EU Tries To Block Russia-Belarus Integration As Migrants Die Along Its Border

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EU Tries To Block Russia-Belarus Integration As Migrants Die Along Its Border
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Some EU members have had enough with migrants coming in from Belarus’ side, accusing Minsk of “weaponizing” them.

To deal with this issue, 12 interior ministers from member states demanded that the EU finances border-wall projects to stop migrants entering through Belarus.

In a letter dated October 7th, the ministers asked the European Commission to tweak external border-entry rules to include walls and fences.

Around 4,000 people have entered Lithuania, some 1,400 have gotten into Poland, and around 400 came to Latvia over the past few months. All three have since declared a state-of-emergency at their borders with Belarus, while also adopting new restrictions on asylum claims.

The ones suffering the most, meanwhile, are the migrants themselves.

Most recently, on October 5th the body of a Sri-Lankan national was discovered not far from the Lithuanian border in Belarus, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to 4.

Along the border with Poland the situation is even worse, as at least 6 migrants have died as of October 7th.

Despite these deaths, the Polish government is abiding by its criminal policy of not letting any refugees into the country. The government’s announced state of emergency has been extended for another 60 days and heavily armed soldiers are sealing the border.

Notably, Poland has entirely closed a sensitive section of the border, not allowing journalists and aid organizations. The three-kilometer strip has 2,500 heavily armed soldiers, 4,000 border guards and 600 police officers patrolling and protecting it.

Just recently, a US tank battalion was deployed near the Lithuania-Belarus border to take part in almost a month-long series of exercises with the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Not only that, but an interspecific task force of the US Armed Forces was deployed in Germany. It will be armed with medium- and shorter-range missiles, well within reach of Belarus’ borders.

Meanwhile, not only does Europe have issues with migrants from Belarus, but it also wants to block any further integration between Minsk and Moscow.

On October 7th, the European Parliament warned Russia and Belarus from further negotiations on deeper integration in a resolution.

The resolution states that the integration includes a “progressive militarization of Belarus,” and see it as “a violation of the sovereignty of Belarus, as the Belarusian people are being deprived of their right to determine the future of their country.”

As a result, any further dealings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko must stop immediately.

Additionally, EU institutions should periodically report to the Parliament “on the Kremlin’s interference in Belarus, including its exploitation of the situation with a view to deeper political, military and economic control of Belarus.”

It appears that the EU doesn’t have enough problems of its own that it also attempts to “solve the problems” of other, neighboring countries by dealing in their internal and international matters.

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eu concern for Belarus is touching. Reminds me of their concern for Libya, Syria, the ukraine etc.


I love the fact they are stuck between two borders, they shouldn’t be in Europe anyway.
Welcome to yet another day in Clown World, *honk honk*. ✡🤡🌏 If they run out of oil and economic collapse occurs, the migrants wouldn’t survive the harsh winters without artificial heating.

Western “Health” Ministers, jewish tranny on the bottom left:

Last edited 11 months ago by Zarathustra
L du Plessis

Perfect statement!! 👌

Chris Gr

Jewish tranny hahahaha

Gregory Rasputin

They all look decidedly unhealthy!

Chris Gr



Disgusting slobs…




Stay strong friend. These disgusting zionists pigs are “living” throughout europe and north america. They are filthy trash especially in Slavic lands.

Rented cars with swiss plates, year round “vacationers” even in bad weather. Transparent, fake zionist pigshit.


Russia- Belarus union as one country Is a fact!!

Gregory Rasputin

Good. That puts an end to Polish-Lithuanian Ardhdukedom attempts to prise parts of western Belarus away from Moscow.


who the hell are the EU to tell what other nations have to do or not. The problem with the west is that they still think that they are the master of the world. They lost that game long time ago. They are not the only powerful group in the world anymore. They are equally matched by Russia and China. They can’t tell any big power what to do. Even small powers are revolting against the west. Vietnam and Afghanistan have showed us that the west can be defeated, even if it takes several years.


The Vietnamese gave a master class on how to teach Colonialists and Imperialists a lesson.

Chris Gr

LOL the South Vietnamese were very corrupt though


The Vietnamese were defeated and terrified of further bombing. Watergate and leftist Democrats turned the US victory into defeat. Read Frank Snepp’s book.

Chris Gr

Ho Chi Minh had very disciplined state.


Sure pal. Tell yerself whatever you want. Afghanistan proves the US is right… oh wait… LOL


The Polish people are very stupid! This migrants have nothing to do with them. I would simply give poor Poles the opportunity to earn lots of cash by bringing them to Germany! The Germans are complaining day and night about the cruel Poles and Hungarians. I say fuck them and open the border.


Migrants have no right to present themselves where we they want and demand entrance, housing, welfare and jobs.

L du Plessis

Hypocrite EU!!

Gregory Rasputin

The fact that Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are so decidedly racist in their attitute towards < 6,000 migrants from all over west and central Asia is what western European media should be concentrating on rather than shifting some sort of blame game onto Belarus and Russia. The truth is that the remnants of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are racists who have no intention of complying with their obligations under International Law but we'll be waiting a very long time before our western European and north American media will ever admit to that.

Chris Gr

Those nations suffered a lot under Stalin. They need some rights.


International law does not require nations to accept inundation by foreign invaders, esp. economic opportunists.

Rodney Loder.

So the refugees love the West even when the West puts up razor wire to keep them away, makes you wonder if these people have got a screw loose.


They hate the West. They just want to be parasites.


It is not criminal to keep “refugees” out of your own country.

Call me AL

“On October 7th, the European Parliament warned Russia and Belarus from further negotiations on deeper integration in a resolution.” – Well since it was Blair (UK) and Merkel (Germany) that invited these hordes of migrants into Europe, good luck to you Belarus.


Why sending them to criminal EU, when they can stay in wealthy and prosperous Belarus? Who send them to the border and what was his reason?