First Of Many To Come: US Supply Convoy Attacked In Northeastern Syria (Photos)

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First Of Many To Come: US Supply Convoy Attacked In Northeastern Syria (Photos)

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On April 20, a convoy moving supplies and vehicles for the US-led coalition in northeastern Syria came under attack.

The convoy, which was escorted by units from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), was targeted with an improvised explosive device (IED) in the town of al-Sabhah in southeastern Deir Ezzor. The supply convoy was on its way to the Omar oil fields, where US forces maintain a large presence.

As a result of the attack, a pickup of the SDF was damaged. Furthermore, two civilians, who were passing by when the IED blew up were slightly injured.

After the attack, the SDF dispatched large forces around al-Omar fields and established a number of checkpoints. US drones were also seen flying over the attack site.

No group has claimed responsibility for the IED attack, so far. The attack was the first to target a US supply convoy in northeastern Syria.

Some sources accused ISIS cells in southeastern Deir Ezzor of carrying out attack. In neighboring Iraq, however, pro-Iranian forces have been carrying out similar attacks on US supply convoys for more than a year now.

The attack may be just the first of many to come. More information about the unusual attack will likely surface in the upcoming few days.


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