Haftar Reportedly Declines To Sign Berlin Agreements As Libyan National Army Limits Oil Input Even Further

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Haftar Reportedly Declines To Sign Berlin Agreements As Libyan National Army Limits Oil Input Even Further


Leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar declined to sign the ceasefire agreement proposed during the Berlin conference on the Libyan conflict on January 19, according to a diplomatic source quoted by RIA Novosti.

After the Berlin conference, it was revealed that the supposedly reached agreements still have to be signed by the LNA and the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), as well as to be approved by the UN Security Council.

Haftar Reportedly Declines To Sign Berlin Agreements As Libyan National Army Limits Oil Input Even Further

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Meanwhile, the LNA continues blocking oil exports through its ports in order to pressure the GNA and its foreign backers.

On January 19, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said that guards under LNA command had shut down the pipeline leading to the coastal city of Zawiya forcing the corporation to limit oil production at the Sharara and El Feel oil fields.

  • The El Sharara field (300,000 bpd) is operated by the NOC in a joint venture with Spain’s Repsol, France’s Total, Austria’s OMV and Norway’s Equinor
  • The El Feel field (70,000 bpd) is operated by the NOC and Italy’s Eni produces.

On January 18, pro-LNA forces shut down oil ports and oilfields in Libya’s east leading to the loss of 800,000 bpd production ($55 million daily) for the NOC.

The LNA decision to limit the Libyan oil export and to not sign the documents proposed in Berlin demonstrate its readiness to continue providing its pro-Libyan course and further, regardless the pressure that it’s facing from Western powers.


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He should be smart and not alienate at least his own backers that signed the document. Otherwise he will end up left only with Israeli/Egyptian support.


Haftar’s real backers, Greece and Egypt do not support the Muslim Brotherhood.
Turkey and the US do, bringing ‘freedom and democracy’ and we’ll take that oil thanks.

Debunking Arrogance

The Muslim Brotherhood is by far better than Haftar and his band of criminals. Muslim brotherhood is a Sunni existential threat to the sheikdoms and dictators in the Arab World. Turkey is right for supporting them, because they are the one hope Muslims have of regaining control of their countries from corrupt Sunni rulers.


HAahhahah. What blatant Erdogan/FSA/AlQaeda bullshit.
“existential threat to the sheikdoms and dictators in the Arab World” ohhh and what about the dictators of Turkey and Qatar? I don’t see these scumbags firing a single bullet or uttering a single word against Saudi Arabia for example. The Muslim brotherhood is just another of sectarian Sunni-only gangs that USA and it’s allies use as a tool to divide the people of the Middle East and to try and suffocate all secular resistance to Israeli hegemony (the Syrian Arab Republic being the primary target).
Fucking turko-zionist troll.


Pardon: Muslim Brothers be better than Haftar’s group? Seriously?
Sunni Muslims like the Saudis, Turks, Qataris, IS-headchoppers etc. pp. are on the good side of the equation?
As I know is that Turks have supported the headchoppers in Iraq & Syria, they have taken off land from Syria in the North-West, they want to take off land in the borderland (30 miles “security zone”) and they fight for the headchoppers in Idleeb.
No chance to convince me on this point. Except you give some proof.

Concrete Mike

Pfft pot calling kettle black.


Better for who? But you do have a point, kinda. Israel and the US support Haftar. In fact they have been since before he returned to Libya (from the US). Who else is the US in bed with? Why, KSA, Qatar, Turkey, etc…all Sunni and supporters of ISIS…who are against Haftar. Sure seems a familiar theme. Then there is Russia(a ‘partner’ of Turkey), backing Haftar. My what a convoluted mess. What is really going on is yet to be seen, as it appears to me that the GNA is strictly a vehicle for confrontation to be manipulated. So far this is all smoke and mirrors.


All this sounds good, if you beleiive what you see is real. Haftar, publicly is siding with Greece and has Egypt’s support. But let’s not forget where Haftar lived for many years, before returning to Libya…Virginia, USA home of the CIA (he is also a dual-citizen, Libya/US). Also, let’s not forget that he was meeting regularly with the Israelis as well, sometimes in person, in Israel(for intel). Just as Erdo is supposedly working with Russia and Syria…what is the real game here with regards to the US and Israel, who are not being mentioned at all. Did Haftar return to Libya and grow balls and is now opposing the US and Israel? Not bloody likely. The only thing for sure is that none of them like the MB. When this is all over (hmmm, how long can this last?) the only winners will be the oil companies and their gov puppets. Haftar will not be another Gaddafi…(Libya for Libya).


I am aware that Haftar spent time in Langley, but if he is still an asset is questionable, as the US still supports jihadists over elected governments.
Haftar does support the elected representatives who moved their Parliament to Tubruk, because the radicals who lost the election seized Tripoli.
I believe the people of Libya will be the real winners.
Peace after years of chaos is a sweetness.

One of Gaddafi’s sons has pledged his support for Haftar, and will likely take over from Haftar. I doubt either of them will be puppets for the oil companies.


Why sign ceasefire when you are winning. Eventually you have to get back fighting anyway and it would only give opposite side regrouping time.

We will eventually get a relatively stable Libya under Haftar, which is good for all, especially Europeans, who stupidly involved themselves in destroying the Libyan society under USA in the first place.

Ivan Freely

Sometimes ceasefires can allow both sides to rearm / reposition / resupply themselves.

Theodor Stahlberg

Exactly. Haftar must enter Tripolis, the members of the islamist goverment be deported to Macy’s and Harrods as shopping emigrants who won’t disturb their country’s development any more. Inschallah Haftar won’t pay any further attention to the “EU peace process” and complete the liberation of his homeland without accepting any further obstacles.


GNA is UN backed, Turkey lifts jihadists from Syria to fight for GNA – so the jihadists now work for UN? Lol. If someone argued the jihadists are in many countries in order to bring about one world government I wouldn’t say they are wrong!


Hafter must be taking notes on Iranian JCPOA that has UNSC approval;same actors that destroyed Libya and murdered Gaddafi, who in there right mind would trust them.

Peter Jennings

Why the hell should Field Marshal Haftar agree to anything which needs the authorisation of the UN security council and its puppet gov’t in Libya, the GNA?
It’s game over for the GNA, the theft of Libyan oil, and the UN reign of terror. After all it was the UN who legitamised everything which was done to the country, in the name of humanitarianism. This once noble endeavour is now just another ism for warmongers to hide behind.

Field Marshal Haftar should insist on everything, unconditionally. What do Libyan’s have left to lose? The actions of US/nato/UN has put the country back decades. I’m sure there will be plenty of time after Libya is liberated to discuss assistance from UN control freaks, but that will come in the form of the usual interference, meddling, and fakery.