Car Bomb Kills Five People In Iraq’s Mosul (Photos, Video)

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On November 8, a booby-trapped car exploded in the city of Mosul killing five civilians and injuring 14 others, according to the Iraqi Security Media Center.

“The explosion happened around Suq al-Ma’ash crossroad, near a restaurant (Abu Leila) on the right side of Mousl, it resulted in many injures, some wounded were transported to the emergence section of the Republican hospital in the city,” the Security Media Center said in a short statement.

No side has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. However, Iraqi activists are certain that ISIS cells in northern province of Nineveh were behind the incident.

This was first deadly bombing in Mosul since the city was recaptured from the terrorist group last year following a 9-month battle. To this day most of the city has still been in ruins.

ISIS cells resurfaced in Mosul few months after its liberation despite strict security measures imposed there. The recent bombing is an another indication that these measures are still short from what it is needed to secure the city.

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America doing what it does.


US and UK forces have trespassed into other countries around the world and are joking with the international law. They have been known for doing these crimes for the very long time and butchering people there on the name of peace and self defence etc. which is totally bullshit.

The nation of each country are struggling for very long time to kick out these trespassers from their lands. Now this is a clear responsibility of the whole world to come together and clear this cancer from the whole world for the benefit of the world population and claim damage from them that they have done to them.