Erdogan Claimed Northern Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan As Turkish Territory

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Erdogan Claimed Northern Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan As Turkish Territory

President of Turkey and Chairman of AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during the meeting of local mayors at ATO Congresium in Ankara, Turkey on September 13, 2017. (Turkish Presidency / Yasin Bulbul / Handout – Anadolu Agency)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has finally admitted that Turkey has ambition in the territories of Syria and Iraq, where its troops occupy vast areas. 

The Turkish President let his guard down during his speech on November 1 at the congress of the ruling Justice and Development Party in the northern city of Samsun.

Erdogan reminded his audience of the Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria’s Afrin in 2018, the recent confrontation with the Syrian military in Idlib and a series of attacks against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. He then went on to claim that these territories are now a part of the “motherland.”

“We had martyrs in Idlib, Afrin, Operation Olive Branch and Operation Claw, but we shouldn’t forget that everything was to make these territories a part of the motherland,” Erdogan said “If you wish to have  a motherland, then you should wage struggle.”

Today, the Turkish military maintains thousands of heavily armed troops in northern Syria and in the northern part of the Kurdistan Region.

During his speech, Erdogan also boasted about Turkish military presence in Libya, where his support allowed the Government of National Accord to survive an attack by the Libyan National Army.

Turkey is reportedly hoping to establish two military bases in Libya, where Turkish troops could be deployed for the long term.

Furthermore, Turkish forces were allegedly supporting the last Azerbaijani attack on Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh. Ankara shipped hundreds of Syrian militants to Baku to back its offensive.

In the past, Erdogan maintained that his country supports the “territorial integrity” of Syria, Iraq and other countries where Turkish forces are involved. This soft tone has apparently ended and the Turkish President is now setting the ground for the annexation of foreign territories.


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