Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Leader Declares His Support To Possible Turkish Operation Against YPG In Northeastern Syria

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Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Leader Declares His Support To Possible Turkish Operation Against YPG In Northeastern Syria

Abu Mohammad Al-Joulani

Leader of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Abu Mohammad Al-Joulani declared his support to an expected Turkish military operation against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria during an interview with Amjad Media on January 14.

He stressed that his group, the former official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, supports “the operation to liberate the eastern Euphrates”. Al-Joulani said that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is an important part of the so-called “Syrian revolution”.

He also rejected criticism from his militant counterparts that the recent Hayat Tahrir al-Sham expansion within the Idlib de-escalation zone opens a route for a Russian-backed military operation in the area. Commenting on this situation, he claimed that there were no Hayat Tahrir al-Sham members in southern Syria and Homs, but they were anyway re-taken by the Damascus government.

Recently, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham de-facto established a full control of the most of the Idlib de-escalation zone by defeating the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation and forcing it to accept own rule across the area. Despite this, Ankara is not hurrying up to accept the reality and claims that all is fine with the de-escalation zone agreement. The Turkish foreign minister even blamed Damscus and its allies for the growth of terrorism in Idlib.


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Turkish Backed TERRORIST will Allied with Turkey to EXTERMINATE THE KURDS


You are talking about millions of Kurds when you say that and the only nations who could get away with a genocide on that scale are the Israelis, Saudi’s and the USA.

Ice Icegold

Turkey also got away in the past with the Armenian and the Pontic Greeks genocide.


Turkey certainly did, but that was over a hundred years ago. Turkey would not get away with it now.

The US would have done if its Head chopper proxies had managed to take Damascus though.


i meant the KURDISH FIGHTERS not the Nation


So the alphabet soup of terrorists now mixes to normalise the UN designated HTS terrorists
and to bring this US proxy of proxies into the fight against US proxy Kurds :)

Supplies to HTS must be coming via Turkey, whilst Turkeys official proxies flee to Afrin without their heavy weapons.
To complicate matters further , Erdogan spoke with Trump yesterday, according to Al Masdar News reports, and asked Trump to agree to a No Fly Zone in Northern Syria ( it maby be that he meant North Eastern Syria, but who knows :)

SAA and Russian planning for future strategies must be like planning to take control of a lunatic asylum where the lunatics have taken over from the staff.


Yes, isn’t it strange that these ‘terrorists’, uhh, rebels, continue to be armed and re-armed? Of course it’s only co-incidental that Al Nusra should be for Turkey and against the Kurds…especially since HTS has been attacking pro-Turk rebels. On top of this, Turkey tries to blame Syria for it all. They’ve told so many lies that they can’t even keep them straight. One would think the Israelis are running this show there are so many lies fling about.


they r running the Show all along…….orders coming from the british and jewish elite…..they run our planet


they r trying to.but their agenda has and will fall


The Israeli government could well be orchestrating all of this :)
They have all the skills required.
Hatred,Greed,Expert liars and cheats,Pornographers , Organ sellers, Slavers,Torturers,Common thieves, Cowards, et al :)

Brother Ma

Jews and Turkey been intertwined for centuries. Kemalist Turkey built by Donmeh or Turk Jews.




The staff turned out to be lunatics themselves who imagined to be staff and so where the visitors ?



Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, the inmates are now in-charge of the asylum.


So Turkey says they are not after the Kurds, but terrorists. They will protect the Kurds. Sure they will, that’s why Trump threatened them. They have these terrorists rooting for them to attack the Kurds…and they are actually Al Nusra, a US beneficiary. Confused? Easy, they are all terrorists…Turks, US and all their iterations of ‘rebels’. Now US and Turkey are talking about a ‘no fly’ zone, as if they own Syria. The only thing that is for sure is that they are all liars and not to be trusted.


Who can tell them that the division of Syria can fulfil the dreams of Zionists of US and GB.

US and GB will divide all countries except US if this kind of elements exist on this planet.

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly. US/Zionist agenda is “full spectrum” domination and Iran is next on the list. Expect a sustained terror campaign and stifling sanctions and then military attacks like Iraq and Syria suffered.


By Thomas Gibbons-Neff New York Times
• Jan. 13, 2019

WASHINGTON — President Trump threatened Turkey on Sunday with harsh economic sanctions if it attacks Kurdish forces in Syria after American troops withdraw from the country in the coming months.
End he will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds,” Mr Trump said on Twitter.So Mr Al-Joulani you will be confronted by the American hell, the SAA and the Russian butcher machine.Your only root to safety is the road to Bab Al-Hawa escaping to Turkey which she grow you up.


Turkey is a terrorist state.

Zionism = EVIL

I would say that Americunts and NATO poodles are the real terrorist sponsors. Turkey as its name suggests is just a arselicker for its Americunt/Zionist masters who wanted a destroyed region and used Salafist headchoppers to obliterate Syria, a modern progressive secular state that was an obstacle for Zionist regional domination. Erdogan is an uneducated Islamist thug and simply could not have waged such a massive terror campaign in Syria without NATO backing. He is intent of annexing a 20-30 kms buffer zone of the most fertile agricultural lands of Syria which were a granary of the Ottomans. Russia is only in Syria to carve up the remains and keep its bases at Tartus and Latakia with Americunt permission. Putin does not move his little pinky without permission from Trump and Zionists. Why do think Russia did not act when both Americunts and Zionists killed dozens of Russian cannon fodder and even Turkey blasted Russian flying Sukhoi dishwashers out of the sky?

Mustafa Mehmet

You need to use bad language? you idiot mushy brain


I’m not a fan of Turkey’s actions in Syria, but in order to understand why Turkish government did what they did in Syria, we need to look back a little bit and try to as objective as possible to avoid confusion:

– There are unresolved matters and sour wounds (what a shock) remained from Sykes-Picot “agreement” following the dissolution of the Ottoman empire and of course the “Misak Milli” which explains the borders of the new Turkish republic. Turkey never got over losing Aleppo and if they didn’t act, they would also lose Hatai province to the newly formed Syria. The same thing they did for the European part of Turkey and Istanbul.
– It was unwise for the Syrian government to give shelter to the PKK founder Ocalan after he fled from Turkey.
– It was also unwise to continue harboring Ocalan for almost 20 years and letting him control PKK actions from his safety in Syria. Not to mention giving refuge to numerous PKK elements and even gifting them with Syrian passport. I’m sure Syrians had their reasons but don’t forget each action has a reaction, and in the politics, sometimes much more sever the original action.
– The most important matter in the Turkish national security is the PKK, not Syria.
– Turkey backed jihadi terror groups in Syria for the different reasons than the US and Arab states. They thought they can use Jihadis against Kurds. Almost all Turkey’s backing, aggressions and threats are limited to the parts adjacent to their borders.
– Turks well know that without a strong central Syrian government, creation of Kurdish state carved out of Syria is inevitable. They don’t try to weaken Damascus as it’s self-defeating for them.
– Initially they cooperated with Saudis and the US in Syria thinking their interests converge. The time when the ISIS and various Wahhabi terror groups attacked both Kurds and Syrian forces. Turks didn’t care about them attacking SAA, it was sweet for Turks when they attacked Kurds.
– 2016 coup served as a wake up call for Turkey. It was clear that Turkey’s interests has nothing to do with the US goals.
– Astana agreement works, the deescalation zone in Edlib served it’s purpose and the new development will serve to liberate Edlib. Turks shout and accuse Damascus, but that’s about it. If they were really upset, they’d confront militarily.
– Turkey refused to accept the boffer zone along it’s southern borders because they know it gives them nothing and serves to secure a Kurdish state on their underbelly, run by PKK.
– If Russia wanted the Syria to be carved up, they’d never enter and help Syrians as much as they did. The same goes for Iran.
– Russia and Iran played masterfully. They fought together with Syrians and Hezbollah bravely. They are anything but weak and became stronger with Turkey.

– Syria is not going to be disintegrated anytime soon, PERIOD!

Mustafa Mehmet

You wish. look around again dreamer


comment image

Ice Icegold


Taz T

Turkey has supported IS and these people and will do again.

Zionism = EVIL

HTS is ISIS, it is the same Salafist terrorists, just rebranding without the headchopping comment image logo.


A little subterfuge here, since the SDF front has no baring on Idlib. Clearly he is trying to lobby support on the ground in Turkey by giving lip service to the Turko-Kurdish War, thus reducing the likelihood of a Turkish intervention in Idlib.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, Putin and Assad are grinning wildly and rubbing their hand together, it just couldn’t have been made any easier for them, the lambs have been shawn and delivered for slaughter, all that remains for them to do now is start the barbecue and enjoy the subsequent feast.

Promitheas Apollonious

where is the surprise this is the same people who was in partnership with the turks selling them the stolen oil of syria.


Reality is that HTS is now the new proxie for Turkey to take part of Syria and getting rid of Kurds at the same time.

The Kurds depend on the Americans and let’s see if they can survive.
But then they will scurry back to Assad for help as US cannot do nothing .

Very complicated for Assad. Will he help the ungrateful Kurds who only make use of Assad like a fool?

Len Zegelink

bomb the hell out of him .fucking erdo terroisten lover.


now i am going to fckn hunt you fcks the same way i hunted other occultist proxy armies out there in the last 8 yrs u r new leader of whatever proxy army u r,i am old hand at this war out there…and now i am coming for you thanx for the pic perp!!now i know whom to gun for watch for snipers punk ass commander!!!


So the trick between Turkey and HTS is expossed and clear. What are you going to do with that treator, Erdogan, Russia? Bending down and let you him continue to rape you or bring that bully boy back to the real world?


Synthesis: the pro-Turkish rebels are traited by Erdoganand exchanged for HTS after a very well orchestrated love dance from Erdogan with the pro-Turks. If they have any honour how can they accept this?


Does any body be surprised that terrorists support Turkey operation ? If you looks strange this declaration, you have not understood yet anything about this war.