Drone Wars: Middle East Edition

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Iran, if Israel is concerned, is busy producing nuclear weapons, conventional weapons, drones and little else.

On May 23rd, nine people were wounded in an explosion at a factory in the city of Shahin Shahr in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

According to Iranian state media, the factory produces industrial and commercial explosive materials, including fireworks and gunpowder, as well as various chemicals. The factory operates under the supervision of the National Security Council.

Meanwhile, Amichai Stein, a correspondent for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, claimed that Iran was manufacturing drones at the facility. It is not a speculative conclusion to consider that Stein’s words suggest that the blast at the Iranian factory could be the result of Israeli “interference”. The journalist linked the explosion to a recent incident, in which the Israeli military shot down an armed drone near the city of Beit She’an. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of launching it from either Iraq or Syria.

In Syria, also on May 23rd, other unidentified combat drones carried out a series of strikes on the outskirts of the town of al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor. The town is held by Damascus’ forces and it is right next to the Iraqi border. The strikes destroyed a number of newly-built hangars in al-Hamdan desert. The strikes didn’t result in any human losses.

A day earlier, an unidentified combat drone targeted a pickup vehicle to the east of al-Bukamal, inside Iraqi territory. Israel and the US were both blamed by Iraqi sources. No casualties were reported.

ISIS is still quite active near and inside Deir Ezzor, but drone attacks by the terrorist group are uncommon.

In the days leading up to the drone raid, ISIS carried out a series of attacks on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces.

The first one happened on May 18th, and eight SAA soldiers and pro-government fighters were reportedly killed in an ambush by ISIS cells in the Maskanah desert in southern Aleppo.

On May 20th, terrorists attacked a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Durihim desert in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

May 22nd saw ISIS attack a convoy of tankers moving oil from northeastern Syria to government-held areas near al-Manakhir in southern Raqqa.

On the same day, three pro-government fighters were reportedly killed in the Ma’adan desert in southern Raqqa after being struck with an IED.

Syria is looking to contain the terrorists, and active negotiations with Iran are on-going on the matter, as well as on other security issues. This includes Israel, which is vehemently attempting to stop any active cooperation between Syria and its allies.

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john wooh

Use reconnaissance drones 24/7 alongside the Euphrat, from Aleppo till Raqqa till Deir ez Zor untill Abu Kamal thats not as expensive as loosing SAA soldiers.
Keep Ka-52, Mi-24/35 and Mi-28 in close range for attacks and counterattacks.

My favourite speaker and voice for Southfront videos.

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
jens holm

The low educated Assads cant handle something like that even its a good idea. The Russians hardly can. USA can.

And yes. Any initiative has to be supported well. Assads as well as the Russian hasnt that. USA could at their side, but they only are there to control the area but againt Assads too.

Turks soon might be able to do it. None llikes that:)

Even very good at it, I dont think Israel has capasity to be guards and cover most of it well. Well they might if USA by Biden actually outsourced it to Israel.

john wooh

Assad was/is Ophthalmologist(EyeDoctor) for children, thats low education for you ?

im talking about low tech drones, China could help they got the money and drones.

jens holm

You really dont get it.

It hardly matters what Assad is.

Its about tech as well as economy for fx drones and advanced warfare. Syria is a very low educated country and people comming here hardly as refugees hardly are able to be used to anything after years. The women are kept even more illeterate stupid.

Its very strange You cant even see how they behave in warfare and even today has not learned even done by the Germans and Americans during WW2.

Drones dont fly around themself by some fuel and joysticks. Thye every day has to be kept well by long lines of logitics.

Sure … mail the Chinese.

john wooh

Listen 30drones worth off 1000-5000$ each is enough for this job.

Syria was very high educated arab country, before your rainbowspring 2011 which destroyed this country.

Drones got an autopilot and just need to surveil and track ISIS nothing more, for the killing they should use the Hinds, Havocs and Alligators.

Syria had a civilization, when in Denmark there wasnt even a Hut.

How many Minks will u Barbarians cull/murder this year, such a primitive nation!


I think Jens lives in an igloo, sort of a Norse wilderness experience. He has lots of time and internet access so the rest is history.

jens holm

I have a lot of new and old knowledge and can give it fast and also use the information from internet well.

My english is the fast version partly verbal in writings and often with simple spelling or spelled wrong. That saves a lot of time. But my oppions are there, and if not, I write back.

I lost myh almost fulltime job by Covid but now I again have some by the same company. Nice to have colleges a few days and nights again.

I TAKE TIME FOR WRITING HERE because its interesting for me. By that I spend less time on other activities.

Many here should play less with their Barbies and Kents and solbve other problems then thiers. I even heard men from Your part of the world killing Barbies, if the want divorse:)

jens holm

Unfortunatly its exact as I wrote. Those has to be runned well by very complicated systems and has to have service too.

Assads dont have that at all and it takes many many years to make syuch a tool.

But the can rent one fx by Israel, they seemes to have helped Azerbaidian well. But they have to pay their saleries too – and by what – olive oil ??

Jens Holmosexual

Syrians are more educated than you illiterate moron.

jens holm

So where do we see that. Its a well hidden secret.

Its confirmed by the ones comming here.

jens holm

Statgistics as well as fx GDP dont say that.

Tahuan Tinsuyo

The end of Jewish supremacy in the Middle East is coming to an end.

jens holm

Well, Ypoirs too. You sll will dry out by the clkimate things.

So the real bad things is, You might come here.