Govt Forces Control 100% Of Aleppo City – Russian General Staff

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Over 900 members of militant groups have been killed, dozens pieces of military hardware have been destroyed, 105 city quaters with (78.5 square km) have been liberated during the offensive operation in Aleppo city.

Govt Forces Control 100% Of Aleppo City - Russian General Staff

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The Syrian army has driven militant groups out of the Aleppo areas that remined under their control, First Deputy Head of the Main Operations Department at the Russian General Staff Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir announced on December 15.

“The militants have been driven out of all the quarters that remained under their control as a result of the Syrian troops’ offensive. During the operation, over 900 terrorists have been killed, dozens pieces of heavy weapons and other military equipment have been destroyed,” the general said.

Poznikhir added that “105 city quarters with a total area of 78.5 square kilometers” have been liberated by government forces since the start of the offensive in November, 2016.

Over 3,000 militants have withdrawn from Aleppo under the agreement with the Syrian government. Over a half of the militant have been pardoned by the government.

“A total of 3,033 militants have left Aleppo voluntarily, 1,524 of them have been amnestied and released, while the rest are checked,” Poznikhir said.

Separately, over 1,000 militants have been evacuated from Aleppo via a humanitarian corridor opened from Salah al-Din to the settlement of Al-Rashidin-4.

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