Donbass Announces Trade Blockade of Kiev-Held Area of Ukraine

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The Donetsk People’s Republic has declared a blockade of the Kiev-controlled regions of Ukraine.

Donbass Announces Trade Blockade of Kiev-Held Area of Ukraine

Photo: RIA Novosti / Sergey Averin

Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Aleksandr Zakharchenko, said that residents of the Donbass have learned to live in the blockade by the Ukrainian security officials, and now the DPR declares a blockade of the Kiev-controlled regions of Ukraine.

“We cut off all ties with Ukraine, against which we are fighting. Yes, [we] were selling coal to get money and pay salaries here. But due to the fact that we have learned to live in the blockade, we are announcing a blockade of Ukraine,” he said at a press conference.

Earlier, Zakharchenko said that since March 1, external management would be introduced in enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction, located on the territory of the republic, in order to overcome the crisis, arisen due to the transport blockade.

The picture below shows large industrial enterprises, where the DPR external management has been introduced.

Donbass Announces Trade Blockade of Kiev-Held Area of Ukraine

In late January, former members of the military operation in the Donbass, including deputies of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, blocked freight railway connection with the Donbass’ territories, uncontrolled by Kiev. They said that any trade with the self-proclaimed republics is illegal.

Due to the blockade, the Ukrainian side cannot buy anthracite coal, which is produced in the territories of Donbass, uncontrolled by Kiev, and is one of the main fuels for Ukraine. Kiev has been forced to introduce emergency measures in the energy sector in order to save resources; some industrial enterprises have stopped their processes of production.

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Daniel Castro

If this continues in some years Ukraine will return to Russia’s sphere of influence, in pieces…


Not only Ukraine, when finally the national liberation takes place – and the situation is getting worse in Russia every day so that people will have to wake up and act because they are getting poorer by the day – then a new supranational state will be formed.

Belarus, Kazakhstan and maybe Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will immediately join.
The rest will follow in due time. But only IF national liberation takes place.


You can suggest that there may be some one better than Putin but you are dreaming .


There is no one better than him bcs he’s the right man at the right time.
You are the one who is suggesting things.

And imagining, I think.

Arthur Smith

Belarus is already a part of “Union State” with Russia and doesn’t need to join anything. Kyrgyzstan… is troubled, they had own color revolution and is just too ethno-nationalistic. But, strangely enough, it’s already a member of
Also you forgot Uzbekistan, I always considered it second friendly state after Kazakhstan around there.

Lambrecht Albert van Marion
Nigel Maund

Good move by the Donbass! Give their fighters all the useful kit to inflict heavy losses on the Ukraine Army Moscow and make the furtherance of war prohibitively expensive both in terms of blood and treasure. Up to date TOW’s will thin out their tanks, APC’s and other support vehicles. The Ukraine is a totally corrupt economic wreck, and, as one reader below rightly notes, it will soon fall like a rotten apple into Moscow’s lap.

Brad Isherwood

It’s all good,….unless you live in the Donbass and a grad rocket just blew the 2nd floor of your house away.

Point is…..Minsk whatever is a lie/joke.
Kiev gets money from USA,Europe/IMF….from crime….
They continue to murder the Donbass….

Ukraine military outnumber Donbass 4 to 1….
Even though Ukronazi are combat ineffective,
On shear weight……the Donbass could be overrun…..unless Russia sends in forces
To block the landslide.

Daniel Castro

A country can’t use the whole of the military in one operation, if that happens other regions which are under military oppression will rebel and the whole country will be lost. Donbass will be fine, they wouldn’t make such moves in a weak position… and now they will have resources and industries to build their own weapons, or import heavy weapons from Russia.

Brad Isherwood

Kiev is failed State. ..
The Nazis are threatened Poroshenko. hang him.
Kiev is economic/energy/rolling black out now. ..

It’s the end…..the people will turn on Kiev,…unless there is a greater crisis /war.

Biden would have signed off….unknown what Trump will do.
Rumor is funding for Kiev from USA has been cut big time.
Kiev Oligarchs can make 11:59 deal with Moscow to save their @ss from Mariupol to Odessa.


Blithering idiot, the Republics have almost as many fighters and equipment as the Ukronazis. It’s the 5th column in Russia that is preventing them from offensives.
But times will change, a big storm is brewing that will mean the full victory of Putin and the people – when they are forced to finally wake up and participate in the liberation of the homeland.

Brad Isherwood

So….if I live in Donbass and Grad rips my roof off,

Just shut the fuck the up ?


Kind of. But the soldiers are heroes.
They are making history.

Brad Isherwood

OK. …So…..Don’t report of the suffering of the People’s of the Donbass
(Don’t visit Col Cassad …or you will see),

And ….Don’t criticise Putin!..

Got it,…


Now you know the ground rules for posting on this site.
Sorry about your missing second floor.
Those Grad rockets can be a real bitch sometimes. :D

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

This must be the 5th column in Russia that is prepared to sacrifice the lives of 10,000+ Russian-speaking people in the Donbass, just to prove how loyal they are to the values of the “civilised and superior” west. They approve of the “liberation” of the “backward” Donbass people by the US/EU/NATO-backed Kiev Neo-Nazi forces using tanks and artillery against the cities.
They must be the low-life sell-out Russians that the west loves to pamper as the “opposition”.
They support the “democratic” killing of the Donbass people so they are punished for rejecting the “superior and civilised” EU.


Most UAF tanks available in 2014 are out-of-action or taken. 700 (!) tanks are claimed by Donbass forces, hard to verify though.


Russia will never allow the separatists to be defeated.

Brad Isherwood

Yet Russia looked the other way as Saudi /CIA shoveled in the Mercs for 2 wars in Chechnya,
Saudi and CIA. …Again. ….in Syria.
Russia does what to Saudi? ….or CIA?.

The Drunkard Clinton with NATO pummeled Serbia, ….
Russia fought back how hard in that one?

Yes….the Donbass kick the Ukronazi and Cauldron them when they invade,
Rest of the time,… eat artillery and grads, …get ambushed and have your leaders murdered. …
Minsk continues

Daniel Castro

Don’t forget Russia back then was being sold out by traitor Boris Yeltsin, when Putin took office he had to fight hard to take back what was being stolen and put the house in order, but then serious damage had been done to russian military infrastructure, they had to fight Chechnya and Georgian wars with old soviet union scrap, the degrading of Russia armed forces was such that NATO thought they would never recover, that is why it was a huge shock when russia moved fast to secure Crimea and delivered the shock & awe air campaign against NATO terrorist army (daesh) in Syria.

In the defense field russians managed to recover a lot of ground, and they are rising, the problem is the resilience of petrodollar and CIA dominance on european polytics, but there is notmuch to be done about these, everything is settled, world will be divided… unless Trump manages to defeat deep state in Washington, which is highly unlikely.

Brad Isherwood

Daniel…..I’m thinking Russia has some kind of Jew/Oligarch problem that causes them
To yield in defference to Israel/Zionist ambition.

American military is in the mid east at the behest if the Miserable Jews and House of Saud.
So ya…..Russia is scared shit less to shoot down an Israeli combat jet or knock down
Their popeye/cruise missiles. …or whatever it is they fire at Syria via standoff.

Pantsir can easily down Israeli cruise missiles.
Ballistic attack requires S 300/S 400.

Iran has many 10s of 1000s to put in…..if they so wanted.
It seems Syria is some slow game turn with side order of appeasement.
Empire loses….picks up the phone….gets appeasement.

Why is USA or British SAA allowed in Syria?
Is there some signatory in Sykes Pico most of us are unawares?

Lol….Russia Flys 2 Strategic bombers to Venezuela, ….and the USA nearly strokes out
Like the Bitches on the View** TV program.
The US and NATO are gutless cowards. …
They attack from a distance and send others to die on the sword.

As mentioned. ..the Saudi murdered Alot of Russians and Syrians. …and they get a complete pass. .
I personally can’t believe it nor conceive of why they are so special.
They murder and extort….and get appeasement as outcome.
At least Iran and Houti are killing them,
Russia. …???

Edgar Cayce in a reading/Prophecy ….said that Russia would save the world
That thru Russia….would come True Freedom….
America….becoming the dark Fascist force.

1 Million dead Iraqi, …..
US bombs Iraq and arms ISUS.
Arms ISUS in Syria, .
Has devastated Libya.
Egypt couped the Muslim Brotherhood that Hillary Clinton and Obama supported.
Egypt was lucky…

Syria is like the last game before, owing ro the higher level if your X Box /Play Station.
Others reading here coment that Iran is next……and they are correct.

The Jews ruined Russia. ..
They will try again if Putin and the Generals are not Bold!

The Jews are Virus!

Daniel Castro

The way I see things it is quite different from you. Russia has nothing to gain with wars, neither China or Iran, that is why they are mostly in defensive position. They have made their house work, they have healthy cultures, societies, states and economies, meanwhile the west is a mess, it is corrupt, it is decaying on all levels of civilization and the economy will fall too, that is why they are desperate for war.

The west need a huge war to destroy eastern economy, to restart their massively indebted economies, to purge their corrupt populations and establish totalitary rule, they want the war to avoid to rot from within, which will spell the end of the oligarchs, teh entire west is in danger to become like Ukraine because that is the end of failed states.

That is the reason for the patience of Russia, China and Iran, they don’t need to do nothing because the west will fall on his own, and when it falls Israel will fall too. Stay strong and bold, do not forget that we are always under the shadow of nuclear weapons, and western elites are unhumans, they don’t think twice before using them, and in fact that is what they want, and that is why eastern powers must be patient and wise, they’re dealing with evil souless people that want to harm mankind.

Brad Isherwood

I agree with you Daniel….

However. ..

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Sone kind of fatal loop/matrix. ….with God Almighty watching from the gallery.

Daniel Castro

They are doing a lot, specially Russia… Look, just today there was the sad new that one russian general was blown to pieces while liberating Palmyra, let’s not undermine his heroism. The good fight is harder than the evil one, but it is what take us into a better future, giving up to hatred and desperation will bring us exactly where enemy wants us.


Sorry to say but it’s China who has the economy and Russia who has the military, but it’s the exact opposite the other way round.

Russian economy is fucked and getting worse bcs 75% of it is based on dollars… but together they can defeat the monopolar world.

Daniel Castro

Real economy is what matters, if war starts all currencies will be useless. Russia made a bad bet when it invested almost all economic effort in western business giving up industrialization to specialize in oil and gas, now you are doing what is right and reindustrializing and investing in technology. Believe me, you are far from fked, russia has the ability to develop its own industry, excelent education, hard working people, it has very little debt and the greatest material resources on earth, in a couple of years russian economy will be blooming again. I am in Brazil, here we pretty much only have resources, we lack in everything else, add to that an completely scraped military force and then you will understand what is really a bad situation.


You are right that Russia could POTENTIALLY become the strongest economy in the world, the foundation is there from an economic point of view. But from a political point of view, we are F***ED at the moment. I have no doubt this will change because the situation is quite dire and will only worsen bcs Washington has no other ways of putting pressure on Putin and the Russian people. But that will backfire one day soon as Russian history shows: our people tend to do the opposite of what the aggressors expect.

Nigel Maund

Daniel, very good commentary – thanks!


This is politically good move – it legitimizes Donbass as an entity that is in opposition to Kiev, rather than the MSM portrayal of band of breakaway rebels and/or a Russian occupied sector. A unified Donbass that responds in kind to Kiev’s policies. represents an equal entity that cannot be dismissed in dismissive terms used previously.