Explosion Rocked Afghan’s Jalalabad As Taliban Prepares Operation Against ISIS In Nangarhar

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Explosion Rocked Afghan's Jalalabad As Taliban Prepares Operation Against ISIS In Nangarhar

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A large explosion took place in the city of Jalalabad, the administrative center of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.

According to the local agency Asvaka, the incident occurred in the Kabul-Hada quarter of the city on October 18.

An improvised explosive device (IED) went off on a busy street at the moment when a Taliban’s vehicle belonging was passing by. Two civilians were reportedly injured and taken to the hospital.

No photos were released to confirm the reports.

The Taliban are yet to comment on the issue.

The Nangarhar province is an are of increased ISIS activity in Afghanistan. The Taliban have sent military reinforcements there from neighboring provinces in order to carry out a large operation against ISIS.

The reports on the large-scale operation in Nangarhar came along with uncorfirmed claims on the detention of Shahid Qari Naima Chaparhar, who allegedly was the ISIS governor in the province of Nangarhar.


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If the taliban is so “good” now, they should defend the Shia mosques that keep getting attacked


we will force them to put their own lives in the lines of afghani civilians and they are not “so good” because they are as i say incompetent fools and utterly incapable to govern a nation but we will form them into something which is more sustainable and useful for the islamic ummah rather than this mess they represent now and afghanistan isnt alone here the same is true about pakistan turkey baku uae ksa egypt jordan etc pp they will all be tought better or the thrones they are sitting on will turn into pits and dont ask us how we will force them that is a stupid question we muslims if we want are force itself against the enemies of islam again if we have to be

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if these motherfuckers don’t get their act together then Iran will bust them down in two minutes. Without Iran’s help in food, fuel and supplies, there would be famine in Afghanistan. Pakistan don’t got no money or food or fuel to help keep 40 million Afghani survive. As is the Afghans are limited to 1500 calories per day due to gubment rationing. There is a conference going on today organized by Iran where the terms and conditions will be laid out and if the talibs don’t get on the ball, Iran will abandon helping this country. Russia/ China already distrust and hate wahabbi motherfuckers and have forced the Central asians to seal their borders……..Iran is being compassionate on humanitarian grounds……..but for how long?

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Yanuqis, Wahhabis, Zion, your day will come

“Russia, China, Pakistan willing to provide aid for Afghanistan.”
“US to give humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, Taliban say”
EU also aiding because they don’t want more Afghans.

Buddy Russia and China are far powerful than Iran, they can deal with these backward Sunnis and make them be like Pakistani gays.
The plan of Russia and China is to make the Taliban feel how useless they are and that they have to obey Russia and China if they want to live.

Those backward Sunnis hate Shia and Iran, if they could they would attack Iran. Both of them dislike each other, remember Iran also fuked the Taliban, and Iran was supporting the Northern Alliance back when Ahmed Shah Massoud was alive.

Also, the Taliban are known for working with Wahhabis (Al-Qaeda and Daesh), KSA, UAE, and Qatar will help the Taliban, their pigs.

Also, I don’t think you understand how fuking bold these backward Sunnis Taliban are…they also full of Shit, you can say they are the Zion in Asia/CA.

Chris Gr

The Iraqi scenario is being repeated but this time with Sunnis.


yeah that doesnt work well anymore does it and americas hand is been seen around the entirety of those countries attacked be it lebanon be it afghanistan yemen syria iraq american zionist hand is very visible everywhere and the plots fail one after another all that remains is filthy terrorists blowing themselves up like the useless zionist filth they are

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“Shahid Qari Naima Chaparhar, who allegedly was the ISIS governor in the province of Nangarhar” – Hang the bastard


Taliban slept with Al-Qaeda and their sons were terrorists, they are not going to hang their kinds.
“Taliban appoint members of Haqqani terrorist network in senior Afghan government roles.”
-that was before IS-K attack on Shia, etc etc…

As I said before, the Taliban are very much pigs of Wahabbis from KSA-Qatar-UAE, they can’t rule the country they never did… they are useless like Pakistan pigs.

It is important to know who they work with…KSA (Wahhabi terrorists), UAE (Fuking clowns pigs), Qatar (the country that paid ISIS with KSA).
You know what Pakistan is worse than the Taliban, those Pakistani gays sell themselves to Zion, Wahhabi, and yanquis in a sec, as they have before.
Pakistan friends are, KSA, Qatar, UAE, TURKEY, Azerbaijan (Zion pigs), Taliban. It is SO FUKING FUNNY that their population bitch about being on the right side, you 100% seen Pakistani gay here or Turkish rat.
Saying the most BS and childish shit, remember all those fuking Pakistani gays sucking high on Taliban dicks? They wanted this and that everyone know how useless these fuking morons are they no longer back them.

Just like how they hide Osama the goat fuker and still to this day they cry and say no we didn’t LMFAO.
Pakistan and Taliban – can’t control their country look at both of them, see how easy is for the West/Zion to use them and grow them to become Daesh.

Remember these fuking backward Sunnis said Daesh is just a “headache” for them.
You know the Pakistani gay still have a lot of problems with the Pakistani Taliban and other Sunni terrorists to this very day. What the fuk you think some backward Sunnis in Afghanistan can do.

“The Tehrik-e-Taliban now believe they too can wage a successful jihad against the “infidel” Pakistani state.”
It’s funny how the Taliban hide in Pakistan before and now TTP hides in Afghanistan.

Last edited 1 month ago by Plastic_Zion