Explosion Hit Syrian Port Hosting Russian Naval Base (Video)

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Early on November 29, an explosion was heard in Syria’s Tartus port where a large base of the Russian Navy is located. 

The Syrian Arab News Agency said a fire erupted at the port’s grain silos, which are located less than 900 meters away from the Russian naval base. The fire, was confined to the silo’s headhouse, started when port workers were unloading a shipment of wheat.

“Six workers in the silo suffered burns of various degrees and were transported to the al-Bassel Hospital in Tartus,” General Director of Syrian Grain, Youssef Kassem, said in a statement. “The fire was completely extinguished and no grain of wheat was lost.”

According to Kassem, the fire caused some material damage to the silo’s headhouse and its electrical network. Work to repair the damage is undergoing.

The Syrian News TV said overpressure at the port’s wheat cleaning machine was behind the small explosion, which in return caused the fire at the grain silos.

Last year, Russia’s Stroytransgaz was awarded a contract to operate Tartus port for 49 years. The company is planning to invest $500 million to develop the ageing port. The development will benefit the naval base, which was leased to the Russian Navy in 2017 for 49 years too.


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