Clashes Reported In Syria’s Daraa As New Reconciliation Agreement Collapse (Videos)

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Clashes Reported In Syria’s Daraa As New Reconciliation Agreement Collapse (Videos)

Illustrative imageClashes Reported In Syria’s Daraa As New Reconciliation Agreement Collapse (Videos)

The newly-brokered reconciliation agreement in Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of the Syrian city of Daraa, has collapsed.

Syrian authorities and local leaders reached the agreement on July 24, following extensive talks sponsored by Russia. According to the available information, former rebels failed to honor their commitments.

Early on July 27, former rebels opened fire at a force of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division that was entering Daraa al-Balad to establish pre-agreed upon posts. The SAA responded, as a result clashes broke out. Casualties were reported.

The clashes cooled down by the end of the day. Syrian authorities and local leaders met to save the agreement. Nevertheless, the situation escalated again on July 28, when clashes renewed around Daraa al-Balad.

In a statement, the leaders of former rebels stressed that they want a peaceful agreement. Yet, they said they were willing to accept an evacuation that would see all families in Daraa al-Balad leaving to opposition-held areas.

Syrian authorities have been pressuring Daraa al-Balad leaders to improve security measures in the area, not to displace the locals.

Under the last reconciliation agreement, former rebels in Daraa al-Balad promised to hand over their personal arms. Some weapons, including anti-tank rockets and heavy machine guns, were indeed handed over. However, much more are still in the hands of the locals.

The SAA, which deployed a large, heavily-armed strike force around Daraa al-Balad over the last few days, appears to be determined to impose its demands.

The current stand of Daraa al-Balad leaders, who failed to honor their commitments, is warring. The army is clearly ready to employ a military solution. Russia is reportedly in talks with both sides to resolve this crisis.


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Fog of War

They’re all part of the same club. Its time to wake up people.

– Chechen leader Kadyrov bans locals still unvaccinated against Covid-19 from entering mosques or shops & using public transport –

Muay Thai

RT, Watching the Hawks, also promote State Dept ‘blame it on China’ falsehoods. im starting to see your position.

Fog of War

It all becomes crystal clear if you know what angles to view the world situation through.


no more stupidity to let them get away as in the past in busses. You create a 100 times problem because they will be rearmed by the occupiyng terrorists us, uk, nato…. Just execute them all and the problem is over !!!

The Objective

Re-posting from a former comment

The U.S and Russia are already cooperating in trying to stop the rise of what they call political Islam. But in essence, their efforts are mainly to prevent unity among SUNNI Muslims not Shiites, by keeping their countries in a state of war, attacking the economy and governments of SUNNI Muslim countries who join in the struggle, such as Turkey, Qatar, and Pakistan. They also exert all efforts to prevent the flow of tech know-how to these Muslim countries, especially military tech. Turkey is their major target as it is the most technologically advanced SUNNI Muslim and has a leader that is willing to take on the challenges of the Kuffaar and hypocrites.

Putin simply doesn’t know what to make of Erdogan. On the one hand, Putin doesn’t want a U.S puppet ruling Turkey as that will derail Turkish-Russian cooperation on economic and military issues such as Syria’s territorial integrity, arms purchases, and cooperation on nuclear technology. On the other hand, Putin doesn’t want a true Muslim ruling Turkey. It is a Russian policy to keep Islam in its current weak position. I think by the latest actions of Russia, Putin has chosen to have a pro-Western president in Turkey rather than a true Muslim by heart. Hence, Putin regrets tipping Erdogan off about the coup – that’s if he ever did, because I’m not sold on the idea of Putin helping to save a Muslim-Brotherhood aka Terrorist president of the most powerful Muslim country. That explains Russia-U.S cooperation in Syria and Libya, their cooperation on strengthening dictatorship in the Muslim world (Haftar, Sisi, MBZ, MBS, etc), and their opposition to what they call political Islam.

We can see that all the major players of the world and Middle East have united against Turkey and that Sunni Muslim world. The GCC, EU, U.S.A, Russia, and Iran, are all fighting the Sunnis throughout the Middle East and North Africa. China is the only exception, despite all Russian attempts to convince the Beijing to join this war against the Sunni Muslim world. This particular article, on which I’m commenting, is only echoing Russian voice that China should join in this oppression of Muslims. Yes, China does oppress Muslim. But this is strictly within Chinese borders. The U.S, Russia, Iran, EU, and Israel on the other hand does this at a global scale. For example, Russia will not hesitate to send its forces into say Egypt, U.A.E, etc in the event of a war against the dictators.

Every Sunni Muslim must understand what’s going on. We are a target of massive disinformation, especially by Russia and Iran. They aim to keep as many Muslims in the dark as possible about the tumultuous events rocking the Muslim world. If possible, they will deceive us into supporting them even though they are fighting us. They have deployed hundreds of websites for this purpose, such as SouthFront,,, inforamtionclearinghouse, colonelcassad, Iranian news and websites, etc. We must be careful of these websites as they employ propaganda smartly and at a sophisticated level.

Thakfully, a majority of the Muslims understand who our enemies are. That explains the popularity of Erdogan, Qatari emir, Mahathir, and others.

Good news for the Muslims as Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan for a trilateral informal military alliance. Taliban Afghanistan is slated to be the fourth member. Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Turkey held joint military drills on Uzbekistan soil simulating an attack on Uzbekistan against the aggressor. Turkey and Azerbaijan are also in the process of forming a joint military. This will be followed by Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan. An attack on one will be an attack on all

It is time Turkey led a coalition of Muslim countries to MILITARILY intervene when dictators like Sisi, Assad, Haftar, MBS, MBZ, etc start killing Muslims in order to maintain control of their evil and oppressive rule. To regain control of Muslim lands from puppets of our enemies, it is necessary to destroy the bad sectors of the militaries that are protecting these regimes and dictators. If need be, destroy the entire militaries and build new ones.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Jen's Common Sense In Absentia

“Re-posting from a former comment” tl;dr HasbaRat Troll.


Stop trying to accomodate those Apes,kill them on sight.

The Objective

Aren’t we supposed to believe that Assad controls that part of Syria? It looks like Assad has opposition right inside his territory. I think Turkey should find a way to reach those rebels and support them with armament and training. Opposing dictatorship should be the duty of every single Syrian.
Russia sponsoring/brokering peace talks. LOL.
Syria is your next Afghanistan, Mr. Putin, so get used to that.
Russia is yet to face the worst in Syria. Thousands of Syrian rebels have been trained and battle-tested by Turkey. These guys are now a professional army capable of operating a wide range of ground warfare machines. All they need now is air support, and Turkey will provide that over time. Syria is costing Russia ten times more than Turkey.
The next mistake Assad and Russia make in killing Turkish soldiers, even Assad’s dictatorial palace will be bombed from the air. And if Russia wants to stand in the way, they are hopelessly outgunned, out-numbered, and cut off from the Syrian battlefield. It will not be a disgrace of just Russian air defenses, but also the fighting capability of the Russian military. Turkey will prove to the world how a paper-tiger the Russian military is when it comes to fighting foreign wars. Yes, the Russian military can and will defend Russian soil from any aggressor. But they cannot and will not be able to defend the dictator should Turkey decide to annihilate Assad’s military. This is within Turkey’s full capability and Assad will be over and done with within days.
If you want to see Assad fall, then let him try to retake Idlib.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective

no one wants to step on a turd..