Erdogan: Turkey Launched Anti-PKK Operation In Iraq’s Qandil And Sinjar

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Erdogan: Turkey Launched Anti-PKK Operation In Iraq's Qandil And Sinjar

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Turkey has launched operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in both Qandil and Sinjar regions in northern Iraq, Turkish President Recep Erdogan said on June 11.

“We’ve started anti-terror operations [Ankara says the PKK is a terrorist group] in Qandil and Sinjar. We’ve destroyed 14 important targets with our 20 aircraft,” Erdogan said adressing locals in the province of Nigde.

“Our target is to drain the biggest swamp,” the Turkish president continued hinting to the region of Qandil, which is believed to be one of the key PKK-held areas in northern Iraq.

Turkish top officials have repeatedly threated that Ankara is going to expand its military operation against the PKK to Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq. Erdogan’s June 11 statement is an indication that Turkey is slowly doing this.

According to some experts, Erdogan is using operations of the Turkish Armed Forces against Kurdish armed groups in northern Iraq and northern Syria as a tool of gaining additional public support inside Turkey ahead of the June 24 presidential election. So, intensification of the Turkish actions in this field is expected soon.

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Erdogan will be very Pleased with the Delivery of some Weaponry to the SDF……just what he was waiting for…Soon the PKK will have some new Toys….

Daniel Castro

“remote controlled Armored Cars ”

So, now the zionists are making VBIEDs on factories in the west? Or we should really call them VBED, as they will clearly not be improvised anymore…

Compact flying attack drones disguised o look improvised and VBEDs are the most advanced military technology in the west it seems…


Toys for “big” boys…

Val Shadowhawk

I don’t trust Erdogan. But your comment is bang on the money.

Hansi Hintern
You can call me Al

Go to the Yemeni tab, but in general you are correct.


And Erdogan goes for the win!
Surprised that the Kurds had no sense in Iraq also.
This is what happens when you ally with FUKUS. !!