Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham And Syrian Liberation Front Reach 48 Hours-Long Ceasefire Agreement In Idlib

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Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham And Syrian Liberation Front Reach 48 Hours-Long Ceasefire Agreement In Idlib

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On March 9, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) reached a 48 hours-long ceasefire agreement, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported.

The SLF confirmed the agreement in an official statement and said that the ceasefire had been a part of the ongoing efforts to reach a full solution for the crisis with HTS. The agreement was also confirmed by Abd al-Rahim Atuan, a religious scholar of HTS, according to report.

Enab Baladi also revealed that the US and Turkish-backed Faylaq al-Rahman had played a key role in the negotiations that resulted in the ceasefire agreement. If this is confirmed, it may prove that Turkey and the US have not been behind the crisis between HTS and the SLF, and that they are still not interested in eliminating the radical forces in Idlib.

The SLF is likely serious in its efforts to reach a permanent solution for the crisis with HTS, as its leader Hassan Soufan, stated this in a video message that was released on March 7. However, local observers believe that HTS agreed to the 48 hours-long ceasefire only to reorganize its forces and doubted that the group is seriously considering a peaceful solution.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), more than 200 fighters of HTS and the SLF have been killed since the beginning of the crisis on February 20.

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Oh dam! Hopefully the ceasefire fails right away. :)


Yeah HTS is trying or already partly backed by the USA and is breaking away from their other al qaeda affiliate in doing so whereas the SLF is trying to join and is backed by Turkey in their effort to get a huge chunks of eastern territories of Syria bordered with Turkey.
It’s not a bad plan since if they could effectively strengthen their emplacements they’ll have the Syrian Army boxed in with Kurds to the north, ISIS to the west, and south backed by Israel. Though so they can’t exactly complete their encirclement because Iraq wouldn’t deny the Iranian supplies through their territories and Lebanon Hezbollah sufficiently negates the Israel backed militants from developing momentum to push in.



Brad Isherwood

US probably face reality that Idlib will be last Rat zone Syria West.
They cannot politically upend Assad by vote or rigged vote.
The Lunatic Caliph of Turkey who supports Muslim Brotherhood and Takfiri
Will continue to slide weapons and foreign agents into Idlib province.

Kurds are chewing on the turd stick now as US is backing the FSA,Takfiri who kill Kurds,
And use them as fodder in East Euphrates.
If Kurds want to eat the shit sandwich 24/365…it’s life with Uncle Show.

How Russia and Syria deal with Kurd/US Tabqa Dam and East Euphrates in next year will signal if Syria’s current partition is forefiet. …or Fight.

Syria and Iran could push the Kurds out of East Euphrates. ..
Iran however is still media moment with too many false promises.
Politically…..Iran and Russia have to grow a pair and be about pushing the Kurds out of East Euphrates. …
And the illegal Al Tanf annex.

Eskandar Black

I dont think an operation to recover Eatern Syria can be launched until other internal threats are pacified. It both requires immense number of troops to maintain these safe zones, and causes shortages on the battle field. I am sure assad will come for his inches of kurdish Syria, and he is done with the enclaves.

Jutta Morris

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Brad Isherwood

SAA needs a tracking device on the Captigon supply truck.
Tag all the stops with Kalibr strike and KAB-500Kr-OD Bomb, TV guided fuel-air-explosive

Then put the Youtubes up : )


Youtube is censoring the best part….
The headchopper bodyparts……


Eehmmm….. aren’t these folks all just Headchoppers? Daesh-Al-Zenki-Fuckam-HTS-Al-Rahman-Qaeda or wtf all whores belonging to the Muslim Brothelhood…..Give’m an Eternal Ceasefire… six feet under….

Brad Isherwood

Hit all the trash with Kalibr strike timed to minutes after ceasefire ends.
And get some Pulonium Donairs for that White Helmet/SOHR Rat in the basement somewhere in England : )

Richard M

The Ottoman Orcs seem to have chosen Salafist Lamb Fuckers over Qaida as their chosen Bashi Bazouk du jour! Bilal Inc was making billions hand over fist while the Daesh oil convoys and stolen antiquity convoys poured into the Ottoman realm 24 x 7. For now at least, Sultan MadDawg ErrDawg has opted for the politically correct gang of cannibal pedophiles over the less palatable Qaida.