Gunmen Raid Military Facility In Southern Venezuela, One Soldier Dead


Gunmen Raid Military Facility In Southern Venezuela, One Soldier Dead

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Gunmen raided a military facility in southern Venezuela early December 22 stealing weapons and killing one soldier, according to authorities. The incident took place in Gran Sabana National Park, located in the large southern state of Bolivar.

According to local media outlet El Pitazo, the attack was led by a deserting soldier. The gunmen reportedly ambushed a military detachment and a police station, taking more than 100 rifles and fleeing.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said that the attack was carried out by “extremist sectors of the opposition” without naming  any individuals.

“Early today, a military unit was attacked in the south of the country by extremist opposition factions, with a large number of weapons stolen,” Padrino wrote on Twitter.

It was in this terrorist attack that an army officer was killed.” he added.

The defense minister revealed that 6 people had been arrested near the border with Brazil and were being interrogated.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described the attackers as “mercenaries” based in Peru. He called the attack a part of regional strategy to destabilize the country.



  • Hasbara Hunter

    Treason…Desertion…Extremist opposition factions…. Terrorists…Mercenaries to destabilize Countries…this whole thing stinks like an AngloZioNazi al-CIAeda Black Operation…

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, indeed.
      Hunt them down and bring the traitors to justice.