Central Syria: Chief Of ISIS Oil Smuggling Operations Killed In Recent Russian Airstrikes

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Central Syria: Chief Of ISIS Oil Smuggling Operations Killed In Recent Russian Airstrikes

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The chief of ISIS oil smuggling operations has been reportedly killed in a Russian airstrike that hit his hideout in Syria’s central region.

Iraqi sources affiliated with the group mourned the terrorist leader who is commonly known as “Sami al-Ajouz” on July 1. It remains unclear if al-Ajouz was killed on the very same day or in an earlier date.

Al-Ajouz was reportedly responsible for ISIS oil smuggling operations in both Iraq and Syria. The terrorists leader is originally from the town of Sdirah in the district of al-Shirqat in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh. The terrorist, also known as “al-Haj Hamid,” is reportedly a member of the Jubur Tribe.

ISIS captured most oil fields in Iraq and Syria after declaring its “Caliphate” in 2014. The terrorist group smuggled loads stolen oil to Turkey as well as to small dealers in Syria and Iraq before collapsing. The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) played a key role in disturbing the group’s oil smuggling operations.

If confirmed, the death of al-Ajouz will be a major blow to ISIS. The VKS has been very active against the group’s cells in central Syria. More than 50 terrorists were killed or wounded as a result of Russian airstrikes last June.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters and leaders have been reportedly taking shelter in central Syria, mainly in the Homs desert. In 2018, Huthaifah al-Badri, the son of ISIS founder and former leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, was killed by the Syrian military while he was participating in an “Inghimasi” attack in the vicinity of the Homs desert.


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Excellent news. The article does not mention that much of the oil that made it’s way to turkey was sold off to the ukronazi zionist regime and the zionist squatters themselves at a considerable discount, as one could imagine.


Take it up with batshit eater, he likes you. Everyone else believes you are a fruitcake weirdo.

Dick Black

The U.S.-led coalition never interfered with the well-known ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling operation that funded ISIS. But within weeks after Russians landed in Syria in 2015, their jets set ablaze 500 ISIS oil tankers in a single raid, followed by many others. ISIS was forced to cut troop’s salaries in half. Clearly, the U.S. found ISIS acceptable; Russia did not.


The Jews’ Z(C)IA’s chief oil smuggler was killed by Russian air strikes. Fixed it.


I wish they would stop calling theft smuggling.

Peter Jennings

Perhaps it took a while for this terrorist to return to Earth before they could announce his death.
Soon, ISIS will be traveling around Syria on push bikes.

Lone Ranger

Oy vey, the beautiful Shekels…
Oy oy…