Greater Idlib Moving Towards A Cliff After Failed Putin Erdogan Meeting

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Greater Idlib Moving Towards A Cliff After Failed Putin Erdogan Meeting
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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan concluded their ‘historic meeting’.

The two discussed Greater Idlib and reached agreement on absolutely nothing of substance. As a result, the situation is as volatile as ever.

Militants will continue shelling both the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), as well as civilians, while the Russia’s Aerospace Forces (VKS) will continue their airstrikes on Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and co.

During the summit, President Erdogan praised the joint work with Russia on Syria after stressing that Turkish-Russian relations are vital for any peace process in the Middle East.

Both presidents repeatedly called each other friends, while agreeing on nothing conclusive. Many observers expected that the summit will see the birth of a new Russian-Turkish agreement to resolve the issue of Greater Idlib. However, it ended without any announcement or even a press conference.

As a result, either a hidden agreement was made that the public wasn’t notified, or the status quo will be kept.

Still, likely as a sign of good will, VKS warplanes didn’t carry out airstrikes on Greater Idlib over the day, but if no actual solution was agreed on the raids are likely to continue.

The situation in the Syrian region is slowly spinning out of control. A Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement reached last year is barely holding up.

Russia has stepped up its airstrikes on terrorists in the region in the last two months. A large-scale ground operation by the SAA and Russia has been expected for nearly a week. In 2020, the ceasefire agreement was signed precisely to avoid such a significant ground offensive.

To prepare for the potential operation, Turkey deployed more troops in the region, including new artillery and other hardware.

These troops are necessary, because despite most of the militant factions in northeastern and northwestern Syria being backed by Turkey, infighting amongst them is not that uncommon.

On September 28, clashes broke out between two units of the Mu’tasim Division in the Turkish-occupied town of Ras al-Ain in northeastern Syria.

A disagreement over checkpoints located on profitable smuggling routes and the distribution of houses forcibly taken from locals were reportedly the main cause of the clashes, which took place in the central and eastern parts of Ras al-Ain.

The following days will reveal whether best friends Putin and Erdogan agreed on anything to avoid further fighting in Greater Idlib. It is yet to be seen if ceasefire violations by the militants continue and what the SAA and VKS response will be.

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Chris Gr

First phase: Russia, Turkey, Iran vs USA
Second phase: Russia, Europe vs Turkey, Iran


you are delusional both phases make no sense


lol…….he’s just uneducated and more than likely middle aged. Too late now no?

Last edited 2 months ago by Ahson
Chris Gr

They do make sense

Americans are cucks

Maybe in your degenerate head


iran and russia are not enemies and iran will not fight russia aslong as russia doesnt do mistakes to cross iranian red lines the issue isnt even serious and turkey is way to weak to fight anyone at this point

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat
Chris Gr

Wait and see!

jens holm

Its barking upside down.

Icarus Tanović

You must be insane. Or drugged. Or both, insane and drugged.

Chris Gr

Like yourself?


God are you an imbecile.
Do you understand how stupid you sound, here on SF?

Chris Gr

Says the basement dweller…



Or after erdogan failed to receive his latest zionist payoff. Sellout trash remains a “smart turk”. The stupider the turk, the more money they receive.


The whole ceasfire has been a balls up from the start,should never have happened,now the turks and the terrorists have more men and weapons in Idlib and fortified positions


first of all putin doesnt own syria second syria will be completely liberated and third all those who dont stand behind syria will end up as losers

Last edited 2 months ago by farbat

simple as

jens holm

Sure. The millions of Syrian refugees will return home and vote away Assads… Sure … sure…

Putin never has said he owned Syria. But the Assad parts would collapse right away, if they withdrew.

Russai naver has promised Assads to take all ther artificial state named Syria back. I take for the 5678s time. They have promised to keep Assad in the seat for baserights. Thats about it.

You are blind or more. The only ones in peace are the 500.000 dead ones 7 or more millon refugees outside the country.

You should wonder why so many more millions are against Assads as well. But You dont. Well its because Syria is not their country but a private feu´dal property og the Baathist party. Thats why.

Chris Gr

Yeah but if Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood takes Syria then this will be a threat to Greece, Israel and Russia.


but how can they take Syria? Iran’s sitting there foo!

Chris Gr

Trade between Iran and Turkey is 30 billion. Trade between Iran and Syria is only 1 billion.

Americans are cucks

who gives a fuck

Lance Ripplinger

I think the wannabe Turkic sultan is worried. The Syrian army will liberate northern Syria, 1km at a time. Given the continued airstrikes by the Russians, and SAA troop buildup in the greater Idlib region, the Turkish invaders will have to leave. If they leave voluntarily, or are removed by force, either way, Syria will be liberated. President Assad says what he means: liberate every square inch of Syria. I think the SAA and the Russians will secure the M4 highway in the region, which will be the death knell of the terrorists factions the Turks and the U.S. are backing.

jens holm


Well the Joihadists are low too. But the Turks has a lot of troops there and can send in as many fresh troops in there as they decide. I would say they are unexpiriexend but they are many and well armed.

Assads are low. Thye only are able to destruction in that sexctor and has several problems in many other parts.

Well. that what I see. Assad troops for advance is propaganda fiction.

Chris Gr

Jihadists can reinforce from Afghanistan or Somalia unfortunately. We should allow SAA to take Idlib.


true true true!

Icarus Tanović

So he would like to continue to bs all of us, with these fake agreements, and War of atrocities against Syria. No beef, no more. It is over of that bs.

jens holm

None knows to do apart from Erdogans trying to regain some Ottomanisme:( Thats about it.

The whole area not even has a language among each other for no war. It has no structure for several countries there as well. Thats why the borders of WW1 dont work.

The only ones which has liberated themself there are Saudis and Israeliens.

That area should go back to colonies of the winners of WW1. As long as brains in the area only can operate in emirate seize according Islam 1500 years ago, people deserve nothing like this.

Chris Gr

Syria can be an Ummayad-Aramean synthesis and Iraq an Abbasid-Assyrian synthesis based on democratic values. But nobody will let this.

Freedom is equal to all of us

The meeting definitely ended in some type of agreement.
Turkey doesn’t like idlib factions so they came to an agreement to anihilate any forces opposing Syrian government in time due.
Is like playing a chess.
And Turkey and Russia know how to play.
Is just a matter of time until idlib will be taken back by Syrian legitimate Government.

L du Plessis

Russia has a plan with Turkey against Nato due to its geographic position.

Chris Gr

That’s true I said that in my first message.


Al-Nato is practically dead in da water no?