German think-tank proposes “Muslim cities” in Europe

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German think-tank proposes "Muslim cities" in Europe

Original published by; translation by J.Hawk

Due to the growing migration crisis and the difficulties in accommodating the many thousands of refugees, the European Democracy Lab proposed that the refugees be provided land in Europe in order to be able to recreate their homelands, reports the German weekly Focus.

The idea belongs to EDL head Ulrike Guérot and the Austrian writer Robert Menasse in an essay published in the German version of Le Monde diplomatique. According to the authors, instead of financing integration and language courses, border protection and walls, and security enhancements, Europe ought to help the migrants by allocating a certain amount of capital and land for habitation and construction. Then the migrants would be able to take care of themselves and start building cities.

These cities, something akin to New Damascus or New Aleppo could become a solution to the problem of integration, according to Guerot and Menasse. With time, the authors assure the readers, “the new arrivals would naturally intermix with the inhabitants of the old cities.” The refugees “will look for work in Berlin, while [German] students would be looking for inexpensive apartments in New Damascus. Full integration would occur with the third generation of immigrants when the grandchildren of the first wave master the language of their new home country,” argue Guerot and Menasse and cite towns established by German colonists in the US in the 18th and 19th Centuries, such as New Hannover or New Hamburg. The project suggests that, in the new cities, the migrants ought to have their own schools, theaters, hospitals, radio stations, and newspapers. “Syrian doctors or Kurdish teachers ought to be allowed to work in their professions at once, without the need to get the necessary permits from the German administration.”


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