DPR Deputies Adopt Law on ‘Nationalization’ of Ukrainian Enterprises

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Deputies of the DPR People’s Council have adopted a law on ‘nationalization’ of Ukrainian enterprises, operating on the territory of the Donbass without an agreement with local tax agents.

DPR Deputies Adopt Law on ‘Nationalization’ of Ukrainian Enterprises

The DPR People’s Council (Photo: dan-news.info)

On Monday, deputies of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) adopted amendments to a law on the tax system, according to which legal entities and individuals, entrepreneurs, who are not residents, are obligated to enter into agreements with tax agents of the republic until March 1. All 90 MPs, who attended the urgent plenary meeting, voted for adoption of the document.

According to chairman of the People’s Council, Denis Pushilin, the new developments were required due to the fact that despite the economic blockade of Donbass, some enterprises, registered on the territory of Ukraine, continue to operate in DPR and do not replenish the republic’s budget.

According to the amendments, in the case of nonfulfillment of requirements on entering into agreements with tax agents, external management will be introduced in enterprises. In its previous edition, the document envisaged registration deadline until March 31, but during the second reading the bill was presented in a corrected form.

In fact, deputies of the DPR People’s Council have adopted the law on nationalization of Ukrainian industrial enterprises, operating in the territory of the republic.

“Virtually, it was decided at the legislative level to transfer Akhmetov’s [the Ukraine’s richest man] enterprises to our subordination. The decision is dictated by the blockade by Ukraine. In order not to stop operation of these enterprises, the republic made this move,” deputy of the DPR parliament and chairman of the Svobodnyy Donbass public movement, Evgeny Orlov, said.

DPR’s head Aleksandr Zakharchenko announced creation of a main office, which will control the process of transition of Ukrainian enterprises to external management.

Meanwhile, the command center of the Donbass’ blockade said that it is not going to perform the ultimatum of the republic, as well as to negotiate with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

The activists believe that due to the fact that the DPR, the Kremlin and the Ukrainian leadership stand for termination of the transport blockade, there are trade relations between them, and it is a “direct betrayal” of the Ukraine’s interests.

The command center of the blockade urged Ukrainian patriots to assist garrisons to expand the geography of the blockade, cutting off the rest part of the routes, and announced that it is not going to stop the blockade under any circumstances, until the full implementation of its requirements (liberation of prisoners and prohibition of trade between the republics and the state).

As the Ukrainian Elise Journal information website reported, a large meeting of Ukrainian oligarchs, owners of the country’s enterprises, will be held this week. Reportedly, the critical situation regarding the embargo on trade will be discussed at the meeting. According to Elise Journal, Ukrainian oligarchs panic due to the fact that the blockade can spread from the Donbass to the other regions of Ukraine and escalate into a real war against them.

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chris chuba

This is what happens when Kiev doesn’t fulfill its obligation under Minsk for almost two years. The DPR/LPR have to fill the void and establish their own systems. Kiev had a free reign to make these laws themselves.