European Parliament: Oligarchs Have ‘Captured Moldova’

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European Parliament: Oligarchs Have 'Captured Moldova'

FILE IMAGE: Protests in Moldova

On October 9, the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs adopted a critical resolution on the situation in Moldova. The resolution said that the country had been “captured by oligarchic interests” and added that the EU should no longer aid the country at least until after 2019 elections.

“Moldova is captured by oligarchic interests with a concentration of economic and political power in the hands of a small group of people exerting their influence on parliament, the government, political parties, the state administration, the police, the judiciary and the media,” the resolution said.

The document also adressed the current political and social situation in the country.

“Moldova is backsliding on democratic standards and rule of law,” the resolution said emphasizging the ongoing decline in democratic standards and the rule of law in Moldova. The document also drew attention to a “lack of fair and transparent elections as well as an impartial judiciary system, and insufficient anti-corruption and anti-money laundering efforts.”

It’s interesting to note that Moldovan oligarchs, led by Vladimir Plahotniuc, have been for a long time employing a pro-Western and anti-Russian policy. However, they have crossed all red lines and even the EU is not ready to support them now.

One of the recent stepts taken by the Moldovan rulers is the case with the mayoral election result in Chisinau in June. The election results were annuled.

The current complicated situation in Modlova impacts interests of all major players operating in the region. So, the question is how will Moscow react to the ongoing crisis? On the one hand, the current Moldovan political elites have clear anti-Russian sentiments. On the other hand, Moldovan President Igor Dodon is at least formally a pro-Russian politician. According to some experts, it’s not likely that Russia will follow steps employed by the European Parliament and will condemn publicly the situation in Moldova. The reason is that a common approach of the Russian leadership is to employ a policy relying on personalities.

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