Crisis In Eastern Ukraine: LPR Head Fled To Russia. Saboteur Group Detained In DPR


Crisis In Eastern Ukraine: LPR Head Fled To Russia. Saboteur Group Detained In DPR

The Head of Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) Igor Plotnitsky left LPR to Russia. The motorcade carrying Plotnitsky, Chief of his Administration Irina Teytsman and head of the LPR TV and radio network Anastasiya Shurkayeva and others left LPR through the Izvarino border crossing to Russia. Plotnitsky later arrived in Moscow by plane.

According to reprots, Plotnitsky has resigned from his post. However, this still has to be confirmed.

The government offices were still occupied by armed personnel, allegedly consisting of LPR’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) State Security Ministry staff. According to, now the militants are occupying the territory only near the offices of Luhansk 24 TV station.

A Ukrainian saboteur group was detained by DPR officials. 10 people were detained on suspicion of attempted assassination of several key DPR and LPR officials. Ukrainian Armed Forces entered towns near Svetlodarsk, bordering with LPR.

On November 22, refusing to step down as the Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Kornet and the staff loyal to him arrested more than 50 people, including the Prosecutor General of LPR Vitaly Podobry, LPR’s military prosecutor Sergey Rakhno and their attendants on suspicion of collaborating with Ukraine. After questioning the rest of the staff of LPR’s Prosecutor’s office, most people were free to go. Several members of staff gave testimonies. Teytsman and Shurkayeva were reported to be arrested, but reports were not confirmed.

On November 21, several military vehicles arrived to Luhansk from Donetsk.

Former Security Council Secretary of DPR, head of Patriotic Forces of Donbass organization Alexander Khodakovsky says that unification is the best possible option for DPR and LPR considering the situation.

“The proposition is simple: quickly get as much votes as needed in DPR and LNR People’s Soviets, and proclaim the reunification referendums. Commence the voting as soon as possible to legitimize the process, and then elect the head and the officials,” Khodakovsky wrote on his social media page.

He was convinced that this plan may be realized as soon as the summer of 2018.

“Then we’ll see Moscow’s position: will they still call it our internal matter, our will they remind us of Minsk? Up until today the Americans and the Ukrainians both said, that we do not exist and will not exist [as a political entity], refused to negotiate, but I promise you: as soon as unification begins, everyone will raise hell about violations of Minsk [agreements]. Continue averting your eyes, continue calling it an internal matter, and everyone wins,” he said.


  • RGtz98

    That shit is weird AF in the DPR , but I agree they should unite instead of being just a confederacy in order to have more available resources in every aspect

    • Tudor Miron

      What is weird is that there are two separate republics… Don’t want to go into details at this point (no time atm).

      • RGtz98

        I know , they should unite instead of being a confederacy

  • Tudor Miron

    For the last couple of days I’ve been looking closely at this situation in Lugansk. To sum it up – this crisis is actually good for LNR and there’s hope that it will come out in better shape than before. One thing is sure – current Kiev ukro nazi regime would not get there.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    beginning of the end …

    • LR captain

      nah but i do smell a new Ukrainian offensive that is going to start soon.

      But if the DPR and LPR don’t work out their differences soon after that offensive starts only Then will it be the beginning of the end.

      Well either or Russia moves in major peace keeping unit under the pretext of protecting ethnic Russians. But in reality they are going to grab more land and expand their buffer zone as force the DPR and LPR into an “eastern Ukraine” government controlled directly by Russians.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        i see similarly as you

    • LR captain

      the DPR and LPR were indirectly controlled as in if they do not play balls Russia cuts their funding and stops sending aid. 80-90% of their budgets were paid for by Russia.

      But if this does not get settled soon and if Russia bails them out again they will loose any shred of an independent voice.

  • Michael Burman

    Russia having issues keeping their puppets under control?

  • Barba_Papa

    I’m not surprised. It’s one thing to run a tiny breakaway republic in the middle of f***ing nowhere, its a whole different thing to run a independent mega city of a million plus people. Maybe if you had the guy who ruled internationally recognized Singapore into prosperity, but a bunch of squabbling incompetents? In a warzone? I’m not surprised that after a while reconciliation with Kiev becomes a more attractive option then the current status quo. To quote Sergeant Harper from the TV series Sharpe, the freedom to starve is no freedom at all.

  • John Brown

    Russia will probably take 90% of Ukraine which has been theirs for centuries anyway. Poland will get the 10% strip of Ukraine which use to be part of Poland for centuries. Then in the fist part of the collapse of the EU maybe Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia , Bulgaria, Moldova, Austria, Serbia, Italy and Greece will also all join the EEU, along with Turkey, With the Baltics, Slovenia, Croatia etc joining a bit later after the Jewish Federal reserve Petro dollar collapses. Then finally Germany France etc. the rest join the EEU. I expect Belorussia to become part of Russia again as well as 90% of Ukraine

    • Pavel Pavlovich

      If international law be considered, all of Soviet Union would be restored.
      Including the borders of Ukraine as it existed therein.

  • cynic

    Will Mr. Plotnitsky now we assisting the police with their enquiries into corruption and the disappearance of lots of money?