Grain Deal Collapsed. War On Communication Lines Coming

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Grain Deal Collapsed. War On Communication Lines Coming

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Grain Deal Collapsed. War On Communication Lines Coming
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Grain Deal Collapsed. War On Communication Lines Coming

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Over the past day, the situation on the fronts in Ukraine has not changed. Amid the ongoing battles, Russian missiles and UAVs continue to strike at military and energy infrastructure facilities throughout the country.

Last night, an air alert sounded in all regions in southern and eastern Ukraine.

Russian forces hit the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Cherkasy region. Among the targets there was a fuel depot located near the town of Smela.

At night, Russian Geranium-2 UAVs struck several Ukrainian military facilities in the city of Kremenchug in the Poltava region. Local residents reported numerous explosions and a large fire.

Russian kamikaze drones also struck targets in Dnepropetrovsk. In the morning, the Odessa region was also targeted by Russian forces.

In their turn, Ukrainian units shelled Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson, and also struck at civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in Novaya Kakhovka. Most of the shells were intercepted by air defense systems. The cities of Donbass remain under fire of Ukrainian artillery.

Ukrainian services cannot restore the supply of water and electricity to dozens of cities. The head of the Kiev region said that the capital may be left without electricity for two weeks due to the needed repairs. There will be no water in some districts for that time either. In the capital, about a third of all generating capacities have already been damaged, and it is unknown whether the Ukrainian authorities will be able to cope with this. They are already justifying the delays by the fact that there is allegedly lack of repairmen and necessary materials.

Meanwhile, the countries involved in the grain deal are trying to decide its fate. President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow’s return to the deal is possible only after a detailed investigation of the recent attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet and guarantees from Kiev that it will not use the grain corridor for military purposes.

Despite the Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in negotiations, Turkey and the UN have resumed inspections of the cargos. On October 31, at least 12 ships moved along the corridor from Odessa to Turkey.

Nevertheless, on November 2, representatives of Ukraine, the UN and Turkey, suspended the movement of ships with Ukrainian grain for an unknown reason. The UN plans to restore supplies on November 3.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation informed that the movement of dry cargoes along the corridor of the “grain deal” is unacceptable. No security guarantees are valid for dry cargoes passing through it any more.

It is unlikely that Moscow will directly attack civilian vessels but it is possible that the area will be mined in order to hamper or prevent further passage of ships through this corridor.

The current frightening situation may become a trigger for launching a war on communication lines at least in the Black Sea.

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Umm… The grain deal has been resumed dude. Everyone but you announced it publicly.

jens holm

It seemes Putin & Co has accepted more grain sales.


Grain deal resumed!
Erdogan called Putin and the latter gave the Ministry of Defense the order to resume the activities related to the deal.
Ukraine/UK damaged a Russian mineswiper used in the deal, yet Putin got a call from Erdogan and immediately gave the order to resume the deal! Mindboggling!!! Who is having the upper hand here? Russia or Turkey?

People's Republic of Korea won against US '50ies

good question


Simple Putin is weak and erdogan is owning the way where is the 3rd army equiped with the best weapons? SF never did a follow up on that…

AM Hants

Turkey and Russia have a complex relationship and where the bigger picture is concerned, both nations trade. How important is the Turkey/Russia Gas Hub and access to the Black Sea?

USA is a shithole, Europe becomes one

Erdogan is paying Putin billions and making the ruble greater than it ever was so he might play as a boss himself as a small reward.


If the us or eu are shitholes how would you describe russia? It is actually putin paying erdogan billions but whatever… go, enjoy the great ruble ;)

jens holm

Actually its about Ukras has the right to defend and decide in their own 30 year old country

AM Hants

So why are they trying to take out the Russian speaking citizens of old Ukraine? The ones that have now gone back to their pre-1917 borders aka gone home to Russia? Just like Zelinsky told them, only they took their territory with them.

AM Hants

Jewel in the Crown. How much is the national debt of the US and EU combined? Compared the the $630 billion+ currency reserves of Russia? Russia, who can provide her people with everything they need, energy, food and more. Where the US and EU have to rely on majority imports. Russia, who has control of the majority of the world’s natural resources, that can be found in the 11 time zone territory. What have the US and EU got, besides the arrogance and stupidity of NATO and all the negativity that goes with it? The EU, controlled by unelected politicians and were those over in the US legally voted in? Then you have the stupidity and egos of those that rule in the US, UK and EU. What leader would use an I Phone, with Cloud technology, to let her peer, over in the US, know that they had just succeeded in blowing up the energy supply of their ally? What nation would just accept it, without complaint (Germany)? Over in Russia, they love their nation and the people are lucky enough to have a team in power that are not only intelligent, but, do there best for their nation and people. Can anybody in the US, UK or EU say the same of their leaders?


Turkey and Nato – is the short answer. Russia is finished at least on the Black Sea

AM Hants

Well if that was the case, the Black Sea would be closed to all ships, now would it not? Russia-Turkey Gas Hub – Turkey wanting to join SCO and BRICS. More like NATO is finished and just going through the motions, like a shake, who finds their head has been chopped off.

Oh, I'm Dying again!

Yes, thank you. Excellent examples. Plus there is hate for the Greeks!

“Montreux Convention” “It guarantees “complete freedom” of passage for all civilian vessels in times of peace…In wartime, if Turkey is not involved in the conflict, warships of the nations at war may not pass through the Straits, except when returning to their base.” <–Darius


why that?

USA is a shithole, Europe becomes one

Russia should arrest the vessels and confiscate the merchendise as war retributions.

Ukraine was made by USSR, Ukraine must go after USSR to the dirtpile of History: return all stolen lands to the rightful owners, before USSR leaders glued this entity for dark reasons.

War retributions payment is a must, I think. To the brave people of Donbass!


NATO is laughing at you

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


It would seem that you have a mental problem 🤭

jens holm

It is stupid to use the historybook as Mr & Mrs “USA is a shithole, Europe becomes one” does – All the way to west of DDR.

USSR by Krustjov added those people just as done several other places. Its the excuse to invade.

Banderas is same thing. He hardly was a real Nazis as well and only was a kind of ruler for a short while. And what was he actually doing? Well it was revenge for what Poles did, when Pilsutsky joined West Ukriane to Poland after WW1.


“Banderas is same thing. He hardly was a real Nazis”

Bandera , not “Banderas” , he was a real nazi , don’t repeat the Ukrainian propaganda. They want to convince Europe they are harmless (like Andrey Melnik in Germany) but they are not. And I think nobody wants the new nazi state in Europe any more. It’s a big mistake of the US , they thought they could conquere the Russians with their nazi proxy (like Al Qaida in Syria for example), and then eventually civilize them. For the Russians it is the best motivation to fight the nazis , and for the West Europeans (even for the Poles) the nightmare when they finally realize they are in one bed with the nazis. It’s one of the reasons , why we will lose this war . It’s the stupid US who never understand the cultural and historical background. To believe , people f.e. in Poland have forgotten Stepan Bandera and his murders and just spread MSM billion times false messages around Europe , is this usual American stupidity , which may work in America but not here in Europe.

jens holm

bla. bla.bla

The nazis in Ukrania always are mentiond as banderaS becaue they are crawling all over even they only to PM was 2,15%.

And it was the poles, which defeated the West Ukriane uprice and took themself and West Ukriane from Russia and defeated Russia.

Much later Josep Banderas took revenge against poles, jewas and others there to try try to make some autonome there.

There not even was Russians in it.

Instead the Communist Bolsjevics Kombinated builded the Stalin wall allthe way from Murmansk, by Kiev to Odessa.

Later on they again shared half of poland being friends with the nazis until 1941.

So Bandera only was the terror infected partly ruler until the Communists came back and even only to before that.

How can all Ukras be named after that. He even was jailed by Gestapo for some time

Last edited 2 months ago by jens holm

“Much later Josep Banderas took revenge against poles”

jens holm:
we speak about Stepan Andrijovyč Bandera,
why do you post here if you don’t know a shit about the history?
He didn’t take revenge , he was a usual criminal nazi murder like so many people in Europe in those days. Like Hitler , like Italian , Spanish , Rumanian , Latvian , Finnland , Croatian and many more hotspots of this inhuman murderous ideology.
And there is no need to excuse and glorify this time. Also your 2,15% (of what?) is an evil simplification. I can understand Russian and Ukrainian and I follow since more than 10 years the websites of these “moderate” nationalists. There is a hard core of the nazis like Azov and similar groups , there are many hidden , well organised groups , there are Millions of supporters and sympathisers all over the Ukrainian society but also all over the world from all sorts of rassists , right extremists etc. This is not 2,15% (I wonder what is this exact number?),
but a big , very big problem , not only Ukrainian or Russian problem , but our big common European problem.
Just imagine , Ukraine will really win – how do you want to manage the million nazi hordes across Europe? They have billions over billions modern weapons , they are extremly brutal , fanatic , dangerous and have combat experience. And they want no Europe , no democracy and no human rights. Sorry but in this matter I must give the Russians 100% right. The actual Ukrainian state IS a nazi structure, no matter how the media trivialize this.

jens holm

10 Russian bears in the graveyard are better then one at the roof.

jens holm

You are right.USSR took West Ukraine, where parts now are Belarus and Ukraine. The also took the Coassac land and before that The Tatar Khanat.

They took Caucasus and parts of Finland.

Ukraine was taken by hard resistese against Bolsjevics should take over from the Tzars. Denikn and not only him.

But You are right. USSR by force has killed millions of Ukrainians and make a fatal errror state/Region. Now Russia not even can let those people alone after having added Russians to control them by Krustjov.

Oh, I'm Dying again!

“The Caucasus” … What the Golden Hoarde? 1225-1783? (Mongols)

Which part of Finland and at what date are you talking about? Karelia?
The Swedes and Novgorodian’s were fighting over Karelia in the 13th century.

Before the Soviet Union and during the reign of Catherine II “The Great.” All of Finland was part of the Russian empire. Read a book, look at a map. Maps change frequently.
(Post WWI Europe, 1930-1936 Europe… 1990’s Yugoslavia. 200 Years of globall Civil wars, after de-colonization. Different boarders, new maps.) Goodness!

jens holm

There has been several changes during time according Russian/Finland/Sweden/Germany and Denmark too.

I talk about the latest ones but they are based on the oldest ones and where the Finnish speaking people actually lives with samers in the almost empty northern part.

In the northern part is Petsamo with Nikel having nikel. It also had harbour acces to the arctic. In karealia the second bigges town of their was Vippuri(Viburg in Swedish).

To focus a litrtle more I speak about the areas/tribes/countries which was christinianized by crusades made from rome by germans, danes, and swedes.

The other parts ar echritianized by Konstantinopel(and later on by Moskva).

And yes I know most of the wars there. Severalm tryed to exoand during time and not all cabn be maximized by that.

The St Petersburg gab was made by that taken from Sweden, which also was a foreigner there apart from the connections by the rivers.

I dont say things has not and cant change. But I do support to the better for some peace and understanding.

Thats why I support EU as well as Nato. We are open for each other and both dependent as well as able to keep Our own ID.

jens holm

“Thats why I support EU as well as Nato. We are open for each other and both dependent as well as able to keep Our own ID.”

what ID is that ? homosexual pederasts ?

Bugs Bunny

NATO is a war alliance trap for the Global military / informational complex.
Much like the Entente that started WWI.

Jens yammering on about history. Uh sorry Fin’s did a great job in the “Winter war” but they lost Karelia. Russia wanted more distance from the Swedes/Fins from St. Petersburg (Leningrad) as they have always.

This front has changed a lot in 500 years.
“Peace and Understanding” ? How about the UkroNazi calling for the death of all Muscovites? 8 years of ethic Russian dehumanization and war.
Go Jens Home.

jens holm

And when You write about Russia had Finland and took it from Sweden(Finland was not independent) it tempting to look at Russia at the black sea.

In those days Peter the Great only had the created town known as Rostov Potemkin included. Katherina the second improved that at least some. Thats why the and west of Rostov at the Azov/Dnjpr r Region was named Eketarina land.

And who lived there. Khazars, Khazars and several others from outside Russia. Not a single russian lived there. Behind them in Ukriane were the cossacs being a mix up in the middle.

AM Hants

Do believe Novorussia has returned home to Russia, together with Crimea. Have they not?


They have joint Russia anyway. There could be a federal state Ukraine , which would live in peace with everybody but the US wanted to use it to conquer Russia. And caused the big fiasco. Like everywhere with their wars: Vietnam , Iraq , Afghanistan…

jens holm

Thats quoting Your highly infecte history book.

It could have been true if Bolsjevics wasnt taking over hard.

People in the whoe Russia wanted changes even not many knew what. Anything would be better. Some kind of republik with less church. Some kingdom with more inflence by the people living there a.s.o.

One thing for sure was they did not want one kind of despots replaced with ofther in the same feudal way.

And next millions got Stalin instead of Hitler. 💛💙

So thats what I write for. Russias can do their own choise. Ukras made as artificial state by USSR has that right too.

Gerry Bell

I’m waiting for the war on communication to start destroying satellites.

jens holm

Go back to Your freezer and remember food.


All they had to do was fire on one ship = no more insurance = no more shipping.


In fact they can still do it with UAVs and then blame it on Ukraine. Same effect as above.

USA is a shithole, Europe becomes one

Ukraine will do it because they are high on Captagon and energy drinks and some cognac and never know exactly what they are doing. Just remember how they shot down the Romanian MiG 21 Lancer in Romanian air space 🤣

jens holm

Typical comment ignoring the rest of us are not sitting ducks less clever and powerfull then the USSR museum Rustica.

You are raised not to get it. You are tricked.

AM Hants

AI in meltdown as translation got lost. Guess the programme needs re-calibrating.

Emanuel de Brasil

Please SOUTHFRONT, give this suggestion to Russian generals for Russia to take Odessa! Odessa is Russian and needs to get back to Russia as soon as possible!

Last edited 2 months ago by Emanuel de Brasil
jens holm

Odessa is not Russia. It was USSR. USSR is no more.

AM Hants

Check the pre-1917 borders of Ukraine and you will see that Lenin took Odessa from Russia and gifted it to Ukraine, along with the rest of Eastern Ukraine. Time to go home. Time to learn about Catherine the Great and New Russia, which included Odessa.




Time is most definitely on Russia’s side as Kiev struggles without water and electricity. Winter is approaching. Not only are the leaves beginning to fall rendering Ukraine’s forces completely vulnerable to Kamakazee drones and artillery attacks but to make things even worse the Ukrainian military lacks winter gear and the western vehicles are not built for rugged winter conditions. Bakhmut is about to be conquered by Wagner and Russian reinforcements are now flocking into Ukraine by the tens of thousands. The Kiev citizens are now finally beginning to understand and feel first hand what the citizens of the Donbass have been experiencing for the last eight years. Ukraine’s economy is in complete disarray being given a temporary lifeline by the sleeping U.S. and EU taxpayers. Western Europe is beginning to feel the pain of hyper inflation and this is just a small taste of what’s to come in the winter months. If anyone is wondering how a single nation with a population of 145 million people can single-handedly defeat 30+ nations totaling a population of over 949 million people both militarily and economically the answer is simple and obvious. Russia is a country with honest, principled leaders whose citizens are bound by national pride and strong, traditional righteous family values. The U.S. and western Europe are promoting national division, LGBTQ and the trans agenda, emasculating our men and corrupting and weakening our youth with drugs, pornography and terrible diet habits ruining their physical fitness. The west tells their citizens that having babies is evil and bad for the environment. Russia promotes raising families with at least three children. I could go on and on but there is no need. You get the gist.

Last edited 2 months ago by 7-even-N-6

Promoting families with three children? No lgbt nonsense? Strong society and strong leaders? Poland! Plus in Poland average family got nice house and good car… all like usa in 70s ;)

jens holm

Its their choise. To me its important they can give each other a good life with less problems then now.

Very much is about raised living standards. Its not just like that.

In old days it was a must to make enough children, so they could feed you, when You got sick or old. Thats not like that, where I live more.

We have replaced that very well and to the better by a welfare system based og high taxes.

The main fiasco for the USSR Empire was it could not produce. By that there was not much to share. We can here in west. China now can too.

Its about having structures for it based on education, so You can handle things to the better.

1,2,3 children are relatives related to what makes sense. Too many people You cant feed makes sense to reduce as well as increase the production. Its dont make sense to make a lot of children just because You can, so that a matter of enough to take over, when they old ones and the machines cant.

AM Hants

USSR – created by the City of London and Rockerfeller Bolsheviks, using the ideology of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Lenin, back in 1917 started to lay the foundations and Stalin, in 1924, became the leader of the Soviet Union. It fell in 1991 and the Bolsheviks were now running the EU and getting ready to take over the US.

Why is the Western Education System, together with institutions and Governments, run on the Frankfurt School ideology? Which famous banking family can trace their routes back to Frankfurt?


“The main fiasco for the USSR Empire was it could not produce.”

Right , but these are all arguments against Sovjet Union. It’s gone. And Russia is Russia. The people in Ukraine don’t want to join Sovjet Union , but Russia. Please don’t confuse this.
The MSM also repeat regularly , Putin will restore UdSSR, which is also BS , when you follow a little bit his speeches and philosophy. Putin tries to build a modern Russian state , not communistic at all , in a community of the multilateral state order. There maybe some nostalgy for the UdSSR in Russia but only some mini minority wants it back.


Poland, Hungary and Serbia share similar values to the Russians except the Polish government has lost its God dam mind and has become the ultimate puppet of the U.S. as of late.

AM Hants

3 Sea Initiative, which Poland hopes to dominate. Who are involved in the 3 Sea Initiative, besides the Baltic, Black Sea and Adriatic nations? Mikhail Khordorovsky, Bill Browder, Burisma Holdings, Georgie S, Atlantic Council (the NATO admin. Think Tank), Chatham House, Clinton Foundation, etc, etc, etc,

AM Hants

Germany paid for it, did they not. Who are the largest creditors of the EU and who are the largest debtors? How much did the EU Creditors hand over to Poland? Now Poland has to start paying it back, she is taking the begging bowl to the US, whilst demanding Germany hands over $billions to provide her the life she believes she is owed. Wherever there is a World War, you will find Polish Whinging. Anybody remember Poland invading Czechoslovakia, back in 1919 and 1938? The first thing Poland does, once independent, is invade Czechoslovakia. Why could she only remain independent for 20 years? Why does she always go around with begging bowl and ‘professional victim’ on her shoulder? Why did she allow the CIA to set up ‘torture chambers’ on her territory? Why did she allow the creation of Auschwitz? Is Poland associated with anything actually nice?


The poles are the niggers of Europe… not all of them are bad..
just most of them…


“Plus in Poland average family got nice house and good car… all like usa in 70s ;)”

LOL , Oy! you don’t know much about Poland do you?
Please visit the country and stop telling lies here.

jens holm

You almost made me die laughing.

Its correct we use contraseption so we only make babies we also can feed. Thats the difference to Africa and all the grain send from Ukriane and Russia to them.

It goes for many other countries which is totally overcrowded with low living age and many other big problems.

Many should spend more times outside their beds instead of having fun in them.

AM Hants

Remind me, how much of the Gates – Beyer/Monsanto grain from Ukraine makes it to Africa and the poor nations and how much makes it to the EU, to be sold at the highest rates going?

Remember, Russia has offered to send their grain and fertilizer to the poor nations, for free, but, the EU and friends have sanctioned the Russian grain and fertilizer, desperately needed in the poorer nations. Why is that?


Maybe Ukraine’s sniper thug regime wants to relive its “revolution of dignity” by keeping its people warm with burning tyres. The greater dignity of being deprived of all their territory and prostituted off to Western countries like they fought for awaits the Ukrainian “nation”.

jens holm

You dont decide that. They do. We help them by UN, EU and Nato.

Russia is no part of Europe ever more. No solutions for the world is by Russia.

I live here. People actually are trying to come here and do even we try to avoid it. So we must be doing something right.

What we are doing right and well is censured away from You from before Your are born. We dont care as long as You only decide that in Your own country.

Ukriane decide themself and we help them to have that right.

AM Hants

Check your geography Jens and you might find the 11 time zone nation of Russia, is part of Europe as well as being part of Asia. Only Asia, are the friendlier nations and are not focused on war.


“Russia is no part of Europe ever more”

jens holm , you are not so stupid to write this. Why do you do that?


He just a Danish troll who thinks he’s more intelligent then he actually is.


Europe’s finished idiot… the curtain’s falling.. fools like your goodself are merely statistics in waiting…


Time for USNavy to seize the Black Sea…heheheh

jens holm



It would be so easy, the russian navy is a joke 😀


Fuck Erdoğans a little pedo nato bitch!

Last edited 2 months ago by Walt
El sion

Zero Coverage People You didn’t get the memo; Not having been briefed or informed about a situation, especially one that most or many other people are already aware of.

———-The war with Ukraine is over……———-

“It is a war against NATO, a war for the survival of our country,” Solovyov said on Russian state television.

The Russians, as a nation, know much more than any individual could comprehend.

Could you update on the state of the NATO war…


Thank you

Oh, I'm Dying again!

Great! Grain is good! I hope it goes to civilian’s and not the military. I’ve seen people in the Donbass (Old lady’s, Babushka’s) eating rotten potatoes with twigs.

Should be easier to cut the Undersea Trans-Atlantic Communications cables, than blowing up NordStream 1/2! Here in Atlantic Canada where the cables meet, and cross onto land. There’s basically no underwater detection equipment (Until it’s too late.) Unless there is a submarine there, chillin’.
There are almost no surface vessels with sonar scanning the area, it’s a sad joke.



Last edited 2 months ago by PEDRO EL GRANDE

Excuse me but why is it that Turkey has so much say regarding what Russia does ???