Czech Republic Does Not Want To Talk About Joining The Eurozone

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Czech Republic does not want to talk about joining the euro zone because of the problems between the EU and Greece.

Changeover to the euro is not currently on the agenda of the Czech government, due to the outstanding problems of the EU with Greece, – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic Andrei Babishov said on Thursday at an economic conference in Prague.

“Joining the euro area is not now a hot topic for the Czech Republic. Among other things, this is connected with the current inability of the EU to resolve the situation with the Greek debt,” – said Babishov, whose words are quoted by website of the newspaper E15. In addition, according to Babishov, joining the euro area requires a period of four years in various funds to pay 51 billion crowns (about 1.86 billion euros) and guarantee a further 400 billion crowns (about 14.6 billion euro), which is also very difficult to fulfill .

The current government does not mention changeover to the euro nor in its policy statement, either in terms of activity for the coming years.

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