Co-Founder Of ISIS News Agency ‘Amaq’ Killed By US-Led Coalition Air Strike

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Co-Founder Of ISIS News Agency 'Amaq' Killed By US-Led Coalition Air Strike

Ryan Mashaal

Rayan Masha’al (real name – Bara’a Kadek), one of the co-founders of the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq was killed on Thursday, according to pro-opposition sources.

Ala’an TV reporter, Janan Musa, reported that the ISIS member was killed by a US air strike on his home in the town of Al-Mayadeen in the province of Deir Ezzor.

The air strike reportedly led to the death of Raya and his daughter Lian. His wife was seriously wounded and she in critical condition as for now.

According to the Ala’an TV reported, Rayan had worked with the “Aleppo News” that supported the Syrian opposition and the Free Syrian Army. “Rayan” was even interviewed by Al Jazzera back then. He is originally from Al-Dana city in the Idlib countryside. He moved first to Aleppo, then to Raqqa and finally settled in the Deir Ezzor countryside.

Amaq is the ISIS main news agency and is considered one of the most important propaganda tools used by the terrorist group.

It has also published many of ISIS’s calls to carry out acts of terrorism in various parts of the world. According to Janan Musa, one of the most important staff in the news agency also is called Abu Suleiman al-Amriki, a US citizen.

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