Government Mi-35 Combat Helicopter Shot Down Over Tigray Region (Video)

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Government Mi-35 Combat Helicopter Shot Down Over Tigray Region (Video)

Screen grab from the Tigray Intercept video.

On April 20, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced that it had shot down a combat helicopter of the Ethiopian Air Force (ETAF) in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray.

The helicopter crashed in the vicinity of the town of Abiy Addi in the center of Tigray, where a fierce battle between the TPLF and government forces has been ongoing for more than five months now.

The Tigray Intercept released a video showing the wreckage of the downed helicopter, which was identified as a Mi-35. At least 18 Mi-24\35 combat helicopters are known to be in service with the ETAF.

Ethiopian government forces have been battling the TPLF and other local forces in Tigray since November. 40% of the region is still in the hands of the TPLF.

The M-35 is the second confirmed loss of an aircraft over Tigray since the outbreak of the war there. On November 29, a Mig-23 fighter jet of the ETAF was shot down by the TPLF.

According to the International Crisis Group, the war in Tigray has claimed the lives of thousands, so far. Moreover, two million people were displaced. Human rights violations were reportedly committed by both sides.


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