222 attacks on refugee shelters in Germany

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Since the beginning of the year 222 refugee shelters in Germany have been attacked.

222 attacks on refugee shelters in Germany

Scary numbers were published in the German newspaper Die Zeit. According to them, 222 attacks on refugee shelters have been conducted, and more than 100 refugees have been injured. The edition noted that almost none of the cases have been investigated which is a troubling tendency for the German officials.

We remind you that Germany has been the main target destination for the emigrants coming in Europe. The EU has failed to produce a common policy regarding this problem, and has showed that this is probably the beginning of the end of the so-called “United Europe”.

Viktor Stoilov

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They’re so scared that their country is being slaughtered


It is….this is uncontrolled migration of people with limited skills, no language and a direct threat to the local population. If they had and sense they would terminate all welfare payments.


we remind you that Germany invited the migrants to come, then Germany has dumped its own idiotic idea on the EU system