China Slams US/EU Over Interfering In Russia’s Internal Affairs Over Alexey Navalny

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China Slams US/EU Over Interfering In Russia's Internal Affairs Over Alexey Navalny

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China believes that the case of Alexei Navalny is an exclusively internal affair of Russia, external interference by the US and EU is unacceptable, the official spokesman for the PRC Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin said on March 3rd.

“We have already repeatedly stated the position of China. Navalny’s case is an exclusively internal affair of Russia, external forces have no right to interfere,” the diplomat said.

Wang Wenbin expressed the hope that the countries concerned, through consultation and dialogue, would be able to bridge differences and improve mutual understanding, rather than resorting to resorting to or threatening unilateral sanctions at any opportunity.

The European Union on Tuesday imposed sanctions for the first time under the new global regime for human rights violations against four Russian citizens for the arrest of Alexei Navalny.

The United States, following the EU, announced the introduction of sanctions against the Russian Federation. The list includes 14 organizations with the wording “for the production of biological and chemical weapons.”

In addition, US sanctions target specific individuals and organizations, and will include export and visa restrictions.

Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the response to the new US sanctions would not necessarily be symmetrical, the decision made by Washington is a triumph of the absurd and a hostile attack that will not affect Moscow’s policy, it will not work to impose anything by pressure.

Additionally, the rally in the US stock markets, as well as the stock markets of other countries, looks like a bubble.

This was announced on March 2nd by the head of the China Banking and Insurance Supervision and Management Committee (CBIRC) Guo Shuqing, quoted by Bloomberg.

According to Shuqing, the American and European markets are moving in the opposite direction compared to the economy.

He also clarified that the “bubble” in the Chinese real estate market also continues to remain relatively large, since many houses are purchased as investments or for speculative purposes, which, according to the head of the Chinese regulator, is “very dangerous.”

It should be noted that the stable recovery of the Chinese economy, the growth in the number of loans issued and fears of the possibility of missing out on buying a house turned out to be conducive to the demand for real estate in large cities of the country. The Chinese authorities took retaliatory measures in this regard, including introducing a new mortgage lending mechanism. However, real estate prices on the secondary market, regulated by the PRC by the state, in January still rose to their maximum values ​​over the past year and a half.

What should be noted is this, instead of changing course, or attempting to reach a normalization, the Biden administration continues the course towards uniting China, Russia and other ‘alternative centers’ of power in a sort of unofficial coalition against the United States, by simply pushing them away. And as the US power declines, as the general trend appears to be moving in that direction this new ‘axis’ will gain influence and strength.


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