Explosions Rocked Yemeni Sanaa Airport

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On December 2, large explosions rocked Sanaa international Airport which is held by the Houthis, formally known as Ansar Allah.

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV said warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition had carried out two airstrikes on the airport. According to the pro-Houthis channel, one of the airstrikes hit the airport’s reception hall, which is still under construction, causing heavy material damage.

The reports of Saudi airstrikes on Sanaa International Airport were denied by the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. The channel claimed that an ammunition depot of the Houthis hidden within the airport blew up.

“The militias [Houthis] have turned Sanaa airport into a test site for advanced weapons,” a Yemeni source told al-Arabiya.

In the last 24 hours, more than 13 airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit the following Houthi-held areas:

  • The city and airport of al-Hodeida;
  • The districts of Khabb wa al-Sha’af and al-Hazm in al-Jawf;
  • The districts of Sirwah and Majzar in Mar’ib;
  • The district of Nahim in Sanaa.

Meanwhile, heavy clashes between the Houthis and Saudi-backed forces continue in Mar’ib, in central Yemen, mainly in the area of Raghwan. Houthi fighters reportedly imposed control of the Futaikha and Ajouz mountains.

Explosions Rocked Yemeni Sanaa Airport

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The Houthis are again stepping up their ground operations in central Yemen as well as their missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and its proxies. Eight Saudi service members were allegedly killed in a recent rocket strike by the Yemen group on Tadawin military camp in Mar’ib.

The Yemeni group blames the recent escalation in Yemen on the Saudi-led coalition repeated airstrikes and its ongoing siege of the country.


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