Egyptian Forces Eliminated 9 Cross-Border Tunnels In North Sinai (Map Update)


On March 7, the Egyptian military announced that it had eliminated 9 cross-border tunnels in North Sinai. The tunnels had been used by “terrorists” for inflitrations and smuggling of weapons, ammunition and explosive devices.

Army spokesman Tamer al-Refai provided no details regarding the location of the eliminated tunnels, but most likely the were located on the border with the Gaza Strip. This area is well-known for being full of underground tunnels and facilities used by smugglers and members of local armed groups.

According to the military, government forces also eliminated 2 vehicles and seized over 40 bombs as well as materials for creation of IEDs during the recent operations across the province.

Egyptian Forces Eliminated 9 Cross-Border Tunnels In North Sinai (Map Update)

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    Egypt, huh, have shown their true faces, and this have been ongoing since they shit down Rafah, if you have any idea of what I talk about, do you.
    How come an pot head like me have to remind people about f…. everything.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.


  • alejandro casalegno

    i am not arab, not muslim, but is hard to believe than the arab people will be a servant of USA and Israel forever…………………….