Egyptian Army: 89 Terrorists Eliminated In Sinai Operations (18+ Video)

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Egyptian Army: 89 Terrorists Eliminated In Sinai Operations (18+ Video)

Egyptian Army soldiers in Sinai peninsula, Source: the Egyptian Ministry of Defense.

The Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) eliminated 89 ISIS terrorists during recent operations in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, the Army’s General Command announced on August 1.

In a statement, the General Command said that the recent operations in Sinai had also resulted in:

  • The seizure of 73 automatic rifles, 140 magazines, 5606 bullets of different calibers, 34 radio devices, a drone equipped with a camera, a night vision sight, a laptop computer, a number of mobile phones and sums of money;

  • The discovery and destruction of 404 explosive devices, four explosive belts;

  • The destruction of 59 motorcycles and 52 vehicles which were used by ISIS terrorists to carry out attacks;

  • The discovery and destruction of 13 tunnels which were used by ISIS terrorists to sneak into some areas in northern Sinai.

The EAF’s recent operations were not limited to the Sinai Peninsula. On the western border with Libya many smuggling attempts were thwarted by the army.

According to the EAF General Command, a total of 200 vehicles, some carrying weapons and ammunition, were destroyed while attempting to infiltrate into western Egypt.

The EAF lost eight service members during the recent operations. No details on the circumstances surrounding their death were shared.

Egyptian government forces have been operating nonstop to end ISIS insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula and to secure the border with war-torn Libya. Yet, the fight on both fronts is still far from being over.


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