China’s Military “Will Definitely Retaliate” If Trump Stages October Surprise: State-Run GT


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

China’s English language state-run Global Times, which often serves as an unofficial foreign policy arm of Beijing signaling the communist government’s intent and messages to the West, has issued a new article along with tweets saying the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) stands ready to ‘retaliate’ amid rumors the US could launch attacks on Chinese islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

The publication strongly suggested that soaring tensions with China will be used of Trump to facilitate an October surprise. It began by saying that “Chinese experts said on Tuesday that China could be restrained on retaliating to new US provocations on politics, diplomacy or economy, because Chinese policymakers will not let the Trump administration use them for his reelection, and will wait for the presidential election result to decide how to respond.”

“However, if Washington launches military provocations to challenge the bottom line of China’s national security and sovereignty, China will make immediate and effective retaliations. Experts said whether or not the two major powers can avoid military conflict in the next three months depends on the White House, and China needs to make its deterrence ‘more visible’ to warn the US about how dangerous a war could be,” Global Times wrote.

China's Military "Will Definitely Retaliate" If Trump Stages October Surprise: State-Run GT
Guided missiles are launched from Chinese destroyer during prior training, via Reuters.