EU Elites Produce Slaves

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The European Union takes too many risks. Industrial sector and agriculture are systematically regrouped and reformed, and people for them are becoming less and less necessary. Meanwhile, the EU elites drag for their needs new slaves from former colonies. Because previous slaves, mostly Europeans already, are used to work for payment they were given for some time.

Elites have no need to shake the purse for their workers. They killed workers by the removal of production anywhere else – into Asia, for example. There is no need to buy the loyalty of new workers in other countries – the bosses just do not care. Europeans were transferred to the category of temporarily employed.EU Elites Produce Slaves

What will happen tomorrow? They will improve labor utilization to the level of pushing all extra people out of work. And this process, as well as many others, is self-developing and self-accelerating.

Once it will be 100% controlled, masses of people will be unemployed and live on meager social benefits. If you are poor, your standard of living will decline more and more while the standard of elites will growing very fast, widening the gap between social strata. Thus, Europeans will become new slaves who live for their hosts.

Moreover, when people do not have enough money for living, they become criminals who bring to society even more troubles, chaos and death. Countries get more prostitution, diseases and threats to future generations. All this leads to modern slavery, as the new form of surviving which is already familiar situation for over 50 million people in the EU.

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