F-16C Supersonic Multirole Fighter (Infographics)


F-16C Supersonic Multirole Fighter (Infographics)

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The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine supersonic multirole fighter jet originally developed by General Dynamics for the US Air Force. Since then, it has been widely modernized and sold around the world. Most recently, Turkey claimed that it used F-16 jets to bomb Syrian Army targets in the Syrian province of Idlib.



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    F-16 is all hype junk and a Soviet era SA-2 downed the Zionist scums most “advanced” F-16I and the even flying coffins F-35 suffered a SA-2 “Birdstrike”. The Moroccan, Bahraini and Jordanian idiots have lost plenty of F-16 to even manpads and SA-6 in Yemen. Modern Russian SAM systems like S-400 and coming Godfather of AD, the S-500 Prometheus will make mincemeat of the 40 year old F-16 before they when their wheels up.

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      • Zionism = EVIL

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    • Ashok Varma

      Even India rejected the F-16 as inferior and went for Russian Sukhois and Rafale. US is also an untrustworthy supplier of spares.

    • Nosferatu

      Unfortunately another US vassal state – Slovakia is buying F16 for huge money. Since Slovakia operates MIG 29s – a fighter developed to counter F16, i dont see how buying F16s 30 years after receiving MIG29s is a step forward…. And we actualy got for F16s higher price than Poland is going to pay for F35s.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Good point, as we all know the Americunts are using the eastern European puppet states to run the overpriced junk weapons market to extort money from the new vassals. They have no choice like the Sunni Arab arseholes who are forced to buy overpriced Americunt and Jew junk.

      • Vitex

        Mig 35s would be a better bet :)

        • Nosferatu


      • Jan Lavicka

        western pedophile corporate fascims almost always win in Europe :)

        • Nosferatu

          Bohužiaľ máš pravdu. Pracujme na tom, aby sa to zmenilo.

      • Kananda

        You have corrupt government ( And we actualy got for F16s higher price than Poland is going to pay for F35s.)

        I think, all european NATO countries should buy european weapons, not american.

        The old migs are also obsolet.

        • Nosferatu

          of course we have corrupt goverment, all goverments in capitalism are corrupt. MIG35s woud be a good choice for us since its heavily upgraded version of MIG29. So logisticaly and technologicaly it would be much easier and they are also much cheaper and more capable.

  • opet ja

    Hah 7700kg of stores, but only TWO points for air to ground weapons lol They’ve put CFTs on it and in late 1980s had developed XL variant with larger wings, 60% more fuel and 20 hard points, but that variant never got operational status.