Destroying US M-777 Howitzers By Lancet Loitering Munition (Videos)

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Russian military demonstrates effective countering of US M-777 howitzers by loitering munitions and drones. At least three howitzers were destroyed by Lancet strikes for the last day.

On 26 January, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during a briefing that the Russian Armed Forces had destroyed four US-made M-777 artillery systems in the Krasnoliman direction.

Since February 2022, the US and its allies have handed over 210 M-777 howitzers to Ukraine. According to various estimates, between 65 and 85 per cent of these artillery systems have now been destroyed or rendered inoperable.

Since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Western countries have provided Kiev with more than 4,000 armoured vehicles, artillery systems, aircraft and other weapons systems,





A few more earlier videos of the destruction of US howitzers in Ukraine.







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Cuando hacen POP no hay STOP


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As a Constitutional American, I approve of these vids.


Does anyone know if these explosions have sufficient power to disable? Or do they just hit the personnel running the gun?

Ultrafart the Brave

Just speculating here, but…

1. all those bits flying off can’t be any good for the weapon, and

2. when the secondary explosions start going off, chances are the weapon has been rendered completely inoperable.

Psionists slaves of America

Looks like those Russians are beginning to get the hang of it. Won’t be long before HIMARS start getting wrecked on live video.

Barba Papa

There has been footage of that already. For quite some time.

Stinging Metal

I think some are decoys.
But on a side note, I learned to stop believing what the American Generals are saying a long time ago. You can thank “The surge” for that. (Iraq, Afghanistan)
Because remember at the start of the war, it was “we’re only sending 8 Howitzers” or “12 HIMARS” and now it was “we’re not sending tanks to Ukraine” to “well we will only send some if you send some” to now everyone is sending tanks.
It’s all for optics and plausible deniability. When they say they’re not going to do something you can BET that they will.

Novus Ordo Seclorum

My rule of thumb is to always do the opposite of what governments say and you’ll be right 95% of the time.

I applied that in 2020 about the scamdemic propaganda and in 2021 for the quackcines and I was damn RIGHT!!! No “Sudden Death” from the quackcines here!

Tommy Jensen

4 Howitzers + 3 Howitzers = 7 Howitzers destroyed are equal to 60-70% of all 240 Howitzers destroyed, according to Kremlin MoD.

Barba Papa

I guess you want receipts and videos of every Russian MoD claim? Understandable. That makes sense. But will you also demand the same standard of evidence for every claim that NATO, the MSM and Kyiv make?

jens holm

You dont get it. In the Mr jetson world, they dont exist :)

Stinging Metal

Hey jens, you suck.


Love You Lancet , ti voglio sposare e avere centinaia di figli lancettini e lancettoni


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jens holm

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So we dont harm them but take them as they are too. It makes a lot of harmony not digging that kind of trenches too.

By that we also has gender equaity and very much. Criminals votes too.

Its very visible we do have results, which normal people can see in any statistics in the world. Overall we for the last many years has done pretty well.

Stinging Metal




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Isser Harel

The satanic organization will target power systems in Russia to stop a protective launch: the moment one aircraft is spotted launching anything it will be time to go all in. Do not hesitate. God is with Russia against this aggressive war of the satanic europeans and other criminal groups.
Make sure they pay for what they are doing with their genocide.


That is the Russian smart way to fight war. They are destroying a few million M777 NATO howitzer using 150k kamikaze drone.


Downside with lancet is it needs more powerful explosives or some acid to melt that metal enemy garbage.


Seems to melt the enemy garbage pretty well as it is……….


The Russians need to start the fabled offensive pretty soon.

jens holm

For all we know Putin only has given the Russian soldiers extra fishing gear for supply. most Russian soldiers seemes to protect their fishing gear more then themself.

It for the moment is re-evaluated to have operasingers in the trenches. Some soldiers are digging even deeper but unfortunatly some are running away too.

Meduza knew.

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don’t miss you next exciting episodes against Team Russkie Lancet: vs Team Deutsch Leopard, vs Team English Challenger, vs Team Yankee Bradley and if the war is not already over: Team Yankee Abrams.


Russia has destroyed many nato armaments supplied to the Kiev junta by the west regardless of where they are hidden. Now we understand that the Kiev junta are storing their nato military equipment in or at nuclear facilities in the hope that Russia will not target them but we know where this equipment is stored and that’s all we need to know!

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White Gandalf

None of the videos is from “the last day”. Not even “the last dozens of days”. But instead from the time of late summer and autumn. They are all so often repeated that it’s becoming boring. The tiny “loitering munitions” may eventually incinerate ammunition stockpiles beside the howitzers, but seldom do so much damage that those hardware goes into irreparable conditions.

The russian side lacks the confirmation of the real done damage. Even the most backward islamistic “rebels” do THIS by far better.


Go on the Quora site and read the comments on there,99% of the comments are in the opinion that UKRAINE is winning Big And that they are at the gates of Moscow 😂 I’ve Never encountered such delusional people…sad 😢