Double Standards In US Prisons

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Double Standards In US Prisons

FILE IMAGE: Facebook / Maria Butina

General standards employed in US prisons, including the standards employed towards dangerous criminals (serial killers and others), are widely known. In general, the prisons’ administration strictly follows operation guidelines and special standards. However, in politically motivated cases as well as in the cases lying in the sphere of interests of representatives of the Washington establishment, the situation is very different. All “democratic” standards and “human rights” take a back seat to the political and financial goals.

In case of so-called secret prisons of the CIA, where abducted persons are often being tortured, some justify this approach claiming that these secret prisons, including Guantanamo, are located beyond US borders.  Nonetheless, recently, this CIA-promoted practice has moved to detention facilities located in the US.

On July 15, US authorities arrested a Russian citizen, Maria Butina, in Washington. She was charged for operating in the US as an unregistered foreign agent. [not a spy, more about the US Foreign Agents Registration Act]

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that “the case against her has been trumped up for exclusively internal political reasons and also a desire to demonise Russia.”

“The charges brought against her are nonsensical, and the so-called evidence is based on her private correspondence in the social media. Separate phrases are plucked out of it and misinterpreted. She clearly did not commit any crimes. The case against her has been trumped up for exclusively internal political reasons and also a desire to demonise Russia,” the ministry said in its statement adding that “Maria is a political prisoner”.

According to Russian dimpomats who visited Butina, she is being treated as a dangerous criminal [like a killer, a serial killer, a spy etc]. She has been put in solitary confinement. Her cell is very cold and she only receives meagre portions of food in comparison to other prisoners. Additionally, she is not allowed to take walks outside.

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Tommy Jensen

Compared to US, the Nazi regime even looks human.

Bill Wilson

What a crock of shit. She has a comfortable cell and adequate meals. They have her in solitary for her own safety since the general population in women’s prisons are usually a pretty rough bunch.


What a crock of shit, if it’s for her safety why they do not put her in a safe prison? Or in the US do not exist and for that they work in Guantanamo and in Thailand?

Gary Sellars

Fuck but you’re a lying prick…. I guess every forum needs an establishment stooge willing to whore himself in the defence of the crimes of US Ruling Elite and their institutional malfeasance.


I suppose if she were gunning for gay rights in Chechnya rather than guns she would be OK???

Ivan Freely

Russia should reciprocate.