‘Democracy’ With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches


'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

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Over the past years, the US was positioning itself as the democratic country and the leader of the free world. While there are no more doubts that the concept of the ‘democracy’ promoted by Washington was merely a tool of foreign policy and the justification for meddling of internal affairs and even military interventions in other countries around the world, the US elites have been obliged to at least formally try to maintain the alleged commitment to the democratic rule. Regardless what was happening inside the US, the large-scale corruption, social, security and political scandals, the US leadership was trying to follow the ‘democratic concepts’ at least formally. The real actions of the US political class on the international arena and even in its internal policy has been steadily undermining this image for several decades. However, the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 became the turning point that has completely destroyed this myth, unveiling their essence.


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Neo-liberals no longer need to justify their actions with “democratic principles”, they have destroyed all obstacles on the way to impose a new form of dictatorship in society. Over the years, gradually manipulating and distorting public opinion, they have received the support of a significant part of the population. Now, they simply have to do away with with dissent, to subject the remaining adherents of conservative norms and traditional society, while having complete freedom of action and no restrictions in the choice of methods to achieve their goals; thus, imposing their power in a violent, despotic way.

'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

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The inauguration ceremony of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, will not at all resemble a celebration of the democratic victory of the people’s choice, but rather a demonstration of the triumph of the elite, which has isolated itself far from the rest of society. It will take place behind barbed wire fences and will be surrounded by armed guards. The National Mall in Washington, where the White House and Congress are located, will be closed to thousands of people who traditionally come to Washington for a holiday to support the president-elect.

The National Guard has deployed its forces around the Capitol complex to support security efforts surrounding President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. Checkpoints are now being set up in the city center, where police officers and detector dog handlers are on duty, so that no one can carry weapons and explosives.

National Guardsmen from all over the country are sent to Washington D.C. In total, up to 25,000 Guardsmen will be deployed in the capital. Another detachment of the Illinois National Air Guard flew to the American capital on Friday 15 January. For comparison, the number of troops involved is 5 times more than the US military contingent in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. At Trump’s inauguration in 2016, the of National Guardsmen deployed was about 8,000.

Three fences have already been erected around the White House, and two around the Congress; some of them was also surrounded by barbed wire around the perimeter. Capitol Hill is guarded by hundreds of camouflaged men.

Not only military personnel are deployed in the city, but also military equipment. Guardsmen in the city are armed with M4 carbines.

“The attack on the Capitol was a violent insurrection that resulted in the spilling of American blood,” said US Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, justifying a military reinforcement in the capital. “And that’s why extraordinary security measures have been taken.

“Officers were brutally beaten. The attackers wanted to assassinate Nancy Pelosi, hang Mike Pence, and hunt down sitting members of Congress. That’s insurrection. That’s sedition. That’s lawlessness. That’s terror,” he said.

Such military measures are comparable, if not superior, to the military reinforcement after the 9/11 attacks.

A number of other measures were also taken before Biden’s inauguration. Washington’s subway system closed 13 central stations from Friday through to 21 January. Even popular house-sharing platforms Airbnb and HotelTonight were cancelling all reservations in Greater Washington during the inauguration week. The National Mall is closed.

Along with Washington, D.C., all 50 states are preparing for potential violent protests. Many states have activated National Guard.

  • The Texas state Capitol is closed after uncovering new intelligence that armed protests are planned. The building has been reopened recently after the reparation works finished. They were made because of the damage protesters did during protests in May and June. The Capitol in Kentucky was also closed.
  • Michigan activated its National Guard. The threat is high there because of the recent armed anti-lockdown protests and alleged extremist plot to kidnap the governor.
  • 1,000 members of the National Guard were mobilized in California, and a temporary chain link fence was erected around the Capitol. Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois activated the National Guard. Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Kansas are also going to take such measures.
'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

This is how the Capitol looks from inside

In addition to deploying the military to prevent any provocations, the “democratic” US authorities have also switched to political persecutions. Federal prosecutors continue to charge participants in the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, adding to dozens of arrests that took place in Washington D.C. that day.

There are talks that advanced surveillance technology, such as facial recognition algorithms to identify extremists, could also be deployed during the inauguration or perhaps in the future.

At the same time, apparently for the purpose of justifying the measures taken, the mainstream mass media are actively disseminating the statement of federal prosecutors that the purpose of the protesters who seized the building of Congress in Washington was the murder of congressmen. In their opinion, the rebels could take parliamentarians hostage and even kill. In particular, this is stated in a petition from the Arizona prosecutor’s office in the case of a Jacob Chensley, known as the “Viking of the Capitol”.

However, later, Acting DC Attorney Michael Sherwin said that there was no direct evidence that the participants in the storming of the Capitol planned to capture or kill congressmen. This claim did not prevent the US media to quickly rename the rebellion to an attempt to overthrow the government.

It is likely that political repression is not the limit for the current government in the United States aimed to prosecute protesters. On January 13th, one of the participants in the Capitol assault, a Trump supporter Christopher Stanton Georgia, was found dead in the basement of his own house. Some of the circumstances of this death seem strange. It is officially announced that he committed suicide, which seems unnatural, given that the punishment that threatened him was 180 days in prison or up to a thousand dollars in a fine.

It is also strange that police officer Howard Liebengood, who was on duty at the Capitol on January 6 during the assault, committed suicide almost simultaneously with Georgia, the Associated Press reported that he had committed suicide.

The facts of suicide in these cases are doubtful, given the fact that extrajudicial reprisals against political activists, journalists and all those who influence public opinion have become widespread in America. And quite often such MSM incidents are presented as acts of suicide or criminal assault. Examples include the murky stories of Hamza “Travis” Naghdi, Jeffrey Epstein, and others.

'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

In addition to FBI investigations, Trump supporters face violence in everyday life. Average Americans who uphold traditional values were labeled as homegrown terrorists, racists, and anti-semitists.

“They should be viewed as bullies, rebels, white racists, anti-Semites,” said US President-elect Joseph Biden during a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. “They are terrorists, homegrown terrorists,” he added.

The Washington Post compares the Trumpists to the Ku Klux Klan and urges to “reprogram” them. There are calls to take the children from the Trump supporters. The family institution collapses as children call to persecute their parents.

Large-scale persecution of dissidents is unfolding. Ashley Babbitt, a veteran of the Air Force, who was killed on January 6 in the Capitol became a kind of sacred victim for the protesters, on the other hand, she is a victim of bullying by the “democratic” MSM, who seek out any defamatory information about her and call her an extremist and conspiracy theorist. This has led to harassment on social media and in online society.

And these are the same Americans who almost proclaimed the black criminal George Floyd as a saint. BLM riots endorsed by the neo-liberals were just the beginning of the path to a deep deformation of the entire American society, which once upheld the principles of tolerance and respect. Not so long ago these principles became caricatures; today they are distorted and hit the usual Americans themselves.

If tolerance was the alleged goal of the BLM protests, today’s persecution will lead to the suppression of any resistance in society, its transformation into a submissive homogeneous mass, and there are no more skin color of gender issue.

'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

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Democrats are openly putting pressure on anyone who supported Trump.

Lawyers are urging to revoke the licenses of Lina Wood and Sidney Powell as they talked about massive fraud during the presidential election. Powell is being sued by Dominion, whose cars counted votes exclusively in favor of Democrats.

The editor of Forbes, Randall Lane, has urged companies not to hire communications officials from President Donald Trump’s administration. The chief content officer warned that if somebody hires any of Trump’s communications officials, Forbes will assume that everything their company or firm talks about is a lie.

Censorship is far from being the last thing that gives President Trump a hassle. In addition to impeachment, which could result in a ban on running for president for the next term, Trump’s business is also under threat.

Numerous scandals, the first impeachment, and the coronavirus pandemic have already negatively affected his family empire. In the aftermath political donors and businesses have moved to distance themselves from the president and the Trump Organization.

As a result, today their numerous partners simply refuse to cooperate with the US President, following last week’s assault of Capitol Hill.

For example, New York City will cut business ties with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization run two skating rinks and a carousel in Central Park, and a golf course in the Bronx, which brought multi-million dollar income both to the organization and the city.

“The city of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump Organization,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday

Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest US commercial property brokers, refused to cooperate with the Trump Organization. The firm has served the family for decades, leasing its properties at 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower, among other assignments.

Vornado Realty Trust, a large real estate company that owns skyscrapers in New York and San Francisco with the Trump Organization, has decided to suspend refinancing plans for two projects. The Professional Golf Association began the flight from Mr Trump citing the risk to its brand.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Professional Bank, headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, refused to cooperate with the current US President, following Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank.

'Democracy' With Iron Fist. Washington Is In State Of Siege As Inauguration Approaches

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At the same time, financial pressure is exerted not only on the President’s business, but also on the the US Congress members. A number of companies have suspended political giving via their corporate political action committees to those who voted against certification of the election results.

Among them are Morgan Stanley, the Coca-Cola Company, Marriott, Hallmark, the chemicals giant Dow, Airbnb, AT&T, which is one of the biggest political campaign contributors in the United States.

For example, Hallmark company said in a statement “Hallmark believes the peaceful transition of power is part of the bedrock of our democratic system, and we abhor violence of any kind.”

The Biden administration has not come to power yet, but it has already revealed the main trends of his presidential term. Globalists, neo-liberals felt their impunity and increased their influence on the structure of the entire society, realizing their interests. If earlier they were forced to formally cover their actions with alleged democratic goals, today there is no need for this, since they have seized power, leaving no chance for any opposition. As it was seen during the presidential campaign and after the elections, the so-called ‘democratic procedures’ are easily ignored; and thus the chances for a conservative counter-attack in the US politics are declining day by day.

At the same time, the Biden administration, having gained the power, is likely to announce its intention to protect democracy from the influence of the Republican “terrorists”, while continuing distorting any basic principles in its favor. American society is moving closer to the Orwellian system, where the declared functions and real actions of the government bodies completely contradict each other, and the society is governed by a brutal totalitarian system, the inhabitants are deprived of civil rights and individuality.

A new totalitarian regime is being actively imposed, leaving no room for preserving any traditional social values and principles of democracy. American democracy, which has been maiming for decades, became a relic of the past. The new era is coming and the whole world will have to deal with it.