Economic War To Begin In U.S. As Portland Calls To Impose Sanctions Against Texas

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Economic War To Begin In U.S. As Portland Calls To Impose Sanctions Against Texas

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The famous U.S. sanction strategy in the foreign policy now is used in the state’s internal issues.

The controversial Texas law, that bans abortions as early as six weeks is now in effect.  It was signed into law back in May by Gov. Greg Abbott. It was widely criticized not only by  women’s rights advocates, abortion activists and abortion providers, but also by other states’ officials. Thus, the Portland City Council is going to consider to adopt an emergency resolution next week that will be aimed to ban goods and services from Texas, because of the new abortion law there. The council will take up the emergency resolution on September 8.

On September 3, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler claimed the intent “to ban the city’s future procurement of goods and services from, and city employee business travel to, the state of Texas.”  It should be in effect until Texas “withdraws it unconstitutional ban on abortion or until it is overturned in court.”

“The Portland City Council stands unified in its belief that all people should have the right to choose if and when they carry a pregnancy and that the decisions they make are complex, difficult, and unique to their circumstances. Nearly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled to protect safe, legal abortion. Late Wednesday night, the Supreme Court declined to block a Texas law banning abortions after only 6 weeks of pregnancy. This 5-4 decision allows Texas to outlaw an estimated 85% of all abortion procedures in the state.” – the mayor’s statement reads.

He also called on other U.S. leaders join Portland’s effort to punish the state of Texas.

Texas is one of the most conservative states in the U.S., which has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1976. The political split in the U.S. is deepening and the sides are close to use the economic warfare.


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US sucks b***s

I said previously at this rate the US will end up sanctioning itself.. and guess what?

Florian Geyer

It’s sooooooooooo true, LOL.
Financial civil war has now broken out in the US.
The next step is a shooting civil war in the US.


It’s all “My body My choice” for how many decades now?

Now it’s “Your body belongs to the state you must be vaxxed”

Full on AngloZionist Banking Cartel fcukery. These nutters in Oregon would last less than a day if they were not being funded generously by the cartel.

I apologize to the rest of the world for being so slow to see what my country was doing to yours. Now I see. In my defense it was quite a bitter pill to finally realize my own country did 911.

It’s a bitter pill to watch these useless dangerous vaccines pushed on the panicked world’s poorest people. A global world tax on the poor. Wow. Is that something to be proud of or what?

We’re all Palestinians now. Er well except for (rhymes with news)

Last edited 1 month ago by FudgyVonFirstenberg

Keep dreaming.


Hot civil war soon to follow if this gains traction. Americans have fallen to be amongst the dumbest people on the planet. Their leaders can’t seem to think past their own noses.

Michel LeBlanc

Cant keep up with the rocket noses sadly.

Chess Master

You are too addicted to US tv show politics. Portland is the capital of a 4 million poor state while Texas is a rich 30 million state.


Not going to happen. TPTB are so far ahead in their plans and it is most people, like those who expect civil war, who can’t think past their noses.


What about federalism?

The Objective


What a spectacular development! This new Russian/American deal deserves a good analysis of what may be going on behind the scenes. I’ll attempt to dissect what’s happening to the Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance.
Hezbollah and Iran need to improve or at least maintain its image in the eyes of the Lebanese people. Iran and Hezbollah have taken steps to relief Lebanon of its oil troubles by sending tankers of oil to Lebanon in the past weeks. The U.S and Israel both refrained from interfering with Iran’s oil shipment in order to not make America look like an enemy of the Lebanese people. At the same time, Iran looks like the savior of Lebanon by providing much needed gas at a cheap rate. So why would Russia agree to this plan by America to diminish the role of Hezbollah and Iran with regards to oil in Lebanon? Secondly, why would Russia agree to a deal that represents an economic setback for Iran?
Unlike Assad, Russia knows that Iran is the cause of Syria’s problem. Iran’s shipment of weapons to Hezbollah through Syria was and still is the major reason why the Anglozionists targeted Syria for destruction. This war is all about cutting off Hezbollah from Iran and then weakening Hezbollah and possibly eliminate it by all means possible (including by inciting the Lebanese against Hezbollah and possibly starting a civil war).
This new deal to ship oil through Syria will hurt Iran and Hezbollah terribly in Lebanon. It’ll make Iran and Hezbollah insignificant regarding oil (Oil is the only remaining aspect of Lebanon that Iran and Hezbollah can help with, and thus, shore up their public image). This means that Russia is willing to throw Iran and Hezbollah under the bus to maintain Assad’s rule in Syria.

Well, it’s highly unlikely to lead to a recognition of the Assad regime by the West. This is because of the Kurdish question and the Iran-Hezbollah corridor. However, Assad will reap some moderate financial benefits and maybe an easing of some sanctions.
America wants to divide Syria and use the Kurds against Turkey, Iran, and Assad’s part of Syria. The problem for America is that both Russia and Turkey will not allow a Kurdistan in Syria. If America is going to recognize Assad’s rule, then America must give up its Kurdistan project. This will neutralize the Kurdish threat for Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Recognizing the Assad government is highly likely to leave the Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon link open, thus defeating all America’s designs in that part of the Middle East. America simply cannot sacrifice its Syrian ambitions in exchange for transporting gas to Lebanon via Syria – EXCEPT IF RUSSIA CAN GUARANTEE THAT THE IRAN-HEZBOLLAH CORRIDOR WILL BE CUT.

The problem for Russia is that Iran has infested Syria with militias. Attempting to dislodge these militias from Syria will lead to another major war against Assad. Russia cannot afford such a scenario. Making a deal with Iran to withdraw its militias is also impossible as that would mean sacrificing Hezbollah. The mission of these Iran-backed Syrian militias is first to secure and keep the Iran-Hezbollah link open. Their second mission is to help Assad stay in power.


First, an easing of pressure on Assad is bad news for Idlib and Turkey. It will embolden Russia to be more aggressive towards Idlib while symultaneously giving Assad access to more resources. If the deal leads to a recognition of the Assad regime (highly unlikely due to reasons mentioned above), then Turkey will have to withdraw from Syria (provided the Kurds agree to disarm and be ruled by Assad). If America agrees to a deal with Russia that disarms the Kurds, Turkey will have to negotiate handing over Idlib back to Assad. Considering that the U.S cannot abandon its Syria ambitions, it’ll be childish to think that this deal paves way for the recognition of Assad by America.
What Turkey can do is wait and see what Biden and Putin do with the Kurds.

First, it’ll cause frictions between Russia and Iran. This will affect Russia’s ambitions in Syria because Assad may have hostile Iran-backed forces in his own part of Syria. Iran has provided cheap foot-soldiers for Russia’s mission in Syria. Iran can withdraw this support any moment or even turn it against Assad and Russia. If this happens, Putin may find himself in a difficult position where Russia will be forced to deploy more ground troops from the Russian armed forces – thus, increasing the cost in blood and treasure for Russia. Will the Russian public tolerate more body bags coming home from Syria? Very unlikely.


Russia can turn a blind eye to American and Israeli strike military attack throughout Syria to root out Iran’s militias. On the other hand, America must persuade the Kurds to disarm and be governed by Assad – maybe similar to the position of the Kurds in Iraq. Any U.S/Russian agreement that does not disarm the Kurds will see Turkey launcing military attacks against armed Kurdish groups in Syria. This will happen as soon as the U.S withdraws from Syria. It will also pit Turkey against Russia and the Kremlin will attempt to control all of Syria’s airspace. I think it would lead to a shootout between Turkish and Russian forces. America would love that.
A war with Turkey is certainly not in Putin’s agenda as it will ruin all Russian gains in Syria and pose unacceptable risks to the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria. Putin can easily solve this problem by making sure that the Kurds are completely disarmed. If America abandons the Kurds like it did the Afghan government, then this would be a very realistic goal for Russia (to easily disarm the Kurds, thereby preventing any clashes with Turkey).

This could be Putin’s game: sacrificing Iran’s militias and influence in both Syria and Lebanon just to restore Assad’s rule of Syria. It’s a very realistic goal for Putin. The biggest loser will be Iran, as it’s Syrian and Lebanon arm will be cut off. The next biggest loser will be Turkey as it will be forced to give Idlib back to Assad. I do not think Turkey will fight over Idlib after such a deal. Russia is highly unlikely to win any shooting war with Turkey in Syria. The last war Russia fought against Turkey ended in a Turkish victory. Read up on the battle of Gallipoli. It was fought between Turkey on the one hand and Russia, Britain, and France on the other hand. This was during world war 1 when Ottoman Turkey was at its weakest point. Russia, Britain, and France tried to take control of the Bosporus straits and other Turkish straits alongside Constantinople. Russia hasn’t forgotten that defeat. And Putin won’t take the risk of facing a modern Turkish military in Syria, especially if Russia is to do it alone (without Iran’s help). most of the Russian forces in Syria will be destroyed in the first few days of conflict even if Turkey were to use drones alone. The Bosporus will also be closed and Russian forces in the Mediterranean will be overwhelmed by Turkey’s navy (which actually dominates the Mediterranean). Such a war will weaken both Russia and Turkey and effectively end Russian’s presence in the Middle East. So, while SouthFront and TheSaker and MoonofAlabama will sing everyday about how mighty the Russian military is, they know that Russia cannot defeat the Turkish military in any conventional war, be it in Syria, the Mediterranean or black see.

Jim Allen

You pitiful troll. You’re more delusional than the
30% of the most brainwashed ‘Merican’s that are happily assisting their Government in advancing the Cabal’s de-population agenda’s underway at an accelerated pace, as US Government destroy’s the country from the inside. It’s gotta’ suck to be you.

Abraham Lincoln

Well this is an amazing win-win-win-win-win-win for Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, Syria, China and above all the Lebanese people. Iran and Hezbollah get the credit for making such a deal possible, Russia expands its influence and Syria becomes more powerful with a better chance to eject Turkey and the USA from its territory, to end Syria Kurdistan and to end Israeli raids on its territory.

The big losers in order are Israel, Turkey the Kurds and the USSA slaves of Israel.

Dick Von D'Astard

Sanctions are an overture to war by non kinetic means.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dick Von D'Astard
JC Denton

Balkanization: IN PROGRESS

Portland will be capital of the new country Wokeistan, until that time the Kiev regime should start planning their escape NOW.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Americant pedonazi Empire is crumbling with warp speed

Lone Ranger



The illegitimate federal government has declared war on the states.
Will there be a repeat of 1861?

Last edited 1 month ago by RaptarDriver

Not gonna happen.


Wow ,States Sanctioning others States which are under one federal government…this is a big joke and funny things if the federal government don’t intervene and let this stupidity continue we can see a call for succession from the United States of America by the Texans in the near future.


Doesn’t that violate commerce laws. If one state can’t impose tariffs on another state then how can one state have an embargo against another state?


Just incredible, this Amerika will dig itself a hole and will bury itself in it. No need for no one to do anything. THEM and their laws, that will be their end.

L du Plessis

Carefull!! the devil comes with a Democrat, may God guide Texans.


There will NOT be a civil war in the U.S..


“ban the city’s future procurement of goods ”
are they going to push their cars around the city?

D.A. politicians

I don’t think that oregon’s baby murdering politicians should be talking sh*t. I say that Texas ban all goods to the China bought and Paid commie losers in Oregon’s government. Sanction these politicians like the US sanctions leaders in China.

D.A. politicians

Well I guess Texas won’t be getting all those “Burnt Pine Cones” sent to them from this large economic producing, world order state! That will teach them…