Explosion Rocks Iranian Merchant Vessel Off Syria’s Coast (Photos)

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Explosion Rocks Iranian Merchant Vessel Off Syria’s Coast (Photos)


On March 11, a mysterious explosion rocked an Iranian merchant vessel a few kilometers away from Syria’s coast in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The vessel, named SHAHR E KORD, was sailing off Syria’s coast when an explosion erupted at the deck. No casualties were reported as a result of the explosion, which forced the vessel to anchor at Banias Port.

Unverified photos of the accident show that at least one of the containers at SHAHR E KORD’s deck was destroyed by the explosion.

Iran and Syria has not commented on the unusual incident, yet. Nevertheless, many observers speculated that SHAHR E KORD was attacked by Israel.

Recently, top Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed Iran for the February 26 explosions at the Israeli-owned vessel MV HELIOS RAY in the Sea of Oman. The explosions caused no real losses.

Tehran pushed back against the Israeli accusations by releasing aerial footage of MV HELIOS RAY suggesting that the explosions occurred inside the vessel.

An Iranian official told the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV that the explosions at MV HELIOS RAY were likely a “false-flag attack” meant to push the US towards a stricter stand against Tehran as well as to boost the chances of Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.

Today’s explosion at SHAHR E KORD may an Israeli response to the recent incident at MV HELIOS RAY. So far, there is no evidence backing this theory.


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