Egyptian Police Arrests Photographer for Making Staged Pics of ‘Wounded Children from Aleppo’

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A man, who was taking staged photos of ‘wounded children from Aleppo’, has been arrested by Egyptian police in the Egyptian province of Port Said.

Egyptian Police Arrests Photographer for Making Staged Pics of ‘Wounded Children from Aleppo’

Photo: Facebool / MoiEgy

Egyptian police arrested a man for a shooting staged shots with the participation of children, which were positioned as photos of destructions and wounded civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing a statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The photographs were spread via social networks.

As the Egyptian Interior Ministry reported on its official Facebook page, the shooting team, which included assistants of the photographer and parents of the young actors, was detained in the province of Port Said.

Egyptian police became a witness of a shooting process, which took place on ruins of an illegal building, demolished by a decision of the authorities. The attention of policemen, accidentally driving by the place, was attracted by a minor girl, dressed in a bloodstained white dress, who kept a white teddy bear in her hands. The plush toy also was besmirched with red spots. As the policemen immediately ascertained, the ‘blood’ turned out to be an ordinary paint.

After a short discussion and viewing of the work of the team, the photographer told police that he was going to publish these photos on social networks, setting them up as footage from Aleppo.

The photographer was detained by police for four days for investigation of the incident. The rest participants of the shooting were released on bail.

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Everyone needs to make money on social networks.. Authorities should check who was the customer or it was just the photographer’s “selfless” behaviour.


Are you suggesting that creating fake news is OK ? just because “everyone needs to make money”


MY apologies I should have put in quotes.Meant to be sarcastic..

Lynx Fēlēs

I already mentioned in previous posts that this is the way how things are supposed to be done


All media are fakes and false. Everybody talks and show what they want to show, not real.

Marek Pejović


Will Killyou

Now, is anyone really surprised? take all you see and hear with a grain of salt, apply thought and then never be too sure of yourself or anyone else!


Photography has always been means to create subjective reality – all newspapers have edited/cropped/manipulated photographs for a century, digital technology just makes it so much quicker today than the old negative manipulation. Manipulation runs on wide scale of activity – at one end have simple editing of two images into one – photo collage – which is the stock trade of women’s magazines, illustrating celebrity scandal stories with crude photo montages – through to the staging of events and recording of them as artificially constructed propaganda, as above. Both are dishonest forms of representation – be it photo collage from reality, or outright acting masquerading as reality. Media images are powerful signifies, but very often fraudulent with the intent being to deceive – to a sell story for money, or sell a narrative for propaganda.