Combat Footage: Houthis Repel Large-Scale Attack In Southern ‘Asir


The Houthis repelled a large-scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the southern part of the Saudi province of ‘Asir on June 16.

A 5-min video released by the Yemen group’s media wing shows Houthi fighters launching several Zilzal-1 improvised rocket-assisted munitions (IRAMs) at coalition forces’ gatherings. The fighters can be also seen targeting Saudi-backed forces with heavy machine guns and artillery.

“We repelled an attack by the mercenaries of the aggressor … From the north [direction] … We killed four of them,” a field commander of the Houthis says in the end of the video.

F-15C warplanes and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters of the Royal Saudi Air Force and the Saudi Arabia National Guard supported the attack. However, their airstrikes were not effective.

The Saudi-led coalition has been trying to secure the Kingdom’s border with Yemen for more than four years now, with no success what so ever.

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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Now, why can’t the Syrian army fight like these Ansalallah lions? these warriors have no air defence and are bombed day in and day out, but still beat the crap out of the Saudi cowards and their Americunt masters.

    • RGtz98

      I was thinking the same , they have little supplies at all , no russian or Iranian help , and so many factors stacked up against them yet they are retaking and defending territory like crazy , unlike thd SAA which is struggling in Idlib even though they have airpower , newer equipment , and supposedly more ‘trained’ troops.

      • Pavel Pavlovich

        Only the few elite brigades and the new Russian co-created 5h Corps (was it a corps?) plus a few thousand special forces, it is sad that this does not appear to have changed significantly over the years. NDF does not appear to be too reliable outside of the regional boundaries. When Hezbollah was still there major gains were made so that is one big force less.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Absolutely factual statement and you have good grasp of reality. The problem is that like all Arab conventional armies, the SAA had a paper strength of around 245,000, mostly conscripts when the Americunts and Zionists let loose their Wahhabi dogs on Syria in 2011. Most of the conscripts were from the then Sunni majority and were easily swayed by money and propaganda to desert. The hardcore Alawite Shia and Christians were barely 20% of the manpower and perhaps 50% of the officer corps, now that manpower shortage and the deterioration of weapons over time left the SAA in a very precarious shape. If Russia had not intervened with airpower and Iran with limited manpower the show would have been over by now. Hezbollah, indeed was the game changer and was crucial in all Syrian early victories, especially the securing of Lebanese border, Qusayr junction and Arsal plateau. However, Hezbollah has limited manpower and its main goal is to keep the Zionist scum from attacking Lebanon. Now if Iran and Russia worked together and increased their manpower commitment and airpower, and Russia also sign no more localized deals with headchoppers, Syria can be secured. The next 12 months are quite crucial and Americunts, Turkeys, UAE pimps and Saudi headchoppers have increased their support for mega terrorism in both Syria and Iraq. As they say, it is game on now!

      • Garrett

        If you notice the last sentence, the houthis are natives of North Yemen/southern Saudi Arabia many tribes were cross border and they have a better knowledge of the area then the mercenaries saudi brings in from around the region. The air power stops them from overrunning major towns but the rural are around it is wide open for them since their infantry skills are stronger . In Syria the “SAA” is using ex fsa brigades from Daraa and Damascus, Iranian militias from east Syria and troops rotated out of Damascus, in addition to mainly being Shi’a attacking Sunni populations. The manpower, Air Force and traditional factors are in saa favor but at this point hts has had enough time to prepare and are more familiar with the terrain and attack routes and with Turkish support ie supplies, and probably most importantly satellite photos and uavs they can fend off most attacks. The only capable offensive brigade is the tiger forces because they are also from north Hama and the advantage goes to saa

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          tigers should be training other SAA units to be like them

    • Shawn

      The Syrian army are facing 50, some say 70,000 battle hardened, extremely radical Al Qaeda militants in the Idlib pocket. The militants are being supported by Turkey as well. Another factor is that the SAA recently released thousand of veterans from duty & had to replace them with raw recruits. Also the SAA as a whole are war weary by now. Considering all that, so far the SAA have been doing a good job luring the terrorists out of their fortified positions & pounding them with airpower, however it’s going to take time before the terrorists exhaust their manpower & resources.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        All true, but the Saudi arseholes and Americunts are training and pouring billions into the headchoppers. Syria’s demographic structure and conscription base has shrunk as over 7 million Syrians, mostly Sunnis have fled to Europe, Lebanon and Turkey. In the Idlib pocket alone there are 3 million human shields and you are right, there may be 70,000 hardcore headchoppers from all over the globe, even from ex-Russian Soviet republics. The growing numbers are from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan now as the CIA expands its operations there. One of the best trained terrorist unit in Idlib is Uzbek. The United States is usin the Uzbek militant group fighting in the Syrian civil war as one of its favored proxies now. The Katibat al-Imam al-Bukhari (KIB) is now getting the bulk of Saudi and Turkish weapons and funds as the group speaks Turkish and is easy to recruit and train by Turkish MIT (military intelligence).

    • Xoli Xoli

      Putin have train Syrian forces to run away if Erdogan terrorists bombs them.

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    It is men who fear ALLAH-(SWT) who fight wars against So-Called Superpowers with no fear, David-(A) The (((((Brave Yemeni Resistance fighters))))) with Heart and Soul Against the [USG] The British Colonial Power, Along with puppet Traitors [UAE] And So-Called Saudi Arabia, [NATO] And lets not for get “Er-dog-en” the Traitor [NATO] Member Operator.. I respect the Young Yemeni Men Out in the war fighting for there Nation Freedom against overwhelming So-Called Superpowers (WMDs) the Oppressor The [USG]……. ALL SHOULD KNOW NOW THE [USG] MILITARY IS A PAPER TIGER

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    that video was amazing!!! keep it up houthis!!! please try to down as many of the F-15s and apaches as you can as well!!!