion dollars a year. With $500 billion in cash on hand, they can get the job done without borrowing any money from the Rothschilds or anyone else.

            As far as US voters tossing the Jew scum and their servants out of office. One can only hope. The internet is taking away the Jew’s monopoly on information and a lot of Americans are learning just how evil Jews are.

          • Brad Isherwood


            Richard. …I don’t give a RIP about Veterans Today and it’s outrageous publish,
            …Like Israel just nuked Syria.

            Perspective is important. …too many view history with tinted glasses,
            The Greek Hereo/Greek Tragedy theme. ……dominates them.
            I simply stated that Putin and Trump are Compromised,… are both Governments.
            Russia has excelled in creativity to challenges….from military R&D/production cycle
            To Finance and Trade Futures.
            By the way…..Russia and China don’t exactly get allong….there is a long history
            Of cheating and trickery. …like the Su 27 contract to China where the Chinese
            Stole technology and broke signatory. ..
            Russia goes Eyes wide open when dealing with China.
            They both need each other as Anglo /US Empire is determined against both.
            I’m disappointed with Putin/Russia and Iran concerning Syria.
            Both have much leverage against them accross all spheres of influence.

            Syria and Iraq are both far from being resolved as crisis goes.
            Iraq entering into 2018 elections with US in angst over Tehran and Shia primacy
            ISUS is still sitting on East Euphrates oil and nat gas wells, allong with Iraq Western reaches, ….a Sunni kookistan, …unless driven off militarily.

            US will try to stay on in Iraq,….they have 10 bases in Kurd Syria, …..Iran is still
            The prime agenda.
            Putin could have crushed US plans by regaining Syria since 2015,….
            Russia and Iran both intervened with limited measure,…..and now US and Israel
            Have annexed Syrian territory…and long with Crazed Caliph of Turkey.
            It’s a complete shit sandwich.

          • RichardD

            The whole western half of the country where 90% of the people live is largely under government control with little fighting. And the government has the upper hand when there are hostilities. Compared to where things were when the Syrian government coalition was put together two years ago, there’s been massive progress. The eastern half of the country is being rolled up now and what’s left of the regime change operation in the western half of the country is being cleaned out. Not all Kurds are anti government, and those that are will reach an agreement with Damascus on maintaining Syrian territorial integrity.

            The regime change invaders are getting hammered around the clock with a highly accurate industrial bombing campaign by the Russians, and are indisputably being pushed back to the borders where they’re being supplied from. And the Syrian military has manpower help on an as needed basis from coalition forces. This is a war with people dying and getting injured every day with a lot of property damage. You seem to think that Russia and Iran can just wave a magic wand and make everything better overnight. That’s not the way that wars of this type with the Jew world order and GCC pouring billions of dollars and tens of thousands of mercenaries armed with modern weapons are fought.

            The Syrian coalition is getting the job done day after day week after week and in another 12 to 24 months will have complete victory at the rate that things are going.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Wow….each post by you is a defence/apologist ……with side order of personal smear
            How many attack Helicopters has Russia in Syria? ,…how many,including junk yard bodge refit or cannibalize to keep flying,…do Syria have as transport or attack Helicopters go? .

            Syrian military is a series of theatre ** military opps with different command foundation.
            The idea that Syria has 1 national army is a joke.
            It’s a patchwork of clan groups with each separate financing and supply, …fighting in concert with piece meal Russian support.
            Iranian militias in Syria focus on security around Shia enclaves in Syria. …,dial 1 800
            Shia Mosque.
            Hezbollah has been amazing in this conflict….They** held Western Syria when SAA
            We’re getting overrun,with Airbases captured.
            Iran did not. …did not support Syria as some imagine.
            They were marginal in support of Damascus, …when 10s of 1000s of foreign mercs
            Poured into Syria, along with logistics.
            Both Russia and Iran were slow on the uptake to counter the foreign intervention and weapons supply.
            Syria would not be this crawling victim if both committed to save Syria from Empire.
            Fact is. ….Syria is already Shit sandwich partitioned with ruined national infostructure.
            ISUS sits on huge tracks of Syrian land still, along with Western reaches of Iraq,
            Idlib province is a large chunk of Syria ceeded to the Kook Muslim Brotherhood.
            Crazed Caliph of Turkey has a block of Syria,….US with 10 bases and the cut out Kurd kingdom.
            Israhell has more Golan…near 75% + Takfiri sit on de escalation zone Daraa/Suweida. ..
            If one looks at a map and is honest. …honest!…….it’s a disturbing picture of land stolen,occupied,conceeded…
            When Putin/Lavrov talk about Syrian Sovereignty. ……they are disingenuous.

            Syrians themselves are ultimately responsible for this national disaster.
            They pulled their own house down….on themselves.
            Neither Iran nor Russia is obligated to save them.
            Each has entered the conflict with divergent agenda.
            Putin romantic dinner with Erdogan and Gazprom pipeline/S 400.
            Sure….it’s business…..and it’s also absolutely disgusting.

            There are numerous Web articles on Syria. ……the Dirty War.

            Yes…..truly disturbing. …dirty war …..and business conspiracy.

          • RichardD

            Are you a hasbara troll? Because you sure sound like a two faced lying Jew carpet crawler trying to suck up to someone that they’re interested in victimizing, a Jew cult specialty.

            The invasion force is getting their hinies kicked all of the way back to the borders that they invaded from. If you can’t see that, then you’ve got a lot to learn and need to stop sucking your thumb and see battle fields as they really are. You know, US intel with satellites that can read license plates directing their GCC well paid proxy hordes armed with an abundance of modern weapons.

            The Russians are a peer force to the invader’s supporters and can massacre and obliterate the invaders at will on an as needed basis. The tides have turned from the Syrians being on the receiving end of the meat grinder to being on the dishing out end, until they roll up to the Golan border victorious with a superior conventional and nuclear armed coalition that can clean Israel’s clock if necessary to implement all of the resolutions that the baby rapers are in violation of.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Try to keep up….
            The Hebrew Old Testament is complete BS.
            The Noah Flood story was stolen from Babylon,/Epic of Gilgamesh. … during Jew diaspora.
            Jews wrote complete Fiction history……which now passes as real history,
            Cuz so many…..are F’ing Stupid!
            Jews,Ashkenazi, Khazaria….all of them…..are Parasite!

            I have posted quality information about Putin Compromised by Jews.

            Sorry it is too much for you. ..
            LOL…deal with it : )

            Putin and Iran could have rolled over ISUS since Fall 2015 when Russia stepped in.
            Both only marginally responded to the incursion of foreign forces and weaponry.

            Israel Now has near 75% of the Syrian Golan **…
            Erdogan has an annex block, …..US with 10 bases in Kurd Syria.

            If Reality is too much for you. ……try children’s morning television.

          • RichardD

            The reality is that the Damascus government was one step away from falling 24 months ago.

    • RichardD

      There is no partition, in much of the country, the west in particular, the regime change elements are surrounded and are contained for later clearing, or are in the process of cutting deals to retreat or surrender. The percentage of Syria under complete and partial government control increases every day, and what’s held by the regime change elements decreases as they surrender, retreat and are defeated. There will be no compromise of Syrian territorial integrity. The Kurds will reach an agreement with Damascus, and once the war is over, the Syrian coalition will be in a much better position to deal with the Jew baby rapers from a position of strength with nuclear and conventional weapons superiority.

  • Helen4Yemen
  • Helen4Yemen

    There were no Jews in Palestine for over 1000 years
    until the 1830’s and 1840’s when indigent Jews from
    Eastern Europe were shipped to Palestine to live on
    charities (Halukka) as a scheme to start the Jewish
    presence on that land ahead of the Jewish stampede
    that was to follow. Today, there are no Palestinians
    Jews anywhere in the world. In 1882 when the
    Ashkenazi arrived as a colonial setter, he found on that
    . 400,000 Arabic-speaking Palestinian Muslims
    . 40,000 Arabic-speaking Palestinian Christians
    . 15,000 Yiddish-speaking European Jews.