Foreign Ministry Slams Big Tech Work To Spread Violence And Instability In Russia

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Foreign Ministry Slams Big Tech Work To Spread Violence And Instability In Russia


The Russian Foreign Ministry has slammed attempts of Western IT corporations to fuel instability and protests in Russia.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that NATO and the EU openly interfere in the Russian sovereign affairs and support the protests. According to Zakharova, the management of Western IT companies purposefully promoted content with incitement to protests and fakes were intentionally promoted.

“There was an open incitement of our citizens by deceit, by spreading misinformation to illegal actions,” said Maria Zakharova.

“Video fragments with the “tough ”, as they said, reaction of law enforcement officers were replicated, while those materials that spoke of provocations that were carried out against our law enforcement officers remained behind the scenes. All this kind of propaganda creativity of the social network was brought to the top of their search engines,” she added.

Zakharova added that the Russian Foreign Ministry would send materials to international organizations about support for the protests from abroad.

“We will translate all this into [foreign] languages, send it to international organizations and give instructions to our embassies to actively promote this,” she said.

Nonetheless, it is unlikely that any evidence provided to international bodies will influence the situation. Foreign powers continue open attempts to destabilize Russia, while the so-called ‘non-system opposition’ (the pro-Western, anti-Russian clique working under the brand of Navalny) openly revealed itself as puppets of foreign forces that call for sanctions against Russia and work against its interests.

According to media reports, Yulia Nalny, the wife of Alexei Navalny that finally received a well-deserved punishment for multiple violations of his suspended sentence over corruption and money laundering, allegedly fled Russia to Germany, where she would join other Navalny’s puppets in arms in their fight against Russia.

Mainstream media outlets already promote Yulia Navalny as the ‘new leader’ of the ‘Russian opposition’.


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