Free Syrian Army Further Advances Against ISIS In Syrian Desert

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Free Syrian Army Further Advances Against ISIS In Syrian Desert

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Ussoud Al-Shatkiah [one of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups backed by the US] captured the Al-Alyaniyah area, east of the “abandoned military base” in the Syrian Desert, according to pro-militant sources.

ISIS launched an offensive from Al-Alyaniyah on the Al-Tanf crossing on April 8, although they killed a high number of FSA  militants, the attack failed after US forces joined the battle.

The Syrian army is currently in control of the Western Kassarat area and the al-Seen airbase. The government countrol area reaches Al-Dumeir and Al-Otaiba airbases.

The SAA has already launched an operation to seize control of the Palmyra-Al-Seen highway to prevent the FSA fighters from breaking the siege on Jaish Al Islam militants in Eastern Qalamun developing the advance further in the Syrian Desert.

According a FSA source (link), in the coming weeks Syria will witness a start of the widely expected military operation supported by US-led coalition forces and a direct participation of some Jordanian and US forces. The operation will aim to capture the Syrian Desert all the long to the strategic town of Al-Bukamal at the Iraqi-Syrian border.

These forces will reportedly work on destroying the Al-Khalid Army, a part of ISIS in the western Daraa countryside. The source argued that the US-led coalition will provide an air support to FSA forces in the Syrian Desert. FSA groups that will particiapte in the operation are the Army of Al-Asha’er, Ussoud Al-Shatkiah Army, and Maghawir Al-Thawra Army .

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