Egypt Opens New Strategic Naval Base On Mediterranean Sea (Video, Photos)

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Egypt Opens New Strategic Naval Base On Mediterranean Sea (Video, Photos)

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi along with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, during the inauguration ceremony of the 3rd of July Naval Base. Source: the Egyptian Presidency.

On July 2, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi opened a new strategic naval base on the Mediterranean Sea to boost the country’s military capabilities. 

In a statement, the Egyptian Presidency said that base was built in order to “secure the state’s economic assets, secure shipping lines and to maintain naval security”.

“It is the latest Egyptian military base on the Mediterranean, and it will be focused on securing the country’s northern and western front,” the statement reads.

The base was officially named the “3rd of July” after the July 3 Egyptian coup d’état in 2013 that saw the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi by a military-civilian coalition led by al-Sisi.

The base, which spreads over more than 10 square kilometers, is located some 255 kilometers west of Alexandria, towards the border with Libya where Egypt has been heavily involved both militarily and politically.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, and the chairman of Libya’s Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi both attended the inauguration ceremony alongside President al-Sisi.

During the ceremony, two Mistral helicopter carriers acquired from France were on display with a number of Russian-made Ka-52K Katran attack helicopters onboard. A German-made type 209 submarine and two recently delivered FREMM-class Italian frigates were also showcased.

The base will further boost the operational capabilities of the Egyptian Navy, which have significantly increased over the last seven years.

Egypt is currently facing several challenges including Turkish entrenchment in Libya, the struggle on maritime border in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the threat of drought posed by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


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al-sisi is easily the biggest western stooge in North Africa. He was posted in saudistan after joining the military. He was also trained in the UK and US.

As the Arctic ice season shortens each year China will have the option to use a Northern route that would avoid use of the Suez Canal.

Chess Master

So which is better, EU economy to collapse or flourish?


Go bother batshit eater troll clown.


Hardly, he openly opposes NATO member Turkey and increasingly buys Russian military equipment. Only a real war will prove if they’re not just another paper tiger though.


What part of “he was groomed by western nations and their idiot proxies” do you not understand? Do you want me to explain it to you a third way?

The Objective

Not even this and other bases will protect Sisi. All this show of force will unravel quickly when(if) he enters Libya proper.
Turkey must not leave Libya without a stable democracy protected by a military with many Muslim Brotherhood officers. Over time, a true Muslim will be voted to power in Libya and will steer the country away from Christian countries who are Islam’s most avowed enemies, such as Russia and the U.S.
I hear Sisi has ended diplomatic talks with Turkey because Erdogan refused to withdraw Turkish forces from Libya despite all the pressure during the recent Berlin conference. My joy is that Erdogan gets to rule until 2023 – enough time to solve the Libyan problem using military force if required. The next battles will be the most decisive because of Sirte and Jufra. I hope Sisi makes good on his threat to invade Libya. That’ll be a gift from God.
This new naval base is built for the Muslim army that will emerge from Egypt after Sisi. There’s dissatisfaction with Sisi in the military itself and most officers do not support invading Libya. They know that Libyans are brothers of Egyptians and they won’t tolerate bloodshed pioneered by Sisi and his group.
Turkey must endure the sanctions and threats of sanctions for the next few years. The U.S will most likely shift the task of fighting Libyan Muslims to Russia as America tries to hide its face from this plan to install Haftar. So I expect a Russian deployment to Libya within the coming months covertly or overtly. Thankfully, Turkish position in Libya is different from Syria. Turkey can fight any enemy of the Libyans directly. What should be done now is train more and more Libyan and Syrian fighters, deploy more equipment and back it up by naval, air, and drone power. Sirte and Jufra are the most important prices right now and thankfully, the GNA forces are just a few kilometres from these places. That’s where the battles will be fought hardest. Turkey should provide aircover for the GNU forces using drones, manned crafts, ships and missiles.
I can’t wait to see December 24th InshaAllah. My prayers and dear love for the Turkish brave leadership. My prayers for the Syrian, Libyan, and Taliban heroes both fallen and those still fighting. The nation of Islam will never forget you who go out to fight against vastly superior anti-Muslim forces despite the odds against you. May Allah reward your sacrifices with victory in the end.
Russian, American, and all Christian forces will be expelled from Muslim lands before all this fighting is over. That’s a promise to all you Muslim haters and make sure you remember this. And then we’ll come for you bastards after your expulsion in a way we have never done before in history.


“Russian, American, and all Christian forces will be expelled from Muslim lands before all this fighting is over.”

Spoken like a true ape. Did you notice the Russians are working with the Assad government to return control of all Syrian territory?

Don’t you think the Russians understand that Syria is a majority Muslim nation? Likewise, there are millions of Muslims living peacefully in Russia.

Narrow minded ignorance is what keeps humanity down.

Peppe il Sicario

Another Sunni Wahabbi scum with his nonsense rants!

A clown like you

What happened to Anwar Sadat?
What happened to Gaddafi?

L du Plessis

Only Iran build their own millitary hardware, the rest of the Middle East buys theirs. 😂