Five Chinese Million Cities Shut Down Transport To Fight the Spreading Coronavirus


Five Chinese Million Cities Shut Down Transport To Fight the Spreading Coronavirus

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On January 23rd, all public transportation and outbound traffic at airports and railway stations in Wuhan, a Chinese megacity with a population of over 11 million, was suspended.

This was an effort to counter the rapidly spreading coronavirus – 2019-nCoV. The previously unknown virus strain is believed to have emerged in late 2019, from illegally traded wildlife at an animal market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The first cases in the Wuhan outbreak were connected to people who worked at or visited a seafood market, which has since been closed for an investigation.

As of most recent data, provided by Xinhua, a total of 17 people had died and 571 cases were confirmed in 25 provincial-level regions by the end of January 22nd.

Later on January 23rd, two cities sitting to the east of Wuhan announced the suspension of railway and public transport, in an effort to curb the spread of a novel coronavirus.

Wuhan’s neighboring city of Ezhou announced that the local railway station has been closed since 11:20 a.m. until further notice, and public transportation, including buses, intercity and long-distance coaches as well as ferries, has been suspended since 4:00 p.m. The city has a population of around 1 million.

The other city Huanggang announced that it will suspend city buses and long-distance coaches, as well as outbound trains from 12:00 a.m. on January 24th. The city is quite big, sitting at approximately 7.5 million people.

Travel restrictions were imposed on the smaller cities of Chibi and Xiantao as well. Chibi has a population of 480 thousand, while Xiantao has a population of 1.1 million, thus it is as big as Ezhou.

Five Chinese Million Cities Shut Down Transport To Fight the Spreading Coronavirus

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In the capital, Beijing, officials canceled “major events” indefinitely, including traditional temple fairs that are a staple of holiday celebrations, in order to “execute epidemic prevention and control.”

The Forbidden City, the palace complex, that is now a museum in Beijing said that it will close indefinitely starting from January 25th.

Chinese officials have not said how long the shutdowns will last.

“To my knowledge, trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science,” Gauden Galea, the World Health Organization’s representative in China, said in an interview. “It has not been tried before as a public health measure. We cannot at this stage say it will or it will not work.”

In the current outbreak, China has been credited with sharing information rapidly, and President Xi Jinping has emphasized that as a priority.

“Party committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels must put people’s lives and health first,” Xi said on January 20th. “It is necessary to release epidemic information in a timely manner and deepen international cooperation.”

The World Health Organization convened its emergency committee of independent experts on January 23rd to consider whether the outbreak should be declared a global health emergency, after the group failed to come to a consensus.

The U.N. health agency defines a global emergency as an “extraordinary event” that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response.

A declaration of a global emergency typically brings greater money and resources, but may also prompt nervous governments to restrict travel to and trade with affected countries. The announcement also imposes more disease-reporting requirements on countries.

As of 00:14 Beijing time on January 24th, there is still no report of the WHO meeting having finalized with a decision.



  • Pave Way IV

    Issuing a law confining residents to a huge city is easy. And who can object to mass punishment when its done for the common interests of everyone China? Some may get out, but arresting and imprisoning any law-defying criminal escapees from the city will serve as a warning to the other residents. There’s plenty of cops/police to enforce the Party’s will. Nobody should have any pressing personal reason to leave Wuhan or the other cities, at least not a reason that is more important than obeying ‘protective confinement’ orders.

    Random Chinese Guy: “…But I’m not even from here and I ran out of money for food and a hotel”
    CCP: “Dis-harmonious whiner! Get a piece of dirty cardboard and sleep in the gutter. There’s plenty of room at the Meat and Seafood Market since we closed that down and probably a few nutritious scraps left if you hurry.”
    Random Chinese Guy: “I’m feeling kind of sick, too. I should probably have a doctor check me out. Where is the nearest hospital?
    CCP: “There’s huge lines at the hospitals and they’re already full. You’ll just make matters worse. Obey Party orders! Go home, wash hands and cook meat thoroughly!”
    Random Chinese Guy: “…but my sink and uncooked meat are at my home… in Beijing”

    Nothing against the Chinese government. Americans will piss their pants when the exact same thing happens here. It was in the Patriot Act – didn’t anyone read it?

    • Selbstdenker

      The virus is already in Seattle. Lets wait what will happen.

      • Pave Way IV

        And now in Los Angeles and Texas… maybe. The earliest Chinese reports claimed nCoV-infected people ONLY shed the virus for a day or two after showing symptoms – like elevated temperature or fever. The EU Center for Disease Prevention and Control said this yesterday:

        There is currently limited information on the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the infection caused by 2019-nCoV. A media statement by a senior expert in China suggests that the mean incubation period observed in the current outbreak is seven days, with a range between 2–12 [37]. Based on the epidemiological characteristics of respiratory infections caused by SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, an incubation period of two to seven days and up to
        14 days is plausible. So far, among the laboratory-confirmed cases, about 20% are seriously or critically ill and four confirmed cases have died.

        In other words, they’re not sure about much. Maybe seven days average to show symptoms. Some infected people have no symptoms and never get sick, but may still shed the virus (somehow) and infect others. Other infected people have developed severe symptoms after a couple of days. Latest WHO situation report about the Korean woman infected reports this:

        The case-patient did not report visiting any markets, including Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, nor did she have known contact with confirmed 2019-nCoV cases or wild animals in Wuhan city.

        You’re right though. Not much we can do but wait and see what happens.

        Latest report from Chinese gov’t (in Chinese):

        • PZIVJ

          Pave Way IV, this is PZIVJ reporting from the west coast:
          No major problems here yet. But if things get out of hand, is it OK if we cross the river bridges across the Mississippi, will you keep them open?

          • Pave Way IV

            No coronavirus on earth can possibly survive on the putrid streets of San Francisco, a certified Level 4 Biohazard Zone, but I see the clever Wuhanese are sneaking it through LA. If you have to evacuate to flyover country, here’s some tips:

            1) Please mind the multiple, interlocking layers of claymores and anti-tank mines lining the Mississippi River bridges. The river is iced over, but don’t even think about walking across. The ice is too thin, and we have that mined, too. At least in the spots our snipers don’t have a clear line of fire.

            2) Bring your own plastic coffin liners. FEMA only stocks enough here for us locals – we won’t have any extras for West Coast ‘foreigners’. No coffin liner? Then your diseased ass is going right into the burning ‘decontamination’ dumpsters. I know – disrespectful to the dead and all. But we can’t have our dogs chewin’ on decomposing bodies, then coming home and licking our kid’s faces.

            3) Wuhan daytime temps only a few degrees warmer than us, and nighttime temps in Wuhan drop below zero. Coronavirus seems happy in these temps, so, sorry – no salvation in the cold.

            4) China has this totally under control, so it should be over in a day or two. Here’s a video (second one) of a hard-working Wuhan hospital administrator calmly requesting a tiny bit more medical supplies, doctors and body bags from the state if they can spare them. It sounds like they are happy to send him whatever he needs as fast as he wants it. He’s obviously pleased with their rapid, efficient support.Citizens health first, after all. See?

            “Hospital Administrator… please calm down. [cough] There’s a dead guy at the front desk – what should we do with him? Morgue is full and no more storage space at Meat Market…”

          • PZIVJ

            Sorry to hear you are so protective with your claymore mines on thin ice.
            Now I will think about vacating to Vancouver. Maybe a blessing in disguise
            Much nicer than your frozen wasteland. Do you live in Fargo with criminals?

          • Pave Way IV

            Nobody lives in Fargo except a cranky old lady and a three-legged dog (that bites). I live in wood-chipper country right next door.

    • John Wallace

      The good thing about the Patriot Act is they can arrest you and hold you in a military prison. They do not have to tell you what you are charged with , if charged , can deny you are being held and refuse access to a lawyer. The lawyer if granted access can be forbidden from telling you what is happening. Now that is the advantage of Freedom and Democracy and no wonder millions around the world want to die at the hands of the peace loving American military machine,

      If you don’t know the story of Susan Lindauer it is time to educate yourself.
      I have found one report of probably thousands. She is not the greatest of public speakers if you watch video and I see youube have

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Cant say I knew what a BSL-4 facility was until I read this article (below) today from Zero Hedge…

    The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Seriously, China, South Asia, Africa and South America are pure shitholes where they eat anything like snakes, bats, roaches and then shit in the streets and you wonder why the world is going down the sewage pipe literally. If the so-called “developed” west would have invested in controlling population, spreading hygiene and basic sanitation, rather than selling inflated weapons and fanning Zionist wars, humanity may have had some hope. These epidemics are now going to be the new “normal” as overpopulation, climate change and depletion of resources takes its toll. Thank the greedy Jew Bilderberg fucks for that too while they sip champagne in Davos with the fat old orange pig Trump, while 99% of world chokes on pollution and straves.