DPR Intelligence: Ukrainian Commanders Execute Own Troops Refusing To Fight In Donbass Region


DPR Intelligence: Ukrainian Commanders Execute Own Troops Refusing To Fight In Donbass Region


Ukrainian military commanders have started executing by shooting their own troops, who refuse to fight in the region of Donbass, Head of the Press Service of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Danil Bezsonov stated on December 10.

According to Bezsonov, one of the incidents took place on positions of the 1st Mountain Assault Battalion of the 128th brigade in the area of Bogdanvla. The DPR officail said that a soldier, A. Kolomiec (year of birth – 1989), was shot and killed as a result of the conflict with his commander. Kolomiec was against participation of this unit in a new stage of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Quoting the DPR intelligence, Bezsonov also saida that a similar situation took place in Berdyansk, Zaporojie region, where another soldier was shot and killed by his commander during a propaganda campaign in support of military actions in the region of Donbass. The death of this soldier was described as a suicide.

Bezsonov emphasized that the introduction of martial law in 10 Ukrainian regions gave free rein to commanders oof the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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    • Thraxite

      Whilst I understand your statement, the trouble is, it is the decent people who don’t want to kill their fellow nationals who are being shot and not those that see anyone different to them as animals for the slaughter. What we really want is for those soldiers who disagree with the “ATO” to defect, not get shot. Shoot the ukranazis.

      • You can call me Al

        Just to add to that, there is a fair chance this lad was conscripted. At the beginning of the troubles, thousands ran and emigrated to Russia to avoid conscription, now, many just vanish, I would assume to Donbass or even Russia.

        It is things like this that will break the bake of The Ukraine for decades to come.

        I doubt that their families will suffer shame as they did, when this happened in WW I & II; which strangely enough will be a grace of God.

        PS The people will rise up soon in my view.

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  • Tudor Miron

    Another example – FSB received a claim fron DNR that one of ukro SBU agents detained from those mil vessels in Kerch straight is the same person who tortured him in Donbass. Justice starts to catch to ukro nazi. Slowly but surely. Each of them will have to pay – ask Bismark :)

  • Spit

    Fire after dark is what it is.
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  • russ

    This is an easy remedy. If a troop is that committed to not fight and he’s going to die for it, shoot your commanding officer.

    • John Brown

      Yes my grand dad was in the British cavalry in WW1. His cowardly officer ordered his unit to charge at the german machine guns while the officer stayed behind, only 10% survived. When my grand dad made it back and saw the officer still hiding behind the British lines he killed him and became the officer with the support of all the survivors.

      • Charlie rad

        Ahhh ! Vigilante justice. Usually during the most severe of circumstances.
        We non-muslims in USA & Europe at at that point now.

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    • Bob

      Old school ‘fragging’ proved far better option for US conscripts in Vietnam – has in-built plausible deniability – toss fragmentation grenade behind a problematic immediate superior officer in the field, the sort whose own personal ambitions or sheer incompetence will get own infantryman killed.

    • John Brown

      Yes when ordered to commit a war crime, if you can out in the field so you can say it was an enemy sniper. You mean commanding officers not officer.

    • JJ Joseph

      In Vietnam it was called “fragging” – very popular amongst the recruits.

  • Sinbad2

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  • Sinbad2
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    Now I say the same thing as I would say in the skripal case, or the Douma fake chemical attacks, the claim has been made, where is the evidence to back it up? As they say on the internet, pics or get the fuck out!