Explosion At Ukraine’s Main Gas Pipeline, Authorities Claim It Might Be Sabotage

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Explosion At Ukraine's Main Gas Pipeline, Authorities Claim It Might Be Sabotage

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On January 9th, an explosion occurred at a section of the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline in the Poltava region, the Ukrainian Gas Transportation System Operator said.

The explosion took place near the village of Kalaydintsy in the Poltava region, the press service of the Lubnigaz company reported.

 “We received operational information that an explosion occurred on the main gas pipeline, which is serviced by the Ukrainian GTS Operator at a site near the village of Kalaydintsy. Emergency gas shutdowns are possible,” the company said in a statement.

The report also said that the incident affected the Novichki and Vishnevy gas distribution stations. The list of settlements that were left without gas is being specified.

It is reportedly around 15. The list of settlements left without gas as a result of the explosion was published by the Lubnigaz company on its Facebook page.

Thus, the situation affected the houses of residents of the Orzhitsky district connected to the Kuibyshevo gas distribution station: the villages of Lazorki, Novoorzhitskoye, Tarasenkovo, Vishnevoe, Yablonevo, Voronintsy, Raiozero, Cherevki, Khoroshki, Novoye, Zagrebeli, Timki, Pilipovichi, Neseno-Irzhavets and.

The statement said that “there are no victims or injured as a result of the accident.”

There is also no threat to residents of nearby settlements. The accident did not affect the transportation of gas to Europe.

The reasons for the explosion have not yet been clarified.

The National Police, the State Service for Emergency Situations (GSChS) and the Security Service of Ukraine were informed about the incident.

“The investigation will establish the probable causes of the emergency, including the possibility of sabotage,” the message from the Ukrainian GTS Operator said.

Separately, on January 8th, a large-scale fire and explosion on the territory of a tank farm in Gorokhovka near Nikolaev took place.

The explosion was caused a fire broke out in Gorokhovka near Nikolaev on the territory of the enterprise, where fuels and lubricants are stored and processed.

The enterprise distills fuel oil using the most primitive technology, not provided for by any safety standards, getting low-grade diesel fuel.

Therefore, fires occur with regularity. This is the second fire within 12 months. The cause of fires is gross violations of fire safety standards. However, for unknown reasons, the enterprise gets away with everything and their dangerous activities continue.

In September 2020, a gas pipeline explosion occurred in the Kiev region near the village of Chabany. There was a breakthrough of a gas pipe with a diameter of 1.5 m, which pumps gas to Europe. No data on casualties were reported.

If this is deemed to be a result of sabotage, it could be that the Donetsk and/or Luhansk People’s Republics could be blamed, essentially using it as a justification for some further aggression in Eastern Ukraine.


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