Gulf War Report: U.S. Starts Preparations For War With Iran


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Gulf War Report: U.S. Starts Preparations For War With Iran

The situation in the Middle East has continued heating up following the weekend strikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.

According to Syrian sources, on September 16 and September 17 mysterious explosions happened at positions of Iranian-backed forces in the area of al-Bukamal at the Syrian-Iraqi border. Pro-Israeli sources immediately linked the development with the supposed military activity of Israel and the US against Iran-linked targets in the region.

Over the past months, a number of similar explosions have happened at positions of Iranian-linked militias in Syria and Iraq. However, there is still no evidence to confirm Israeli involvement in these incidents.

On September 17, Vice President Pence repeated Donald Trump threats claiming that the US is “locked and loaded” to defend its allies. Pence noted that it “looks like” Iran was responsible for the attack, but said the U.S. intelligence community was working to confirm the details.

The US Transportation Command announced a start of “large-scale sealift readiness exercise Sept. 16, as part of its Turbo Activation exercise series, ordering dozens of ships to sea.” The Turbo Activation involving 28 ships of the Ready Reserve Force is the biggest since the invasion in Iraq in 2003.

The large-scale campaign to blame Iran for the Yemeni Houthis’ attack on Saudi Arabia continues in mainstream media.

Saudi and US investigators have determined “with very high probability” that the September 14 attack on the Saudi oil industry was launched from an Iranian base in Iran close to the border with Iraq, CNN claimed on September 17 citing “a source familiar with the investigation.” According to CNN claims, the trajectory of cruise missiles flying at low altitude was from the north of the Abqaiq complex.

It should be noted that Iran has strongly denounced all speculations that it was somehow involved in the attack.

If the CNN-provided version would be adopted by the US and Saudi Arabia on the official level, this would mean a new round of escalation in the Middle East. The escalation that may lead to a large regional war.


  • AlexanderAmproz

    Only one thing is sure !

    All what is said is as usual,

    Lies for manipulation and propaganda !

  • Tiresia Branding

    atm only new sanctions announced… nothing new. Some time occur to the propaganda machine to prepare popular consensus for a real big war

    • Icarus Tanović

      There’s too much at stake to loose, so they think twice. As for Vietnam, it has already started in Yemen.

    • Duc_Palatine

      Your absolutely right, a strike on an american base or ship killing dozens will do it and I’m sure the Israeli’s will oblige as per usual.

    • Garga

      Not just more sanctions, Trump will have his revenge!
      Apparently the US will not let Iranian delegation, president Rohani and FM Zarif to participate in UNGA this year. They refuse to issue the UN visa.

      USG does their absolute best to prevent the world from hearing what Iran has to say. Naturally, that’s how a winner acts.

      • Tiresia Branding

        how many detailed complaints poor Jaafari bring to the UN? And also Iraq. It’s all useless in that puppet theater. If something still matters, it is veto… and Iran has two votes in favor guaranteed

    • Berserk

      Well i overheard some European leaders stating plublicy that they expected war and they where prepared for the financial backslash this would cause..
      Its all the same bullshit propaganda talk that happened so many times before other great invasions. Only this time the result will be different …

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The problem with attacking Iran is that the US and IDF think it will be easy, like defeating Russian air defenses. Russian air defenses have built in software that can tell the missile not to hit certain aircraft. The IDF and US always send the spoofed stolen signals out and so the S-300 missile system is useless against IDF and US. Iran is different. Iran does not include this software in their Khordad-15 or Bavar-373 missiles. So Iranian air defense is a major threat to the US and IDF, unlike Russians easily defeated systems with the built in flaw of ‘identifying friendly aircraft with a signal that can be spoofed’

    • Rhodium 10

      Global Hawk drone(220M cost) had EWS to Jam Air defense system….but was shot down by Irani Khordad 3 a copy of BUK m2…

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        The highly modified Khordad-3 has no faulty ‘Friend or Foe’ software.
        Iran’s designed anti-air weapons are far more deadly then Russia’s.
        Syrian news said a few days ago they are in negotiations to procure air defense systems from Iran now as the S-300 has performed poorly.

        • PZIVJ

          How can it be said the S300 performed poorly, since it has not launched a missile.
          When was the last time an Israeli aircraft flew into Syrian airspace? This system is not tasked with going after glide bombs and such.

        • Tommy Jensen

          Irans systems could have saved a lot of good Russian, Hezbollah and Syrian lives. Shame on Kremlin who failed dearly on this one.

    • Icarus Tanović

      There are no “flaws” in S-300 whatsoever, even Syrian S-200 downed IDF’s F35, a year or so ago.

      • wwinsti

        “…no flaws”

        Radar Range needs improving, not a killer problem if networked to long-range stationery radars or AWACs, but it’s still more flexible than US systems.

        • Icarus Tanović


      • Berserk

        Thats the entire fcking point… S-200 does not have Friend or Fo, so they hit anything!! Thats how the Russian airplane got shot-down on approach along the Syrian coast, when the Israëli f-16’s quickly hid behind the Russian Aircraft when the S-200 rocket had a “lock” on the F-16’s
        This is why Assad got His long bewaited S-300 system after all.
        So this kind of situations could not happen anymore since the S-300 is equiped with an ID-system.

        Btw, its Bullshit the Israëli “stole” those Codes… Russia just gave them. The Day Russia anounsed the upcomming S-300 delivery to Syria , an Israëli body visited Moskou to talk about exactly this

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        First off, it was an IDF F-16, not F35. You just proved that you are a liar on all fronts.
        2nd, the S-200 does not have the flawed software of ‘Friend or Foe’.
        So in a sense, the S-200 is more dangerous to IDF then an S-300.

        • Ewan

          It was an F16 AND an F35 – but the Kikes said the F35 (knocked with an s200) was bird strike damaged beyond repair… the usual Bs when their egos are bruised

    • 1691

      When were the Russian systems defeated btw?
      Choose the right answer:
      1.In your dreams/nightmares? or
      2. in your hallucinations?

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        3. Damascus gets bombed every month by Israel while being under the S-300 umbrella of protection.

        • 1691

          Lol! Get real! Oh, wait, it’s too late for you. You are beyond help but hey, it’s ok. Your trolling does not make an impact. It only cheers us up. Thanks.

        • Tommy Jensen

          Conclusion Russia wont like: Buy Iranian air-defenses……………….LOL.

    • wwinsti

      It’s a minor point, I admit, but why are you posting images of what reads like forum posts instead of providing links for your sources?

      Also, “back-scattering” or passive radar detection isn’t that new. Both the US and Russia use it.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        No one said it was new.
        No one said US does not use it.
        No one said Russia does not use it.
        What was factually said was that Iran has specified certain systems to utilize this tech more broadly to counter more difficult targets.
        Also, I post links to at least 70% of what I post for SOURCES. More then anyone else I have seen do on this site. However between working and having a life it is tediously time consuming to explain everything (which I still try and do).
        SOURCE: on what Syria is now doing about the failure of S-300 system can be ready from their allied news agency, from Hez themselves.
        CLICK BELOW:

        • 1691

          Then quit trolling and get a life.Easy, isn’t it? Oh, no, but you need the shekels. Ouch.

        • Tommy Jensen

          Assad should have done this looong time ago.

        • hvaiallverden

          Yup I was just about to write about the majore difference i whats Iranian high tech target systems is based upon, something I am certain even the Russians dont have and certanly not Moronikans, but changed my mind, and dont want to do that, but do notice how the “cave dvellers” Iranians could in real time differentiate the targets, when they took down the drone, and not the plain that was hanging around in the same Iranian air space, instead of the usual western/moronikans F&F, aka. fire and forget.

          I dont bother, but find this reasent attacks more like spoiled brats doing what they can, terrorise, thats it, poor f…. loosers, means little other than giving the scums something to show for, other than that, jack shit.


    • WHAT

      >muh IFF spoof that only cubans ever managed to pull off…with MiGs…in Africa!
      >S-300 crew can’t into target heading and speed

      I see hasbarat force is really desperate now.

  • Duc_Palatine

    Pathetic cowboy words from the Americans, how utterly miserable the yanks actually are.
    Hopefully their nasty mafia capitalist system of thuggery will collapse under the weight of their own greed and stupidity and see them all reduced to cannibalism.

    • Carmen V

      And WHO are YOU to say that?!

      What do you know about the “man in the street”?
      And how we feel? Or our thoughts?

      Newsflash: THere are two parts of a country: 1- The rulers/ elite/Fed
      2-The Common People

      These parts have NO common interest. They are NOT one and the same!

      But ignorant people like you, just love to open their pie hole!

      • Redadmiral

        So, how long should be allowed for the “Common People” to overthrow the criminal system that enslaves them and fucks the rest of the world? A year, a decade, a century, a millennium or more? Whichever of the above means we the Common People of the rest of the world will be maimed, butchered, blown to kingdom come or enslaved before being hung out to die…. while waiting

      • Duc_Palatine

        Poor you, your obviously stuck in your own narrow reality tunnel, defending the death of you pathetic ego. An american twat no doubt. No one gives a shit about you. Go eat your grandmother and be a good little boy, leave comments to the grown ups.

        • Paul

          He has a point, there’s plenty of Americans that totally disagree with Washington’s ‘foreign policies’, but there’s also plenty who lap up the Amercian exceptionalist propaganda, blinded by their own ignorance. Clearly Carmen isn’t one of them, so go easy.🙂

  • Icarus Tanović

    If, any chance America attacks Iran, some thongs are for sure. It will be no more Israel, no more Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, nor UAE. And many other more nastier things can happen. That situation will automatically lead to WWIII.

    • America f Yea

      How? There would only be 1 major power involved. Thats not a world war.

      • Uncle Meat

        Doesn’t China buy a good percentage of its oil needs from Iran? Iran is not just some smaller country like Iraq, etc. There’s a very real possibility China and/or Russia would eventually become directly involved, if not just indirectly (which is hard to imagine it would stay in the latter for too long given the geo-strategic aspects of Iran, and neighboring countries, China and Russia. Many don’t believe they will just sit on the sidelines while Washington occupies Iran. )

        • Paul

          Let’s hope not

          • Nexusfast123

            Let’s hope so. Need to focus the midget minds of the degenerates in Washington on the fact that their dumb actions could end civilization.

          • Paul

            I meant let’s hope that Russia and China don’t sit on the sidelines

      • StopIsraeliGenocideInPalestine

        How? 1000 rockets coming from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan would fly towards the sewage called Israel and erase this shit hole for the good of humanity.
        Those who want peace have to exterminate Jews as much as possible.

        • America f Yea

          every time they have tried that…. they have failed.

          Jordan and Iraq will do as the US asks them to do. Syria is a broken country.

          Iran will be fighting for survival. They will forget their racism towards Jews for a while.


    So the US story is that missiles from the north flew over 5th Fleet and USNavCentCom HQ in Bahrain, but they didn’t notice them?

    • Albert Pike

      That’s 70km away – that was to far for them to see. Sure it wasn’t those aliens again?

      • Tiresia Branding
        • Albert Pike

          Hey thanks for the link – there is a lot of stuff which links Lubavitch to Hojjatieh, there are ‘dancing Isarelis’ everywhere – even in the islamic republic, which houses its parliamanet in a pyramid…

      • Pave Way IV

        Navy AN/SPY-1D can detect a golf ball-sized target at ranges in excess of 165 km. 360° coverage. Should be an Aegis-equipped Ticonderoga class cruiser or Arleigh Burke class destroyer bobbing around somewhere near 5th Fleet HQ in Bahrain. They should have even been able to see anything attacking Khurais – well within the 310 km missile detection range. AN/SPY-6 isn’t due out until 2023. Hope nobody starts shooting golf balls at the Lincoln, or is that busy protecting Israel today?

        • Albert Pike

          Ergo – they must have seen something was coming, there mut be radardata – or the whole thing is a haux, a fake – done by Erik Prince and his boys…

        • Paul Greenwood

          USS Liberty “Lesson Learned”. – see nothing report nothing…….IDF lets you live

        • Nexusfast123

          Had trouble differentiating between a fighter jet and an Iranian airliner though.

      • Felix D (TUPPERWARE PARTY)

        That must be it. The Klingons have given the Cloaking Device to Tehran!

      • Faris Mee

        US Navy released Alien story later to take the heat off their failed Aegis system plus those patriot missiles.

        • Albert Pike

          Jepp, the Alien story most likely (who knows for sure) only serves a new age ‘the world must unite’ agenda. Similar to the old Nazi flying saucer story. As long as I am not sitting in one – I will not have any of it. So therefore back to earthly matters, and their story about Patriot and Ageis radar didn’t see anything for technical reasons and therefore no radardata for the blebs.

          One can not believe that, since radar sees even slow flying and stationary objects. The fact that they say they can’t see it on their screens – is a software adjustment away – and they ajust their software all the time.

          Therefore the whole story is more likely a hoax – a number, to force a war…

    • Tiresia Branding
      • Mack Dane

        This guy reminds me of Saddam! Remember how he used to talk about the “worthless” U.S. military in the face of his “million man army”?

        How did that work out for Saddam again?

        • Tiresia Branding

          I remember how Saddam was used to talk about the “worthless” Iran military

          • Mack Dane

            It must be pretty worthless because they fought Saddam’s army to a standstill after 8 years (the same army that got destroyed in 3 weeks by a U.S. expeditionary force).

          • Tiresia Branding

            seems you forgotten all the western and gulf countries plus USSR had supported Saddam against the “weak” Iran

        • Ewan

          You forget that it was the US + a dozen other nations that invaded Iraq AFTER 10 years of economic strangulation and a “No-Fly” zone – The cowardly US needs the UK, France, Germany and more to defeat a nation with its hands tied behind its back and then has the stupidity to claim victory when all they did was deliver Iraq into the hands of the iranians who now control the iraqi government and allowed the Iranians to save PNAC-Yinon’s plan to carve up Syria. Yanks are monkeys.

        • Hisham Saber

          The U.S. MILIITARY is getting, has gotten its collective ass handed to it for 18 yrs now by a bunch of tribal nomads lightly armed and dressed in beach sandals and bed sheets in Afghanistan. Pathetic. Even during the great U.s. invasion of mighty superpower Grenada a group of Cuban construction workers building an international airport in Granada were given small arms by the Granada police, and they held off a whole battalion of U.S Marines for close to two days. after negotiations, theyh were flown back to Cuba big time heroes and Fidel Castro welcomed them back at Havanas airport. Now imagine if Fidel had two or three divisions of these Cubans in Grenada

        • JustPassingThrough

          how did that work out for the u.s. army?

          they’re still there getting their a**es kicked.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Well it was Coke all round that day and no-one wanted to watch blips when Netflix was showing

    • Faris Mee

      Same goes for those Patriot missiles – useless.
      Or there never were missiles because somebody planted bombs on those big tanks. Pictures certainly support that. Same bullseye spot on each tank. no one could be that accurate.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Say bye bye terrorist Iran .

    • Paul

      Did you say bye bye to your ability to think for yourself, because it’s no longer there.

    • Nassim7

      Did you paint your face black or brown? :-)

    • Stephan Williams

      You’re embarrassingly stupid – even for a hasbarabot – and that’s saying something.

  • Sparrow
  • cechas vodobenikov

    amusing–many here claim to be experts re; missile dense systems….USA will not attack Iran. this would creat a recession, inflating the cost of petrol following a cessation of imports via the straight of hormuz. Iran is fully capable of mining this chokepoint and reducing imports from Iraq, Kuwait

  • Ashok Varma

    There are no preparations for a major like Iraq in 2003 and 1991. Even US is not that stupid to start WW3.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Rough third nations and sh.thole countries continue to think they can take out America.

    They killed America citizens in the Tonkin Bay, they killed innocent Americans in Pearl Harbour, and they were making WMDs to hit America and Americans on their own soil.

    They see our American way of life and our respect for human life and PEACE, as softness and weakness. They only understand and respect it the hard way.

    Remember that day man! YOU wanted America to be tough. America is today bankrupt with 100% debt of GDP, France is bankrupt, UK is bankrupt, Spain is bankrupt, because of YOU refused to help America!

    • Zaphod Braden

      Nobody died at Tonkin — total fabrication.
      But 34 US Sailors died on the USS LIBERTY.
      Israel did 9/11 to ensnare America into destroying Iraq.
      Israel did this to AGAIN ensnare America into murdering and destroying Iran.
      (1) Putin tells Netanyahu Russia will shoot down Israeli jets in Syria & Lebanon:


      (3) America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves …….. Israel has 300+ NUKES — REFUSES inspections —- REFUSES to sign Non-ProliferationTreaty.

  • cechas vodobenikov
    evidence USA produces trash

  • Zaphod Braden

    Israel did 9/11 to ensnare America into destroying Iraq and Israel did this. to AGAIN ensnare America into war.
    (1) Putin tells Netanyahu Russia will shoot down Israeli jets in Syria & Lebanon:


    (3) America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves …….. Israel has 300+ NUKES — REFUSES inspections —- REFUSES to sign Non-ProliferationTreaty.
    Russia prevented Israeli airstrikes in Syria, Putin warned Netanyahu: Report

  • anonymous4u4me

    The USA has been planning a war with Iran longer many have been alive

  • Pork

    The Deep State is Deep Sixing any chance of a favorable, potentially lucrative outcome for themselves.
    The US should have forced Israel to retreat to 67 border, helped out its old buddy Saddam, and opened up a venue for diplomacy leading to Iran becoming a favorable nation…basically the US should’ve traded in Israel for Iran back in the 90s when they had their best chance to do so. Iran Syria and the US were working toward some of the same goals…China jumped out and roped in Iran with massive investments for decades. US lost its chance.
    US has to make 1 of 2 choices…both outcomes will have the same general result. IRAN is KING in this region and will become one of the multi polar power houses on the world stage…deal with it. Lol

  • PJ London

    We know it was Iran that did it because we found 5 Iranians dancing at the scene of the explosions.

  • Ewan

    Israel desperately wants the US to wipe Iran before Iranian PMU + Hezbollah invades Israel and sends the Ghetto rats back to Europe.

  • JustPassingThrough

    not much news in this piece to support the headline.
    wordy war mongering.
    fast fwd.

  • Rodney Loder

    The missiles and drones must have been low level parallel to ground flight trajectories or they certainly would have been spotted and shot down, it’s a wonder how slow moving drones could travel the 1000 kilometres at low level without being heard and reported, but even if they were it would be difficult to shoot them in the dark.