Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

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Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

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On July 15th, the European Union’s foreign ministers decided to impose sanctions on Turkey over its drilling activities within the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus. The EU maintains that those activities are illegal. Ankara’s stance that it works within the economic zone of  the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Turkey is the only state that recognized its independence.

Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

Click to see the full-size image

Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

Click to see the full-size image

Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

Click to see the full-size image

Disputes In Eastern Mediterranean (Map, Satellite Images)

Click to see the full-size image


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EU terrorist organization knows that entire Cyprus belongs to Turkey. It is similar to SDF and Israeli areas that by terririst forces they have taken from Syrians and Palestinians.


Cyprus belongs to Turkey? wtf are you zionist scum talking about?


Sorry again you have created another account. I gonna block your this account and go create another one. Bye bye.


ahahahahhaha what a retard!


Belongs to Turkey? What the fuck are you talking man. Cyprus was and still has been inhabited by Greek population for thousands of years, many centuries before any mongol tribes from the steppes(like Turks) come to the area, it is consider as the second Greek country and at some point in the past there were strong movements(50s, 60s) to united with the motherland Greece but due to circumstances and political games of power it didn’t happened.
Even now the vast majority are Greeks and before the 1974 turkish invasion of Cyprus, the turkish population was just a fraction, after the invasion, Turkey started migrating Turks to populate the occupied part of Cyprus but still they are a minority.
Better learn some history before you open your month saying BS like this and embarrassing yourself.

Brother Ma

Rob is a Turk or Pakistani who is Turk-loving.


Come to reality, all nations love Turkish nation. Turkish state was rip apart by US and EU. Now Turkey is becoming united and stronger and would lead the world towards peace and stability.


hahahahahahahahahha ”all nations love turkey”

Ishyrion Av

You joking, right? Turkish nation is the black plague of the all nations.


Again you created another account. I will block you now bye bye.

Brother Ma

Like I said Turk or Pakistani who loves Turks. I worked you out a long time ago.


I am neither from Turkey nor from Pakistan. The people interest is in football or in cricket but my interest is to know about world leaders that how much they are idiot.


what pills do you take??


So you have created another account again. Go and create a new account again. Bye bye Zionist. I will block you now.


“Had Turkey not intervened I would not only have proclaimed Enosis but I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus.”

Eleftherotipia interview with Nicos Sampson on 26th February 1981

Now all those are forgotten, but we are left with sentimental trivia like ‘uniting with motherland greece , but due to political games etc etc.”

Greek community in Cyprus massacred Turkish minority on the Island for their wet dreams of Enosis.

Look what happened in the end. TR ‘Enonised’ the north part . LMAO.


There isn’t a Turkish minority in Cyprus but a forcibly islamized Greek and non-Greek (Libanese, N.African) Cypriots by the ottomans and now you dare to call them Turks. Small traces of Turkish/Kurdish DNA is found only in 3% of the Cypriot population. You have “loved” so much the island that you have sold it to the British Empire in 1878. Who are the Nations that sell their own land? NONE. So Cyprus isn’t historically, ethnographically, culturaly yours to claim turkish but Greek by majority since 1500 BC. As far as it concerns the claim “massacres of Turkish Cypriots” most of them are proven false flags created by MIT in a similar way that you do today in Syria using ISIS for your dirty job. So enough of your lies. Another thing, Cyprus since 1960 is an Independent State made so by Greeks fighting the British in the 50s. We didn’t see any Turks fighting to free Cyprus in that Revolution.

Cyprus is NOT SOLD , but RENTED to Brits . The additional treaty which was attached to Ottoman / British deal was clearly stating that when Russians leave Kars and North East Anatolia , Britain would leave the Island back to Ottomans , but this never happened. So lets do not write history from our ass. Secondly , there are also examples of such deals in history , such just like Chinese/British deal on Hong Kong. So lets do not generalize either.

From Cyprus mail,
‘’To varying degrees, the genetic makeup of Greek Cypriots has commonalities with Armenians, Greeks, Iranians, Turks and Palestinians, to name but a few.’’

So with this genetic makeup if Greek Cypriots consider theirselves Greeks , , Turkish Cypriots also have the right to consider theirselves Tukrşsh with the same makeup as well.
So please quit that %3 BS.

Last but not least , Lets do not lose time conspiracy theories of MIT. I can flood the place with GC attrocities in Cyprus agains TC minority and add even a Greek court decision , but this will be a loss of time as you will not believe any of these,because you are all brainwashed just like your compatriot here here called ‘’cigarette smoking ape’’ who keeps embrassing himself here since last 2 days.

Brother Ma

This article is too neutral and probably because the authors wish to remain on side with the Russian gov ; which is currently pals with Turkey.

Calling Turkey as being in a dispute with Cyprus is like calling Nazi Germany being in a dispute with France or Russia which it both invaded!

There are no shades of grey here SF ; just black and white.

The Eastern Med is where some enormous gas fields will be found and they appear to be in zioYanker hands. So Russia would be happy for Turkey its new pal to have them rather than Greece/Cyprus /Nato.

The problem is this whole Cyprus situation is grossly unfair and unjust and Russia-sympathisers like me will be less Russian -loving in future. Russia already does too many favours for the Turks!

viktor ziv

‘Don’t interrupt adversary when making mistake’


Cyprus and Greece, both being Orthodox Christian, really might want to realign with Russia. Especially after the way they have been treated by the EU, and the IMF.


Exactly. EU has nothing more to offer us.

Brother Ma

They have tried ,only to be hobbled by traitorous Natoists in the Establishment and own goals by supposedly Far Left Communist Russia -lovers who turned out to be lackeys ie Syriza and Tsipras.


Kick the genocide prone, them pesky Turkgays out of NATO ! …mr Trump…
Cyprus is one and it is Greek. Just give us the ok and the whole of the Turks navy will be in the bottom of the Aegean sea in a jiffy !






So quickly you have created a new account. I will block you now and go create another account. Bye bye.


What are u talking about Einstein ?

Did you look at when i created this account ? And how many comments I v made…
hahahahah don’t panick Rob… everything will be alright…


Why you need US approvall ? Do it immediately. Start with sending back the US strike force consisting of 700 pieces of armor recently stationed at greece near Turkish border to halt Turkish land invasion when Aegean war starts , then ask US to get their M9 reapers out of Greek Islands which is flying over East Med to protect your cheap asses.

Do it. Prove that you are not a Mickey Mouse proxy counrty serving your western masters..


If it was up to me I d love to do just that …
Meanwhile could you return the S400 back to Rusia ? That would help a lot!
Dont forget who organised and helped Turkey in 1974 when Turkey invaded Cyprus….
And who stoped the Greek navy from sinking every single Turkish boat in 1996 during the Imia crisis…
So, there’s another side to that coin u see…

Mustafa Mehmet

You having a bad dream about your past.


At least I have a past, one that is glorious and full of achievements as a nation for over 2500 years…
Do you know where turks were 2500 years ago ?

In the Chinese and Mongolian desert picking rocks and eating grass.
hahahah dream he says ! Dumb mongoloid !

Mustafa Mehmet

where you come from? Albani or ottoman leftover don’t deny it now or slavic


LOL. All their national heroes are Albanians. And they are all ‘Klepth’. (Thieves.)


Considering how cheap it is to pick up and fuck a turkish woman with our euros these days i d say there is a very good chance you are Indian or Chinese and u dont know it yet…just ask your mother where was she last night and why was she so late !


These ‘ euros’ belong to Germany, not to you, your only relation with those Euros is your regular theft from German taxpayers pockets.

And dont you ever write sexist messages. Almost everyone knows how prostution escalated over there due to economic crises.A single visit to Omania street is enough to see the misery. Better hold your horses.


Germany ows Greece reperations for the attrocities they done…
If you put it all down and make the calculations they are the owns that need to pay Greece not the other way around.
The prostitution is immigrands , illegal that Erdogan pushed to Greece through plastic boats while he was making a substantial profit….
So your president/ prime minister, sultan, king dictator guy that Taliban that is the ruler of the turkish regime Erdogan is a common criminal amongst all the other things…


” A new report reveals that more GREEK WOMEN than Eastern European women are working as prostitutes in Greece following the difficult years of austerity.

Some women just do it for a cheese pie, or a sandwich they need to eat because they are hungry,’ claims the report’s author, sociology professor Gregory Lazos at the Panteion University, Athens.”


Why you always lie ?

What is wrong you with you guys ? Why are you always trying to show yourselves as something you are not ?

Listen to me kid , being a prostitute is not something to be ashamed of . But lying , trying to humiliate others while neglecting that young girls are doing it only for a sandwich in your own counrty just because they are hungry , thats a big shame.

I am sure these people would spit right in the middle of your face , but I doubt that you have any..


A fascist paper’s views are NOT FACTS.
The Mail has traditionally been a supporter of the Conservatives and has endorsed this party in all recent general elections.
While the paper retained its support for the Conservative Party at the , the paper urged conservatively inclined voters to support UKIP !
Lord Rothermere was a friend of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, and directed the Mail’s editorial stance towards them in the early 1930s …
But I m not surprised you came up with shit from a shit paper like that one.
You dont have the ability and capacity to recognise what is true and what is fake…
Erdogan has messed you up so much…



Turkey made by far the most requests to remove content, 477, of which Twitter complied with 50 per cent.


Data requests from Turkey increased greatly over the six months to 496, making it the third placed country on the list behind India with 1,938.
Twitter said it complied with none of Turkey’s requests but 22 per cent of India’s.


Oh now blame the source and try to divert the discussion with some trivival contents about twitter. Nice move indeed.

”Crisis Forces Greek Women into Prostitution

The Greek financial crisis has been forcing more and more housewives intoillegal prostitution to make ends meet. They take off their aprons,leave their kids and husbands at home, dress up in sexy clothes andprostitute themselves to strangers to supplement the family income andsurvive.

According to the newspaper Espresso, the dozens of
jobless and desperate Greek housewives hit by the financial crisis who prostitute themselves not only risk the future of their marriage, but their own lives as well.”


From greek reporter.

Keep on lying kid.


I understand your life must be hell over there under that fascist regime with the Taliban leader you have…
Here is some advice :

How to survive tyranny: 10 pieces of advice from Turkey


The rise of autocracy can be insidious, and doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to survive, said one of hundreds of people who got in touch to tell us what life is like in Turkey.

Over the past few years the president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has slowly tightened his grip on power, imprisoning journalists who criticise him and intimidating citizens who may not agree with him.
How do you fight back? Here are 10 pieces of advice from people inside Turkey, and from the diaspora. Names have been withheld because of the danger of speaking out.


LOL , I am not an Erdoganist kid.

When you were screwed in 1923, 1974, 1996 and 1998 he was not around.

You still could not understand what hit you.

What happened your prostitution arguments ? Already swallowed it and moved on ?


No but the Soviets were around and so were the yanks.
You never beat the Greeks on a one on one. Even during the Greek revolution of 1821 you asked for the help of Egypt.
Erdogan is the one who still lives in fantasy world, just like you, and thinks the ottoman empire is still here…hahahahah
And here is another argument, a couple actually :

Womens rights in turkey ? Thats the sortest joke aint it !



Thousands protest in Turkey against cost of living
Turkey´s economy has been suffering from the plummeting value of the Turkish Lira, a casualty of the diplomatic strains with the United States this summer and of market nervousness towards the government´s economic policy.
Inflation surged to 25.24 percent in October, a 15-year high, before dropping back to 21.62 percent in November — but ordinary people are feeling it in their pockets.

You see its ok to be poor in your pocket that can be fixed…but when you are poor in your brain then thats a big problem…

When all is said and done we will study the remnants of the turkish baboon nation…


Boy , you were slaved for 400 years and still saying that ‘ You never beat the greeks were never beaten on a one on one’

Are you really dumb , or just pretending to be one..

Any comment on prostution in Greece ? Nothing ?


tThe Byzantine empire that eventually fell was only partly Greek, yes maybe the greatest part of it was Greek but it had loads of other tribes in its borders such as Slavic tribes like the Bulgarians…
You never beat the Greeks.
When are you going to comment by the way on the genocides you committed in the past, and still are committing now against Kurds and Syrians, also waitting for a comment about the turkish lira AKA toilet paper, the connection between turkey and ISIS, the turkish involment in Libya and the support of the terrorists there, the illegal breaking of the Greek FIR over the Aegean sea (AKA Greek lake) , the occupation of northern Cyprus and the murders you committed there, the burning of Greek forests in the summer by turkish agends to hurt Greek tourism, the turkish involment in Albania, Skopia, Bosnia… and the turkish so called ”scientific” ships that are illegally in Greek and Cypriot waters…
In your own time…

Mustafa Mehmet

There is lots of woman from Greece working in casino in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus you can go and visit them


Look where we are now. May be you should look for innovations on swords and archery instead of looking at each others azzes, dont you think ?

What you have done since last 1500 years ?


Greek scientists and doctors work in universities and organisations in the USA, in Europe, Australia and other places around the world.
What has turkgay done ? You are the masters of shit-kebap and diarrhoea I ll give you that, I msut admit you are the best at that. The unlucky low budget tourists, that are too stupid to know better, that visit turkey for a holiday can confirm !


So the Turkish doctors, scientists do as well, so what ?

Do you want to hear what we have done ? We wrote 400 years of your history.Tell us why you have 400 pleats on the skirts of evzones..

But the pain still lingers on , doesnt it .. It is the same pain which brings you here everyday and forces you to write childish comments 7/24 with deep inferiority complex and humiliation.


The revolution happened though and that is what matters.
From the mountains and from the Aegean islands we annihilated the fagottoman empire…
A bunch of thiefs as u called them …
Kurds are in fact doing the same to you right now …

We kicked your asses in 1821 and 100 years later we did the same…and oh look its been another 100 years… are you ready for whats coming mongol?
This time it will be the last. East of the Kaspian sea …start looking for accomodation …you probably have relatives there anyway…


You did nothing, kid.

French, Russians and English did it, with Rotschilds funding.

Greece is a proxy state established by the western powers to be bumper between West and the East.

Thats why your first king is Otto , the German. They installed a German king to Greece to remind you who gave your freedom and who is the boss. And this does not changed since 1830, it is still the Germans telling you what to do.

Now tell us how that German king arrested and imprisoned your national heroes like Kolokotronis..


There was no king Otto when we pushed you to defend Ankara in 1921 …


Germans we fought in ww1 and in ww2.
Germans were on your side in Galipoli …
Do not talk about Germans … Germans love turkey and they prove it every day !

And in fact it was Hitler him self who admitted that Greeks fought against the Germans better and more courageously than any other enemy they had encountered till then…
Greeks held the Germans back from attacking Soviet Russia in the summer and forced them to attack in the harsh Russian winter…
And Greek submarines and the rest of the fleet continued to fight till the end of the war …

…while turkey was being just that…a turky-chicken more like…

Dont talk about history mongol… history is Not on your side !


Dont ‘history’ me boy ,

Recent Greco/Turkish history ;

1923 :
Greek campaign in Anatolia.
It ends with diseaster. General Tripkosis imprisoned by Turkish forces, greeks swim al the way to Piraeus.
End result : Greeks hangtheir own six ousted leaders including Prime Minister Gounaris and General Hatzianestis.

1974 :
EOKA B , working under control of Greek fascist
junta massacres Turkish minority on the Island while they try to
unite ths Island with Greece ( Enosis ) Nikos Sampson overthows
Makarios with full support of Greek Junta..
End Result : Turkish army intervenes and vaporises EOKA B. Nikos Sampson flees. Greek fascists junta falls folowing the loss of North Cyprus.

1996 –
Greeks declare sovereignty on a deserted islet near Turkish
mainland. Greek Chief Of Staff tells Greek PM Simitis that Greeks
warships are all around islet and Turks can not set foot on Island.
After 4 hours they learn that Turkish SAT is already on the islet since a while.
End Result : PM Simitis blames Greek Chief Of Staff , Liberis. Liberis resigns

Abdullah Ocalan flees from Syria. After residing in Italy for a while
, he gets deported with Turkish pressure. He disappears for a
while and flees to Greece.When TR puts pressure on Greece for sheltering a fugutive , Greece can not stand the pressure and sends him to Kenya with a Greek Cyprio tpassaport. Then further delivers APO to turkish secret service in front of Greek
Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.
End result : APO is brought to Turkey. On plane , he tells that Greeks betrayed him , his mother is Turkish and he is ready to serve Turkishstate. And again , as usual , Greek goverment falls.

Greek history in a nutshell ; ” We lost , but we fought very bravely. We could win if ….. ” ( fill in the blanks with various excuses )

Whenever they try to deal with TR, someone gets hanged , arrested , loses his position or a goverment falls there.

But personally I like you. You are an angry ,desperate but cute little people and fun to deal with on net.

Dont have a cardiac arrest , ok ?


Your fantasy is almost as big as your thirst for genocide you turks…you are so funny , the whole world is laughing at you …and you laugh too cause u are too dumb to understand what is going on around you…


I am bored of your cliches. You have no knowledge about the world around you or recent history. You are just trying to save the day and survive here with some YT videos you have watched, and BS you read from some shallow greek nationalist forums.

The comment is still there , prove me wrong , tell me what happened item by item.

Otherwise neither waste my time , nor embarrass yoursef further.

Get lost kid. You are done.


You most definetely live in fantasy world, you should go look for a job in Disneyland maybe if you get a fake passport or whatever it is you turks do to get in Europe and the USA…

Good luck you ll fit right in Disneyland, you wont even need previous experience, a quick interview is most likely all u ll need…

Go get them kiddo !


If I wanted a job in Disneyland, I would definitely visit Greece and serve some tables there like most of you do.

Thanks for the advice anyhow, kid.


ahahahhahaha great come back ….Loser.
See u in Konstantinopolis mongol …if u decide to stay that is…
hahahaahhaa byby Sencer…or should I call u Donald …hahahahaha
u turks and your dumbassery !


Calm down boy , try to express yourselves without canned laughters.

We both know that Istanbul is gone , just like Anatolia and half of Cyprus. You are always wellcomed as a tourist though. You can buy a ticket and visit Hagia Sophia anytime you like.

We promise , we will be gentle against you and never remind you about 400 years of slavery and small Mickey Mouse counrty you are stuck in thanks to us.


Keep thinking like that mongol…you are only making it easier for us…
And the fact is you must be considered one of the smartest ones …or to be more precise one of the least dumb turks…

…its comming its comming …dont panick…haahahaha


This time please dont forget to bring your swimsuits , and make sure you come during summer time. You know, Aegean Sea can be a bit cold off season..
And we are expecting a new World Record from you in freestyle swimming this time, dont disappoint us.

BTW your spam about ‘genocides’ or whatsoever.

If you backstab us collobrating with our enemies and start killing the locals , uprise against the state when state is at war in different 7 fronts , we kick you so hard and make sure that you can only open your eyes again either in that Disneyland called greece or that remote shithole called armenia. And all you can do is to whine for a century.

You can cry , spam trying to show yourself as a victim , and humiliate yourself further by telling that ‘but everybody loves us’ which proves nothing than your insecurity , lack of self confidence and being a small lapdog looking for attention.

Mustafa Mehmet

Because they can not get a job in Albani Greek country

Mustafa Mehmet

Glorious? Haaa Haaa joke of the day. Teaching everyone how to do begging how to be a crook RE mavro you r funny scumbag


Go play your bozouki, boy.


There will be bouzouki playing in Fanari soon and Agia Sophia will see the Greek flag raised and those ugly fkn minarets will be razed to the ground …dont u worry about it…


Stop crying kid. Last time you tried that you swam all the way from Izmir to Piraeus.

The population of Istanbul is close to 18 million . The city itself is more populated than Greece. This time you may swim all the way to Patagonia.


Half the population will be on the Greek’s side anyway mongol.
And there is Kurdistan and there is Armenia and even Boulgaria and Serbia.
Greeks arent alone …told u before …u aint listening…

Stop eating all that dirty shitkebap …you are losing your concentration !

The dumbest nation in the world you are turks …and that is a known fact …
It will be easy for us … 1 Greek can take 10 turkish barbarians and not even sweat !

Turkmenistan …east of the Kaspian sea … have a nice trip …


LOL. Half of the population will on the Greek side , huh ?

”1 Greek can take 10 Tukish barbarfians without a sweat , that was a gem.. ” How old are you exactly ?

Let me give you a secret boy ,

Greece is a pseduo and proxy state established by English, France and Russia. It was mainly a British campain , and it was Rothschilds Bank who financed the British side of war.

You know what else is financed by Rothschilds funding ? Disneyland.

Greece is nothing but an amusement park created to entertain pink ass westeners.

Now mousakka for table 4, Up ! Up !


300 Spartan + a few other Thespians and locals fought against 100s of thousands of Persians 2400 years ago… the DNA is still here mongol…
turkey has no economy and is in fact a country made of sand …and like a castle made of sand u will fall…
Your own army is divided, your whole nation is divided, you will be killing each other soon…
We are just going to walk in Konstantinopolis and Smyrna and the rest of the Greek cities …
Like Alexander walked in Egypt…

Now, back to your shit-kebap shop boy, the poor low budget tourists need to have another diarrhoea !


So , it is the right time to attack Turkey, my little Sub Saharan friend. Why dont you send those 300 Spartans in their mini skirts to get Cyprus back ?

And if I were you , I would not talk about economy. After all everyone knows that your understanding of economy only consist of serving the tables and stealing from Germans.

Ishyrion Av

Turkey will disappear from the map in the next 20 years. Its death will come from Russia, with much help from Germany and US.


Of course, of course. Same stories since last 1000 years.

Mustafa Mehmet

First you was waiting mother Russia now you waiting Uncle Sam.. just move your ass and do it you chickenshit piss off

Mustafa Mehmet

So you don’t like Mother Russia anymore you like Uncle Sam. Just move your ass and do it yourself


The problem is ; they obviously have the ass, but ballz are missing.


How is that for balls barbarian ?




My dear Sub Saharan friend,

Did someone told you that you lost that war and now you name it ‘ Asia minor catasprohy ‘ ( Mikra Asiatiky Katastrofy ) due to your humiliating defat against rag-tag Turkish army who was just out of WW1 ?

Tell us about the trial of six , and why you executed 6 top greek officers /officials including General Hadjianastesis. Come on , I am waiting..

Brits pushed you to Anatolia , and you faced the biggest defeat of your recent history . But you are still trying to show this fiasco as a victory , which parallel universe you are living in ?


ahhahahaha subsaharan ? Greeks have been in Europe since before rocks !

Your barbaric Neaderthal nation on the other hand was nowhere near Europe !
That is a fact mongol !

The Soviet Union saved your dirty asses back then !
The Greek cannons could be heard in Ankara !

Consider your selfs lucky.
The English stop supporting the Greeks but the Greeks continued and pushed to the river Sagarios , look at the map dumbass!


Yes,yes. We have heard that story.

Greeks were in Europe ,iIn America, on Moon, Mars , even in Alpha Centauri, they were everywhere, everywhere.

I wonder why they are so pathetic now.

You guys were swinging on trees at Adis Ababa skirts throwing feaces at each other before you decided to come to Anatolia where you have stolen bits and pieces from Eygptians.


ROFL obviously u must have attended the Erdogan school for mongoloid kids of the turkish shit-kebap nation!
The whole world knows very well who the ancient Greeks were and who were the ottomans and who are the turks today…
Nobody likes your kind barbarian. Face the facts ! You cant change history no matter how much propaganda and lies …
Even half the turks are aware how fucked up turkey is and their lifes.
The civil war in turkey is imminent.
Greeks will be there to help those in need in turkey … on the side of Freedom and Democracy as in the past and so on for ever !


OH I like mother Russia and I like Uncle Sam too, and they like us Greeks too.
Dont forget how many times Russia was at war against your filthy scumy nation and they beat u every single time.
So what you think is your friend today in Putin is only a very clever man who is using turkey to break NATO and serve his interests in Syria.
Soon as he wont need u no more u ll be left alone again and your future as a nations can only be continued in the east side of the Kaspian sea.
We Greeks will make sure that happens, its just a matter of time.


Everybody likes you kid, come here I will pet your empty head..

Concrete Mike


Mustafa Mehmet


Mustafa Mehmet

Mosquito trying to make buzzing noises again


We are so the most unlucky nation in the world, as all our neighbouring countries want to steal our history and land. Do you really believe that Macedonians were Slavs? Even the Turkoalbanians are claiming Alexander’s the Great legacy. Most people nowadays are so uneducated that actually believe that crap. As for Turkey it is a mixed of Greeks(Minor Asia or West Turkey), Armenians, Kurds and other middle eastern people.


Turkey’s legacy to the world :



While some of the leaders of the Revolutionary committee were surrendering the weapons, some managed to escape the village, but immediately after that all the territory was surrounded and no one else was let out. The Bashi-Bozouk went to the houses and raided them; many were burnt and they shot at everyone and everything. Many of the people decided to hide into the houses of the wealthy or in the church, which had a stronger construction and was going to protect them from the fire.

On 2 May, those hidden in the House of Bogdan surrendered, because they were promised by Ahmet Aga to be spared. More than 200 men, women and children were led out, stripped out of their valuables and clothes, in order not to stain them with their blood, and were brutally killed.

The Aga asked some of the wealthy men of Batak to go to his camp and lay down all the arms of the villagers. Amongst them was the mayor Trendafil Toshev Kerelov and his son, Petar Trandafilov Kerelov. They had reached an agreement that if the village were disarmed, the Pomaks would leave Batak for good. But instead, the Bulgarians were caught captive – once the arms were confiscated, all of them were beheaded, burnt alive or impaled.

The murder of the leader Trendafil Kerelov was particularly violent and was described by a witness – his son’s wife Bosilka:

“My father in law went to meet the Bashi-Bаzouk when the village was surrounded by the men of Ahmet Aga, who said that he wanted all the arms laid down. Trendafil went to collect them from the villagers. When he surrendered the arms, they shot him with a gun and the bullet scratched his eye. Then I heard Ahmet Aga command with his own mouth for Trendafil to be impaled and burnt. The words he used were “Shishak aor” which is Turkish for “to put on a skewer (as a shish kebab).

After that, they took all the money he had, undressed him, gouged his eyes, pulled out his teeth and impaled him slowly on a stake, until it came out of his mouth. Then they roasted him while he was still alive. He lived for half-an-hour during this terrible scene. At the time, I was near Ahmet Aga with other Bulgarian women. We were surrounded by Bashi-Bozouk, who had us surrounded, and forced us to watch what was happening to Trendafil.“ One of her children, Vladimir, who was still a baby at his mother’s breast, was impaled on a sword in front of her eyes. “At the time this was happening, Ahmet Aga’s son took my child from my back and cut him to pieces, there in front of me. The burnt bones of Trendafil stood there for one month and only then they were buried.”

Januarius MacGahan, a journalist of the New York Herald and the London Daily News wrote of the terrible happenings after his visitation to Batak with Eugene Schuyler.

They describe the burned and destroyed city with the stench of the rotting of thousands of piled dismembered corpses and skeletons of the innocent victims including young women, children and unborn babies torn out from the wombs of their pregnant mothers.

Ishyrion Av

No place in hell is worse enough for Turk nation. They were and they are a plague on the earth.


what are you on about? irrelevant if it’s older than a month!


Genocide is never irrelevant.

Mustafa Mehmet

You Greeks did committed genocide in Cyprus. many times. thanks to motherland Turkish Cypriot save now


Lying turkish scum.

Mustafa Mehmet

Scumbag i-witness lot of things what Greek was doing to Turkish Cypriot. makarios.. grevas.. Samson they all. burning in hell bastard


u witness fakall , i witnbess turks raping women and killing new born babies.
You are doing it in Syria as we speak.
You will always be the most barbaric pieces of humanoids this planet has ever seen.
But as long as there is 1 Greek left you will be worried !


Hahahahahahahaha ……….. run and take your psycho pills boy. You turks know how to commit genocides but you don’t know how to define them ehi?

Mustafa Mehmet

RE your story should make it to Holywood .. typical Greek story nothing new lies lies Greek priest wash your tiny brain with holy water


Truth hurts barbarian dont it !

Mustafa Mehmet

You gay priest waiting for you.

Ishyrion Av

It seems your brain is washed by your pedophile prophet.

Mustafa Mehmet

No no no one can beat your priest they all pedophile there on the news almost every day especially Greek Orthodox they molesting children man in black dress wwith red high heels shoes c*** … Ringo I got no prophet I don’t go any religious places I believe god I don’t have to go to church or mosque or any religious places fuck them

Ishyrion Av

But you talk like someone who knows about… being molested. Who did it to you???
And by the way, those with black dress and red high heels who you thought were priests, are in reality some workers in the brothel besides your place to live.


turkey will be the staple force in the middle east over the next 100 years and will kick the squatters to kingdom come and retake cyprus from the greeks and teach mohammed bin salman (of fake leonardo di vinci fme – 450m$ down the drain for something worht at best 1.5m$) some manners. saudi will never amount to anything except sell it’s crude.


Your end is coming mongol ! Pack your shitkebaps cause the Kurds are knocking at your door !


You meant to write ‘stable force’ but as the full of shit Balestinian that you are you mixed the P and the B again.
Or maybe you meant to say that the Turkish army is armed with staplers and will shoot staples
Or maybe that they will eat their staple food Dolma

Rodney Loder

Cyprus for the Turks, it’s not their fault that the Ottomons were so generous.




Bulgarian Horrors, atrocities committed by the forces of the Ottoman Empire in subduing the Bulgarian rebellion of 1876; the name was given currency by the British statesman W.E. Gladstone.

Publicity given to the atrocities, especially in Gladstone’s pamphlet.

“The Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East” (1876), served to arouse public sympathy in Europe for the Bulgarians and other southern Slavs attempting to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire.



Armenian Genocide


Armenian Genocide, campaign of deportation and mass killing conducted against the Armenian subjects of the Ottoman Empire by the Young Turk government during World War I (1914–18). Armenians charge that the campaign was a deliberate attempt to destroy the Armenian people and, thus, an act of genocide.


it’smore than a 100 years ago so let bygones be bygones – better for peace if they shut the f up.


Kid is triggered . He started spamming.

Concrete Mike

Yeah that kid think the.kurds did most of the work against isis. Ignoring the seige of deir ez zor city and how ISIS attritionned itselfnto death trying to take that city


The Guardian :


…the co-victims of the Armenian genocide: the Pontic Greeks, who lost 353,000 out of their population of 700,000 in Turkey; and the Assyrians, who lost three-quarters of their population – some put the figure at 750,000.

There is also the matter of the other Asia Minor Greeks. At the Lausanne conference in 1923, Lord Curzon stated that 1 million Greeks had been slaughtered and 1 million more were exiled. These genocides took place at the same time and place as that of the Armenians: in Turkey between 1914 and 1923. The genocide was of the Christians of Ottoman and Kemalist Turkey.

According to US Consul General George Horton, Greek businesses were boycotted and Turks were encouraged to kill Greeks and drive them out, reminiscent of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany 24 years later. Thousands were slaughtered or sent to islands in the Aegean Sea. According to the US ambassador to the Ottoman empire, Henry Morgenthau Sr, the Young Turks were so successful in their campaign that they decided to target the other Christian “races” as well. Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) picked up where the Young Turks left off.

..and that is why nobody likes the turks.

The real capital of the Hellenic Republic is Konstantinopole.

Freedom to occupied Kurdistan, Freedom to occupied Armenia, Freedom to occupied Northern Cyprus, Freedom to occupied West Thrace, Freedom to Pontus, Proussa, Smyrna, Attaleia (The Attalid dynasty (/ˈætəlɪd/; Greek: Δυναστεία των Ατταλιδών Dynasteía ton Attalidón) was a Hellenistic dynasty that ruled the city of Pergamon in Asia Minor after the death of Lysimachus, a general of Alexander the Great).


kick the kurds back to be tenants in the border areas with turkey, syria, iraq and iran. better for peace in the middle east. and thenkick the ever evil squatters to kingdom come and a better peace in the middle east will be at hand.


US Senators Marco Rubio (Republican Party) and Bob Melendez (Democratic Party) presented a US law proposal to block access to Russian ships in EU state ports Cyprus because Israel, Greece and Cyprus are key partners of the United States and evidently also subject to their law. How can Cyprus count on Russia’s help against the Turks?


This Neaderthal baboon of a nation thinks its going to be welcomed in Europe….

Go back to Mongolia u lazy, shit-kebap, genocide prone, women rapist, children killing cockroaches !

Nobody likes you, you scum of the earth !




My dear illiterate Sub Saharan ape,

The guy in the videos posing together with Erdogan is Gulbeddin Hikmetyar.
Former PM of Afghanistan. Hikmetyar joined his forces to Afghan forces and fought with Taliban.

The one who prepared this video is as dumb as you , and if you are posting this in a political thread without knowing who this guy is , you are really a moron.

Do you understand why I call you an idiot who learn history from you tube ?


My dear….baboon of the Mongolian desert,


Who Supports ISIS ? Who is the real terrorist ?
The Kurds want their independence from Turkey (20 million living in Turkey).
The Turks hate the Kurds… but somebody else has to do the dirty job (Hense ISIS — Daesh is created).
Turkey provided Daesh with NATO weapons, military equipment and chemical weapons such as sarin.
Turkey Supported Daesh Financially Through Purchase Of Stolen Oil and assists Daesh recruitment.
Turkey Offered Medical Care To Daesh, Daesh militants go to Turkey frequently to rest and take a break from fighting.
Turkey Provided Transport And Logistical Assistance To Daesh.
Turkish special forces have fought alongside Daesh and helped Daesh In the battle for Kobani.
Turkey And Daesh Share A Worldview.
Erdogan’s bank accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere are made of Kurdish and Yazidi blood, stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil and the money made by human traffickers smuggling illegal immigrants to the EU through the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea.
It shouldn’t really come as a surprise these dirty Turkish tricks … they are the ones that committed genocide against the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Bulgarians and against the Kurds in the past :

Armenian Genocide.
The Greek genocide, including the Pontic genocide.

Bulgarian genocide – Batak massacre.

Assyrian genocide.

Kurdish – Anfal genocide.


Do you understand why nobody likes you …?


Kid gets cornered and starts spamming again . This time from Huffington post ,LOL.

Did you learn who Gulbeddin Hikmetyar.is kid ?


Do you know who Nazlı Ilıcak, Şahin Alpay, Ahmet Altan, and Mehmet Altan are mr Taliban… ?


Here, learn a little something boy.

Over 100,000 public officials and civil servants have been dismissed or suspended. These include around 28,000 teachers alleged to be Gülen supporters and labelled by the government to be part of a terrorist organization.
Many detainees—including teachers, police, public officials—are placed in pretrial detention despite a lack of evidence of criminal wrong-doing or compelling grounds for custody. At least 2,200 judges and prosecutors were jailed pending investigation, reportedly because their names appeared on a list of alleged Gülen supporters. With 3,400 permanently dismissed for the same reason, their assets frozen, over one-fifth of Turkey’s judiciary has been removed. Around 11,000 teachers in the southeast who were mainly members of the left-leaning Eğitim Sen trade union were also suspended.
Government-led efforts to silence media criticism and scrutiny of government policy in Turkey involved five main trends: the prosecution and jailing of journalists; takeover of media companies—including the daily Zaman newspaper—by appointing government-approved trustees and seizing assets and the closing down of media; removal of critical television stations from the main state-owned satellite distribution platform and their closure; physical attacks and threats against journalists; and government pressure on media to fire critical journalists and cancel their press accreditation. Blocking of news websites critical to the government also increased. Turkey made the highest number of requests to Twitter of any country to censor individual accounts.
In January 2016, over 1,000 university lecturers who signed a petition criticizing government policy in the southeast and calling for a return to political negotiations with the PKK, were harshly targeted by Erdoğan in speeches and then subjected to a criminal investigation for “insulting” the Turkish state. The investigation had not been concluded at time of writing. Some universities dismissed signatories of the petition, and 68 were fired by decree in September and October.
…the government closed down by decree over 160 media outlets…
Among those jailed pending investigation were veteran journalists and commentators who have been prominent government critics such as Nazlı Ilıcak, Şahin Alpay, Ahmet Altan, and Mehmet Altan.
Using state of emergency powers, in November the government suspended by decree the activities of 370 nongovernmental associations, among them a children’s rights group, three lawyers’ associations with a human rights focus, and women’s rights and humanitarian organizations in the southeast.
Authorities frequently impose arbitrary bans on public assemblies and violently disperse peaceful demonstrations. For the second year running, the Istanbul governor’s office banned the annual Istanbul Gay and Trans Pride marches in June 2016, citing concerns about security threats and public order.


Look here , a sub saharan ape is asking me if know Ahmet/Mehmet Altan brothers and Nazlı Ilıcak, the media leg of Fethullah Gulen who organized 15th July coup.

It also spams with HRW reports without being aware of HRW reports on Greece regarding xenophobia and immigrant beatings.

Why are you spamming me about the cancellation of this years LGTB march in Istanbul kid ? Did you receive a notice of cancellation or what ?

With one comment you are telling that you can screw lots of prostitutes with the euros you have stolen from Germans , with another comment you are blaming others with HRW reports for being not democratic enough and cancelling this years Gay pride march.

In one comment you are trying to be a nationalist bully , in another comment you try to present yourself as a social democrat looking for the rights of the victimized and the oppressed.

But we both know what you actually are , dont we ? You are nothing but an illiterate machiavelist clown.


Russia and pro Russian sources completely abandoned the international law and revealed themselves as another imperial power, not a bit better than NATO and the US, only with the potential to be far worst. Russia starts to loose its moral high ground of the previous decades and the right to complain about the legal violations that are coming against its interests.


When you ready mr Taliban…



*Hush! Never say that Byzantine Empire was only partly greek somewhere in public, your retarded sub saharan friends will lynch you .
*Turkey supports UN recognized goverment GNA in Libya and helps them Get your facts straight.

*If you believe Aegean Sea is a greek lake , then declare 12 miles. What is keeping you? But as I previously told, it requires balls.Moreover as per UNCLOS you can not declare 12 miles without approvall of your neighbour, which is us.

*Dont you ever speak about economy, you dont have one. You are a nation living with handouts and gimmies You dont produce anything other than hot air. What you have is some strange kind of service economy .ie serving tourists You cheated all your partners in EU and stole their money but you still have the face to talk, about economy. Unbeliavable.

*We work with Albania, Bosnia , Macedonia partly with Serbia and Bulgaria for our interests and they respond although some of these countries are also Orthodox just like you Imagine how they are fed up with your stupidity.

*In cyprus , you could not control a handkerchief sized island . You tried to massacre Turkish minority, which is a well documented fact even by a greek court. And when TR intervened as a guarantor state, you began crying as usual. I am not even speaking about your utmost stupidity with refusing the Annan plan. If you did , you would be the only ones drilling around Cyprus. You even can not see the front of your own nose. All your politicians are a bunch of morons, just like the rest of you.

*These are self claimed ‘ Greek and Cypriot’ waters , as per international law you can not declare EEZ without agreeing with your neighbours. You can only declare 3 or 6 miles. If you want to have more , you need to get full approvall of your neighbour, which you will never succed to with this retarded mindset . The EEZ declared by Greece and Cyprus has no legal base. We dont take the case to international courts yet, because this will endanger our position in Aegean due to the location of Meis. We plan to get what we own in East Mediterranean, and then we will definitely screw you in Aegean Sea 4-5 years later .We have close to 4 million immigrants here, just loosing coast guard operations a bit will be sufficient to put your Mickey Mouse country into a deep turmoil.

*Not all of these are ‘’scientific’’ ships . 2 of them are deep sea drilling vessels.
By the way ,some people already claiming that TR just found 170 billion cubic meters of gas 80 miles west of Baf and commenced drilling .

Thanks for refusing the Annan plan once again.

Missed any thing ? Anything else you want to know, kid ?