China To Establish Constant Satellite Surveillance Over Disputed South China Sea


China is going to launch 10 satellites into space over the next three years to maintain non-stop surveillance over the disputed South China Sea, according to the Hainan Daily, citing Li Xiaoming of the Sanya Institute of Remote Sensing.

The first three optical satellites are set to go into space in 2019. Three more optical satellites, two hyperspectral satellites and three synthetic aperture radar will follow them later.

Yang Tianliang, director of the Sanyan Institute of Remote Sensing, says that the satellite network will play a vital role in the Maritime Silk Road project.

China is consistently increasing its military capabilities in the South China Siea aiming to turn it into its own foothold for further expansion in Asia Pacific.

The video below originally appeared at SouthFront in March 2016. Nonetheless, it still describes very well the modern tensions in the South China Sea region.